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Hooligans (Neutral).gif
HP.png heart 500
MP.png juice 250
attack 25
defense 22
speed 22
luck 25

The Hooligans serve as minor antagonists in OMORI for the Sunny Route. They are a group of delinquents lead by Aubrey and are fought by both Sunny and Kel within the Hangout Spot on Two Days Left segment.


While Sunny and Kel continue running an errand to await Hero's return, the Hooligans head over to the Hangout Spot in the evening. They find Basil there as well for unknown reasons. They attempt to force Basil to leave but this causes the latter to cry out for help. Sunny and Kel eventually arrive at the spot, and Kel attempts to stop them as usual.

Aubrey then decides to fight the two, this time with the Hooligans backing her up. A fight ensues, and it doesn't matter if the player wins or loses. Either way, Kel tells Aubrey that even though she spends more time with her new friends, she still comes over to the old hangout spot, meaning she still cares about her old friends. This causes Aubrey to back down in silence. Having enough of constantly tormenting Basil, the Hooligans exit the secret hangout spot, leaving Aubrey alone with her former friends.


Regardless of whether the player defeats them or not, the outcome will still progress the story.
The Hooligans act uniformly regardless of emotion

{{{size1}}} If below 15% HP.png, they will always do their group attack, dealing fixed damage.

45% chance of Angel doing a normal attack.

25% chance of The Maverick using charm to lower a target’s attack.

45% chance of Kim headbutting a target.

Else, The Hooligans will chuck old candy at all targets.

Like many other Faraway enemies, the Hooligans will prioritize Kel as they will always target the highest speed party member.
The most efficient way to defeat them is to use the pepper spray item obtained from Kel's House. This will bring the entire group down in one hit.


Angel attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def], this attack will never hit right in the heart.

Maverick charm: Lowers a target's attack by one tier.

Kim headbutt: [3 * a.atk - b.def], this attack will never hit right in the heart.

Vance candy: [20], to all party.

Group attack: [30], 4 times to random targets.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Angel swiftly strikes [target]!
* The Maverick winks at [target]!
* Kim slams her head into [target]!
* The Hooligans threw old candy!
* The Hooligans attack together!

During battle

  • 75% HP.png:
* Angel: My master and I have been training for this moment...
* The Maverick: You won't make fools out of us ever again!
* Vance: Kim... Are you ready to rumble?
* Kim: You know it, Vance! These nerds have got it coming to 'em!
  • 50% HP.png:
* The Maverick: Angel, remember our training! Make weakness your strength!
* Angel: Yes, Master! I won't let you down!
  • 25% HP.png:
* Vance: Kim... are you okay?
* Kim: Huff... Huff... Heh! Don't worry, Vance... I'm not done yet!

When defeated

* The Maverick: Huff... Huff... Is... Is this real life?
* Angel: How... How is this possible!?
* Kim: I can't believe we lost...
* Vance: Kim... I'm hungry. Can we go now?
* Aubrey: ... ... ...

When defeated using Pepper Spray

* Charlie: !!!
* The Maverick: Huff... Wheeze... What trickery is this!?
* Vance: Ouch... That hurts.
* Aubrey: Gah... You two are the worst...

When defeating the player

* The Maverick: You won't make fools out of us ever again!
* Angel: We won, master! We won!
* Kim: Serves you right, nerds.
* Vance: Kim... I'm hungry... Let's go get some food.
* Aubrey: ... Heh.
* Aubrey: Kel... Sunny... Get the heck out of here.


* Charlie puts her all into an attack![1]
* Vance throws candy![2]
* The Hooligans go all out![3]
* The Hooligans: TAKE THIS, NERDS!!! [4]



  • In the game's files, Charlene was originally meant to have an attack for this fight but this move was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • The Hooligans were originally meant to have different emotion states like the other Faraway enemies but this wasn't fully used in-game.
    • However, one can still access these states by hacking through mods.
  1. The unused "charlie attack" uses this action text, it would do 1 damage.
  2. The "Vance candy" skill could use this alternative action text.
  3. The "group attack" skill could use this alternative action text.
  4. The "group attack" skill would use this battle text, being called "group energy" on the text files.