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The Otherworld

Otherworld is a location in OMORI. It is the second proper area of the game.
This area connects to the Vast Forest, Junkyard and Snowglobe Mountain.


The Otherworld can first be accessed after Basil's disappearance and Sunny overcoming his fear of heights.
It is detached from the rest of Headspace and an entry point to the Snowglobe Mountain can be found here.


All Routes

After overcoming his fear of heights, Omori goes back to sleep. Back in Headspace, his friends tell him that Basil is missing and that Mari was worried about him. After talking with Mari, the group decides to go up the ladder east of the tree stump to look in Otherworld.

Omori is first hesitant but the group's reassuring words convince him to climb up. Once in Otherworld, they meet Captain Spaceboy's crew. They tell the group that Captain Spaceboy is lovesick and to fix his broken heart they must find Sweetheart's special mixtape in the Junkyard, also giving a Junkyard key, allowing entrance into the area.

In the Junkyard, the group finds Rosa with the mixtape, she tells them that Sweetheart has actually broken up with Cpt. Spaceboy and that he threw the mixtape in the trash himself. Not quite believing her, they retrieve the mixtape successfully and return to Cpt. Spaceboy.
But on the way to him, a rogue planet called Pluto passes them, seeking shelter from Cpt. Spaceboy's crew. Kel swiftly finds somewhere for him to hide.
After the area is clear again, Pluto thanks them and teaches Kel how to Flex, he also starts his own business transporting people from area to area called "Pluto's Spaceline".

Once they arrive in Cpt. Spaceboy's ship the group explains that Sweetheart broke up with him but Kel was too eager to wait and ends up playing the Mixtape, thus making Cpt. Spaceboy furious, causing him to battle the group.
After they defeat him, he apologizes, returns to his calmer self and gives the group a Sno-cone ticket and a Train pass, the party also snatches his eye patch in the process.

After the fight, there are red footprints that lead to the west of the Otherworld entrance, to the Cattail Fields. Upon entering the area, Omori is separated from his group and follows the Stranger into a barn, revisiting various memories on the way there[1]. In that barn, there's a giant mirror, interacting with the mirror will bring you to a monochrome area. In here is the Letter F, a music stand, a picture of a happy family on the wall, and a knot far above Omori. While trying to leave, Something appears behind him and catches Omori, throwing him back to White Space.

Hikikomori route

On the last day of the Hikikomori Route, Cpt. Spaceboy's father, Pinkbeard, can be found in his son's house. After talking to him, he reveals that he's looking for his son. He gives the party some batteries that can be used to access Snowglobe Mountain.
At the very peak of the mountain, Captain Space Ex-Husband can be found. He's devastated about Sweetheart breaking up with him, si he will fight anyone who comes near him.
After being defeated, he will gift the party his old wedding ring and return to his ship.

After Headspace gets reset, Omori and his friends will be able to fight the combined forces of Pluto and the Earth on the Solar System bridge behind Spaceboy's house.
Pluto will reveal that he and the Earth were always great friends, even before being bound to a solar system.

Lastly, the barn can be revisited during the epilogue. After the reset, the mirror will show the reflection of Something, that disappears when interacted. Sallies can be found roaming around in here.

Notable areas

Cattail Field

The Cattail Field is maze like area, connected to the main entrance of the Otherworld, Otherworld Campsite, the Sprout Mole Colony and the Outskirts.
In it are several NPCs, in special the Mr. Scarecrow that offers the party a quest to help him find his crow friends, which rewards with the 5-leaf clover, as well as various enemies.
There's also a joke sign and various watermelons containing donut, mango smoothie, can, star fruit soda and smores, and a barn with a giant photo frame that can be entered during the end of the prologue and during the epilogue.
Going into the barn during the prologue reveals an area with the Letter "F" and a family photo on the wall, while in the epilogue only Sallies and Something can be found.

Otherworld Campsite

The Otherworld Campsite is a big campsite that contains most of the homes of Otherworld's residents. There, Mari set up a picnic and a Pluto's Spaceline station can be found on an elevation.
A mirror, a shop, a recycle machine, and a vending machine can be found near Mari's picnic.
Leaving the Campsite to the right leads to the Outskirts, meanwhile leaving it to the north will bring you to Captain Spaceboy's ship, and then subsequently to the Junkyard.
The recycle machine can be interacted with, doing so will allow the party to exchange recyclable materials for clams, each material has its own value:

In addition, it will reward the party with charms after recycling a certain threshold of materials, after 5 items, the party receives the seer goggles, 10 items for the flashlight, 25 for a cellphone and 50 for the universal remote, along with the "Recycling is a Concept" achievement.
A can can be found in the trash at the middle of the area.

The area's shop will sell smores, cherry soda, banana smoothie, rubber band, sparkler and life jams.

Campsite interiors

Captain Spaceboy's ship

Captain Spaceboy's ship has two floors that are connected by a flight of stairs.

The lower one is filled with boxes and his Crew.
The upper one is Cpt. Spaceboy's bedroom. In here is an unusable telescope, a table for two, bookcases filled with knowledge from "all across the galaxy", several potted plants, a makeup table, a bed and an interactable keyboard.

Solar System

The Solar System is a long bridge that connects Captain Spaceboy's ship with the entrance of the Junkyard. Multiple planets can be found here such as Earth and Pluto.

Mr. and Mr.s Duckie's House

Their house resembles a big present box. The inside contains a table for two, a TV, a bookcase filled with DVDs and a bed with enough space for three.
Mr. Duckie will offer a quest to look for his son, Duckie Jr., once the party brings him home he will grab the present containing a dandelion atop one of the bookshelves and give it to the party.

Smol's House

Smol's house resembles a blue sleeping dragon with thrusters on it's back. The inside is filled with awards, won for being the smallest centaur. There's also a bookcase, that can be interacted with. Doing so will initiate the Dust Bunny fight.
There is also a bed that smells like a farm and a nightstand with a lamp on it.
Talking to Smol while Hero is tagged will reward the party with a friendship bracelet.

Pessi's House

Pessi's house resembles a female person's head with a red bow in it's pink hair.

The inside is filled with merchandise by an obnoxious person.

TV Girl's TV

TV Girl's TV can be accessed through a secret passage way slightly to the east of the Campsite.
It's a giant TV and in it are dozens of screens that display images. Sitting infront of the screens is TV Girl.
TV Girl herself will also offer a quest asking the party to gather some items in the Junkyard, giving the party a strange list to aid them, when the quest is completed the party's rewarded with a dynamite and access to the coffee machine.
Interacting with the coffee machine gives the party a coffee, in order to get another coffee this way, the party must transition between maps 20 times before interacting with the machine again.

Sprout Mole Colony

The Sprout Mole Colony in Otherworld is quite different from the one in Pyrefly Forest. It's a lot more spacious and has way fewer Sprout Moles living in it, however as the game progress, more Sprout Moles will arrive, including Big Molio, who if the party previously helps him during one of the final segments of the game will reward them with 2 hot dogs, it's also home for Batzy, who if interacted as Hero, will reward the party with a butt peach soda.
Talking to the Construction Moles reveals that they have recently moved. There isn't much to do here but if Omori is tagged and the universal remote is equipped on him he may interact with the broken TV, leading him to Static Void.
There are various watermelon scattered in the area which contains four cardboards, one computer part, a rubber band, a life jam, a can and lastly dead batteries.


The Outskirts are a collection of areas east of the Campsite. The first area is an intersection, walking north leads to the entrance to the Junkyard and going south leads to a secret pathway to TV Girl's House.
Just around the corner of that intersection is a small pond with a tent and a fireplace, where Duckie Jr. can be found for his quest, as well some few NPCs, the tent can be entered which reveals Jock Jams, who dances if the player turns on the music box inside.

Opposite of that is a pathway that is blocked by cones that can be destroyed, and eventually, lead to Lone Mole, that, if spoken to, will yell at the party and force them to fix the cones, which also awards the party with the "What is the Big Idea" achievement. However, talking to it while Hero's tagged will instead reward the party a donut.
Lastly, watermelons containing a blanket and a star fruit soda can be found in this room.

The last area, just a little further east, contains a telescope that can be interacted with and container, going inside the container reveals a dancing floor and a sign that forces the player to run backward if interacted. There's also one of the VIP Rooms, showing the full background of the area.
Near the east exit, which leads to the other entrance the Cattail field, are vending machines.

South of the telescope is a lake, the first time the player arrives here Something will be in the middle of the lake, disappearing once the party gets near it. There is an interactable bottle that can be thrown at the lake, it asks a small question, but the answer will not affect the playthrough.
Watermelons can also be found here, containing life jam, fries and the red ribbon, found in the middle of the lake.

Going further south reveals that the road is blocked by a Venus Flytrap, defeating it will allow access to the Frozen Lake.

Entrance to the Junkyard

North of the Outskirts is a small area that leads to the Junkyard, also connecting to Spaceboy's solar system bridge by the giant star on the right, during the prologue Maestro can be found here, nearby a is watermelon containing a backpack.

Frozen Lake

Located south of the Outskirts nearby the lake, it's a snowy spot inside the Otherworld, Mari can also be found here, as well as a sno-cone machine that exchanges sno-cone tickets with sno-cones, the Sunhat Ghost, a Jash that sells sno-cones and a Fisher Bear.
After defeating Space Boyfriend, he and his crew can be found eating sno-cones here for the remainder of the prologue.
There is a break time that can be interacted with, which makes a random party member fish while the others rest in the bridge, with various possible outcomes:

  • 13/16 chances of fishing nothing at all or creatures and objects that are thrown back to the lake.
  • A small chance of fishing a vending machine.
  • A small chance of fishing a tofu.
  • A miserable chance of fishing a life jam.

On the bottom of the map there is an igloo with a watermelon containing life jam behind, entering it reveals a small room with an interactable plastic fish mounted on the wall with a place to put batteries in, which when put, makes the fish sing.
If the player awaits till the end of the song, a trap door will appear, leading to a portal.
After taking the portal the player can find the Blackletter "G", and going up a ladder reveals a joke sign, going further is the entrance to Snowglobe Mountains.




  • According to text found in the files[2], there was supposed to have a small chance that the vending machine found while fishing had no sodas left, but such interaction wasn't implemented.
  • The chance to get a life jam while fishing is 1/5 chances of being able to roll a 1/16 chances of receiving it, which is 1.25%.
  • After defeating the Earth, both the sprite in captain Spaceboy's house and in the solar bridge will disappear, this happens because both of them are the same event.
  • All vending machines, including the one fished in the Frozen lake, sell tasty sodas.
  • The Telesope found in the outskirts shows a different view and teleports Omori to "Cloud Walkway" if the switch named "Blackspace_Pocket" is on.
  • Weirdly enough, this switch only gets turned on if Omori enters a pocket, so it is impossible to enter Cloud Walkway this way.
  • The bottle found at the lake is a reference to Dean Martin's "That's Amore".
  • The keyboard in Captain Spaceboy's ship can be played by the four party members.
  • Omori will play a slightly altered version of White Space's theme.
  • Aubrey will play a slightly altered version of the Neighbor's Room theme.
  • Kel will play Pluto's theme.
  • Hero will play the same song played at the sleep over in the True Route.


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