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In OMORI there is a total of 84 achievements that can be earned as you play the game. Someof these achievements can only be done in a specific route and/or while on a specific day of the game. These are all covered below.

Story Achievements

These are achievements that are earned alongside the main story and will always be earned by playing through the game. It is not possible to miss them nor they are related to any specific route.

Name Description
Good Morning! Wake up in the morning.
Oyasumi. Go to sleep after a long day.
Alt+F4 Defeat Download Window.
See you, Space Boyfriend... Defeat Space Ex-Boyfriend.
OHOHOHOHO!! Defeat Sweetheart.
Buy high, sell low. Defeat Mr. Jawsum.
When I flex, I feel my best! Defeat Pluto.
Slime Time is Over! Defeat Slime Girls.
Whale done. Defeat Humphrey.

Neutral Achievements

These are achievements that can be earned in either main route of the game.

Achievement name Description Notes
There's something behind you... Reach the other ending. Obtain any neutral ending that involves moving away. Stab variants will not trigger the achievement.
Green Thumb Water a plant back to life in Basil's garden. All of Basil's flowers will permanently die after defeating Humphrey, making this unobtainable.
So majestic... so beautiful... Fly the butt certificate in Cattail Field. Obtain Aubrey's Headbutt skill before climbing the ladder to Otherworld. Kel will automatically fly it without further input.
Recycling is a concept. Get all rewards from the recycling machine. The last reward, the Universal Remote, requires 50 total recycled items.
WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA!?!? Make your way and talk to Lone Mole. In Otherworld, there is a location with multiple traffic cones. With Omori leading, cut through all of them and talk to the Sprout Mole at the end.
xD Get the LOL sword. In Pyrefly Forest, tell Weeping Willow the Construction Joke obtained in one of Deep Well's toll detours.
Christmas Crusher Ruin Christmas. In the Pyrefly Forest Sprout Mole Colony, cut the Christmas tree as Omori.
Spring Sympathizer Choose the Spring Mole. In Pyrefly Forest's Sprout Mole Colony, there are four Sprout Moles lined up, who each correlate to a specific season. Talk to and agree with the one whose favorite season is Spring. Save before doing this if you want all four achievements: Associating with a mole will result in the other three shunning you.
Summer Sympathizer Choose the Summer Mole. See above, but choose the Summer Mole.
Fall Sympathizer Choose the Fall Mole. See above, but choose the Fall Mole.
Winter Sympathizer Choose the Winter Mole. See above, but choose the Winter Mole.
AWEKJRLKJFLKASNFAWIJGAWEFJAWEKFJAKFAASJFKA! Kill the first Sous Chef. Incorrectly bake a cake in the kitchen of Sweetheart's Castle. The first Sous Chef will die when he tastes it. The quickest way to ruin it is to set the oven to an incorrect temperature.
Everyone's a critic. Watch all movies in Sweetheart's Throne Room. There is no particular strategy apart from repeatedly interacting with the spot until you see every film. There are eleven in all.
As expected from professionals! Perfectly train the Sprout Mole choir. Save before Kel offers to train the Sprout Mole choir. The achievement will trigger if no Sprout Moles are asleep by the end.
Hope and Vigor! Complete Orange Joe's quest. After receiving the quest from Orange Joe in Orange Oasis, Oragne Joe can be found on the second floor of Dino's Dig, in the middle.
The Chosen One Turn the valve to the right in Rain Town. Rain Town can be accessed by staring into the spot on the small lake just above Mari's picnic in Orange Oasis. Choosing to turn the valve to the left instead will destroy Rain Town, making it inaccessible.
Ain't nobody here but us chickens. Defeat the Chicken? at the top of Dino's Dig. This Chicken? never respawns if it runs away. It is recommended to be around level 35 so that Kel can outspeed it, or so that Omori is strong enough to kill it with Lucky Slice. More than 110 speed is required to outspeed it.
The currency of the future... Trade clams for Clems. First, complete the B.E.D. quest in the Sprout Mole Village. After that, the Shady Mole will suddenly appear outside of the Last Resort after defeating Mr. Jawsum and Pluto (Expanded.) When he offers you the option to exchange your clams to Clems, do so. Your clams can be recovered later.
Ghost Party! Have a ghost party. Complete the Ghost Party quest by bringing every guest back to the Ghost Party.
Good Dog? Pet all the creatures in Marina's sector in Humphrey. Don't poke them until you have pet all of them, as one of them will fly away and die if poked, rendering the achievement unobtainable.
Mmm... Sweetheart, I mean, tofu. Hold 99 tofu. Tofu can be purchased from multiple sources or looted from Sprout Moles. The fastest way to get this achievement is to purchase it from the Jash in The Dungeon; it will cost 198 Clams to purchase 99 tofu at 2 clams apiece.
Bunny Exterminator Defeat 100 bunnies. Self explanatory.
Squizzard Exterminator Defeat 100 Squizzard. Self explanatory, although this will take a while.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Commission Rococo. Roccoco's first commission costs 1,000 clams.
Patron of the Arts Commission all of Rococo's art. Rococo can be commissioned starting on Two Days Left on both routes. His commissions will slowly grow more expensive; it takes 106,000 clams to commission all of them. Once commissioned, Rococo will finish his paintings as soon as you leave the Sprout Mole Colony.
Power of Friendship! Release energy on your foes. Obtain 10 energy from either taking damage, or by using Kel's Rally to build four energy, and then have Omori use his Unleash Energy follow-up.
One for the Road Gain bread using bread slice. Omori learns Bread Slice at level 5. If Bread Slice is the skill that defeats an enemy, Omori will obtain Bread, and this achievement.
Perfect Weather Conditions Defeat Kite Kid. Kite Kid is a completely optional boss found in the Pinwheel Forest. The Kid should be targeted first, as he will repair his kite and revive it if it is defeated first.
GWAHAHAHA!! Defeat ???. Pluto can be found on Otherworld's campgrounds, hidden behind a tree near Mari's picnic. He must be fought before Hero summons EMS to eat the cheese and the resulting chase with Rosa, or this achievement becomes unobtainable.
Goodbye, World! Defeat the Earth. The Earth is located on the walkway just behind Captain Spaceboy's house. Interact with it and choose to fight it. This fight must be done before the final day of the Hikikomori route or the achievement becomes missable.
Ohoooooooooo... Defeat Unbread Twins. The Unbread Twins can be challenged starting on Two Days Left after reuniting the team and defeating Mr. Jawsum, as Sunny needs to conquer his fear of drowning to reach them. Bear in mind that while the fight will still end and the story will progress if Omori's party is defeated, the achievement will not be obtained; the Unbread Twins must be defeated normally.
The First Law Defeat Roboheart (enemy). After completing Molly's sector in Humphrey, Roboheart will appear in the last room of her Hard puzzle. The battle is generally considered extremely easy.
Minty Fresh Brush your teeth every day. Every morning, before you do anything else, go to the bathroom and check the sticky notes on the mirror written by Sunny's Mom. When prompted to brush your teeth, do so.
Good Dog Pet a dog. Can be done in either reality or Headspace. In reality, Hector and Lucas can both be pet, and in Headspace, one of the Vast Forest side rooms features a Ghost Dog that can be pet.
Littering is bad, recycling is better. Throw away something. Open your inventory and discard an item.
R.I.P. Read all the tombstones in the... dev room... The dev room can be accessed from the Town Area of Black Space. There is a specific tombstone at the top of the room that links to it.
You think you're clever, huh... Enter code: haveadollariguess at for $1.00 off. Name Sunny OMOCAT when you are prompted to name him. You will be given a chance to rename him afterwards.
They call me Scarethrow. Listen to Mr. Scarethrow's rant. Repeatedly throw rocks at Mr. Scarethrow as Kel until he begins to repeat himself. It will take a while.
It's all a dream... Unlock all achievements. Thank you for playing OMORI. Automatically obtained after all other achievements are obtained.

True Route Achievements

These are achievements that can only be earned in the true route of the game.

Achievement name Description Notes
One more day... Reach the good ending. After Sunny falls to Omori's onslaught, choose to continue. The prompt to continue will only show up if Sunny has been made Afraid at least once, else he will instead be prompted to retry the battle.
Close your eyes... Reach the bad ending. Die at any point in the Omori battle, and choose not to continue.
Up high... High-five Kel. There are three prompts to high-five Kel. Agree to any of them.
Down low... High-five Kel three times. Agree to high-five Kel all three times.
Too slow! Don't high-five Kel. Decline one of Kel's high-fives. Doing this will make "Down low..." impossible to obtain on the same save file unless you reload your save.
I'll just take that... Take $20.00 from Kel's wardrobe. When Kel invites you into his room on Two Days Left, check his wardrobe on the left side of the room and take the twenty dollars.
It's honest work. Complete all part-time jobs once. Sunny needs to work at Fix-It, complete Math and English tutoring, swat flies at Otherworld Market, and deliver pizza at Gino's. The pizza delivery score doesn't matter.
Against all odds... Get a perfect score delivering pizza. Getting a perfect score of 10 requires making all three deliveries with no mistakes. There is no time limit; take as much time as you need to try and decipher the manager's handwriting. In the event that two houses meet the criteria for a proper delivery, the first house that meets the criteria left-to-right is the correct answer.
That can't be good for business. Quit in the middle of a part-time job. You can quit either Pizza Delivery, working at Fix-It, or swatting flies.
Good Company Go to Sean and Karen's housewarming party. Help the pair at Fix-It during Three Days Left, and then assist them in cooking during One Day Left.
Math Whiz Complete the math worksheet correctly. On Three Days Left, the answers are, in order, 4 x 51 = 204, 5 x 3 + 15 – 1 + 6/2 = 32, X = -2. You only need to tutor on Three Days Left for the achievement and hospital flower.
Grammar Whiz Complete the grammar worksheet correctly. On Three Days Left, the answers are, in order, "My pencil is on the table," "Adverb," and "I think eggplant is the better tasting soft vegetable." You only need to tutor on Three Days Left for the achievement and hospital flower.
Tummy Full of Fish Feed the Stray Cat every day and sunset. The Stray Cat's location changes every day and evening; refer to it's page for more information. The cat will only accept fish bought at Otherworld Market.
NEEERRRDDDDD!!! Lose to Kim and Vance. Purposefully throw the fight by either doing nothing but guarding, or by entering the fight with very low health.
The Art of Self-defense Defeat the Hooligans with pepper spray. On Two Days Left, you can loot Kel's Mom's purse for pepper spray. Save it for the Hooligan battle and use it to instantly defeat them.
Bees? Battle the "bees". After picking up Kel's orders on Two Days Left, head to Faraway Park and 'disturb' the nest at the very top. The achievement is gained as soon as the battle begins; victory or defeat doesn't matter.
Music Connoisseur Of Sorts Insert every song into Gino's jukebox. Insert all 13 music discs into the jukebox at Gino's Pizza.
The Very Best Defeat the Pet Rock champion. Defeat the Pet Rock champion after beating the veterans.
Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Defeat the Recyclepath. The Recycultist Lair will only appear on One Day Left if Sunny 'helped' Billy pick out a lamp for his mother.
Universally Loved Receive all flowers in the hospital. Complete every relevant side-quest in Faraway Town. Refer to the Hospital page for more details.
When she was here... Give flowers to Mari. On One Day Left, purchase flowers and lay them on Mari's grave, behind the church.

Hikikomori Route Achievements

These are achievements that can only be earned in the hikikomori route of the game.

Achievement name Description Notes
Good Boy Complete your TO-DO list. Automatically obtained after you finish the sorting chore on One Day Left.
A Bit Less Lonely Commission all of Gator Guy's statues. After Hero takes ownership of the Last Resort, statues can be commissioned on the fourth floor in the in-construction room. Each statue takes 3,000 clams to commission. There are seven in all: All four members of Omori's party, Basil, Mari, and, once all of these are completed, a giant Gator Guy. Once a statue is commissioned, the Gator Guy will finish it as soon you leave the Last Resort.
Take Me to The River! Let the plastic fish finish its song. Once you obtain the Batteries as a part of the "See You, Space Husband..." achievement and place them into the plastic fish at Frozen Lake, allow it to finish its song before moving on.
Welcome Home Take the Keeper of the Castle's power. The Keeper of the Castle lies waiting in a secret room of Sweetheart's Castle. Accepting its offer will permanently destroy Sweetheart's Castle and replaces it with a comfy room. Do not save after accepting this offer: it will make obtaining multiple achievements impossible, such as watching all of Sweetheart's films, or defeating all of the phobias in Lost Library.
I'll cherish you all forever. Get the flower crown from Basil. Anytime on One Day Left, talk to Basil at any of Mari's picnics. He will give you the flower crown.
See you, Space Husband... Defeat Space Ex-Husband. On One Day Left, return to Captain Spaceboy's house. His father, Pinkbeard, will be looking for him and will request your help. Take the batteries he gives you, and return to Frozen Lake. In the igloo, there is a plastic fish you can insert the batteries into to access Snowglobe Mountain, a new area. Space Ex-Husband awaits at the top; his fight requires extensive use of emotion changing skills or items.
The Brightest Stars Defeat Pluto and the Earth. On One Day Left, return to the place where you fought The Earth. Pluto will request a rematch, and you will fight him and a buffed The Earth at the same time.
Inhuman Defeat Mutantheart. After resurfacing Humphrey, Mutantheart is located in the area where you originally fought the Slime Girls, in Marina's room. This fight requires extensive use of the emotion system to complete; refer to her page for a strategy.
Minor Imperfection Defeat Perfectheart. After resurfacing Humphrey, she is located where you originally fought the Slime Girls. This is widely considered one of the most difficult fights in the game. While not strictly required, it is strongly recommended to obtain the team's ultimate weapons after sparing Abbi, and to be very close, if not at, the level cap. Potent healing items like Whole Chicken and Whole Pizza are a must.
Seriously, you're the coolest! Beat the boss rush. The boss rush challenge can be undertaken anytime after Humphrey is resurfaced. Reenter the right sector (Molly's, with the bomb defusal puzzles), and take the tube on the left side of the room to reach it. The boss rush will make you refight buffed versions of every major, mandatory boss in the game in a row, starting with Ye Olde Sprout and ending with Humphrey.
Repressed Defeat every Something at the bottom of the Lost Library. On One Day Left, sheet music is spread throughout Deeper Well. After collecting all three sheets, return to Sweetheart's Castle; the hole you originally jumped into to enter Lost Library has now reopened. In the bottom left corner, you can now access a piano room. By inserting the sheet music, you can fight Sunny's fears again; each one will grant Omori a new, powerful skill. This achievement will become unobtainable if you accept the Keeper of the Castle's offer.
Foes Filed! Complete the Foe Facts! journal. The only missable entries are Pluto at Otherworld Campsite (must be fought before you use EMS to eat the giant cheese), Ghost Bunny (must be fought before you complete the Lost Forest), King Carnivore (do not cut the anvil above it or you will miss its entry), and all enemies in Sweetheart's Castle, assuming you accept the Keeper of the Castle's offer.
Anytime is a good time for a picnic! Recover at all of Mari's picnics. "Recover" is defined as using the refreshments to heal. The only missable picnic is the one in Breaven; make sure you heal there before fighting the Unbread Twins.
We'll always be there for you, Omori. Visit all mirrors. There are eleven mirrors in all. This achievement only counts Headspace mirrors; the mirrors in Sunny's house and Basil's house in reality do not count.
The view is pretty nice... Look through all telescopes. There are four telescopes. One is in Otherworld, one is in Orange Oasis, another one in Deep Well, and the last is in Snowglobe Mountain.