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Hospital is a location in OMORI. It is the last area of the true route.


Good Ending

If Sunny decides to continue after he falls to Omori's onslaught, Sunny will gain the strength to play the duet he and Mari were intended to play before her death. Once it concludes, Omori is absorbed into Sunny.

Sunny will then awake in his hospital bed, in tears as he comes to terms with Mari's death. Leaving his room, he suffers one last hallucination of his friends of Headspace, followed by another one of Stranger. His hallucinatory friends, if followed, lead him to a door he refuses to open. Stranger meanwhile guides Sunny to the hospital room where Basil resides after the two's battle. With his newfound courage, he prepares to tell them the truth behind Mari's death and alleged suicide.

Flower Ending

If Omori had consistently watered Basil's flowers during his travels in Headspace, a cutscene will play depicting Sunny and Basil alone in their hospital room. Sunny smiles at him while his Something fades away. Basil smiles in return, his Something retreating into him.

Bad Ending

On the other hand, if Sunny decides to give up, he is absorbed into Omori, as he takes control of Sunny's body in reality. Back in White Space, Omori will begin a new adventure as usual by leaving to Neighbor's Room and setting out with his friends.

In reality, Sunny has stepped out onto the balcony of the hospital, and ultimately decides to take his own life by jumping off of the edge. He hallucinates multiple Headspace locations such as Red Space as he falls.


Sunny will receive flowers based on who he helped in his last few days in Faraway. There are 16 flowers and receiving all of them grants the player the "Universally Loved" Achievement.

Character(s) Associated Quest
Kel's family Given automatically
Charlie's family Given after completing the "medicine" sidequest
Mincy Given after completing the "motivation for Mincy" sidequest
Pedro Given automatically
Joy Given after "tutoring Joy" on all three days
Kim's family Given after completing the "missing shears" sidequest
Cris' family Given after completing the "missing TV remote" sidequest
Jesse's family Given after completing the "jesse's birthday" sidequest
Artist Given after completing the "artist's inspiration" or the "bring angel" sidequest
Sean and Karen Given after completing the "house party" sidequest
Bebe's family Given after completing the "picking a lamp" sidequest
Sarah's family Given after completing the "missing ring" and the subsequent "anniversary" sidequest
Vance's dad Given after completing the "leaking pipe" sidequest
Brent Given after "tutoring Brent" on all three days
Hooligans Given automatically
Daphne and Bowen Given after the completing "hide & seek" sidequest



  • Due to a glitch, the flower ending requirements are much laxer than intended. To achieve it, only one flower needs to be watered before entering Humphrey during the Two Days Left dream segment.
  • There is code left in the game that suggest that you were able to follow Omori's headspace friends and achieve the bad ending this way. Furthermore, there is also cut dialogue for this.