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Foe facts.png

Foe facts! is a journal made by Hero that is given to Omori during the tutorial section of the prologue. It can be opened by the player in the "important" section of the menu. Once opened, it will show a list of all enemies that have been encountered during the party's adventures in Headspace. Only enemies that were meant to be found during the party's journey will appear in the journal, thus the various "fear enemies" will not show up.

Somewhat unintuitively, defeating an enemy is not required to add it's entry to Foe Facts!; simply encountering it and running away (assuming the option is available) is enough. Filling the entire journal awards the player with the "Foes filled!" achievement.

Below is a list of all enemies listed in the order of the journal.

Enemy list

Forest Bunny (neutral).png
Forest Bunny
Cute and fluffy creatures
that may or may not attack
people without warning...
- Omori
I think it would probably make
for a cute pet!
- Aubrey
Forest Bunny Sprite.gif
Forest Bunny Question (neutral).png
Forest Bunny?
A regular Forest Bunny,
but upside-down... Why does
it do that? It seems
- Omori
Its ear muscles must be
really strong!!
- Kel
Forest Bunny Sprite.gif
Lost Sprout Mole (neutral).gif
Lost Sprout Mole
A dangerous and hostile ugly
plant creature. It says it is
smart, but do not believe it.
It is not. It smells like
dirty laundry.
- Omori
Sprout Mole Sprite.gif
Big Strong Tree.png
Big Strong Tree
Wow! It's so big and strong!
- Kel
Dust Bunny (neutral).gif
Dust Bunny
The sneeziest of all bunnies.
Likes to hide in bookshelves
and under the bed. Seems
a little shy...
- Omori
Space Bunny (neutral).gif
Space Bunny
A regular Forest Bunny
with a bubble on its head.
This allows it to breathe
in space.
- Omori
I'm guessing it likes to space
out? Heh, heh. Get it?
- Hero
UFO (neutral).png
Unidentified Flying Orange
A highly advanced orange,
commonly seen aimlessly
floating through the
vastness of space.
- Omori
It still tastes like an orange!
- Kel
Venus Flytrap
The features of the Venus
Flytrap resemble that of
a common watermelon. It is an
evolutionary trait that is used
to lure in unintelligent prey.
- Omori
Man, I was so sure it
was a watermelon
- Kel
Wormhole (neutral).gif
It is said that Wormholes
are capable of connecting
widely separated regions of
space and time... but this
one's just a worm.
- Omori
I don't like how it wiggles...
- Aubrey
Mixtape (neutral).gif
A relic of the past...
It seems awfully cheerful
despite its impending
fall into obscurity.
- Omori
I used to collect these a while
ago! So this is where they all
- Hero
Dial-up (neutral).gif
An ancient form of accessing
communication networks.
Makes a horrible ear-piercing
noise when used.
- Omori
Ah, this sound reminds me
of the good old days...
- Hero
Doombox (neutral).gif
The revived spirit of a Boom
Box, a portable method of
transporting loud noises.
- Omori
Shark Plane (neutral).gif
Shark Plane
An aerial predator capable of
swooping up unsuspecting
passengers at mach-speed.
You never know where you'll
end up once you board a
Shark Plane...
- Omori
Bug Bunny (neutral).png
Bug Bunny
Actually an arthropod.
It likes cold temperatures
and rolls down steep hills
for amusement. The hobby has
gained so much traction that
they now hold a yearly
hill-rolling competition.
- Omori
Rare Bear (neutral).gif
Rare Bear
Warning: Do not provoke.
Do not show weakness.
- Omori
Potted Plant (neutral).gif
Potted Plant
Warning: Do not provoke.
Explodes when cornered.
- Omori
But why do they explode?
- Kel
Who planted this here
- Aubrey
Sprout Mole Question (neutral).gif
Sprout Mole?
Is this Sprout Mole upside
down or are we the ones who
are upside down?
- Omori
Sprout Mole Sprite.gif
Ghost Bunny (neutral).png
Ghost Bunny
Hostile Bunny spirits
yearning for revenge.
- Omori
They're still kinda cute,
- Aubrey
Harold (neutral).gif
A master of the blade.
A Sprout Mole who has
studied the art of combat
for many years in order to
be granted the prestigious
title of Harold.
- Omori
Marsha (neutral).gif
A master of the axe.
A Sprout Mole who has
studied the art of combat
for many years in order to
be granted the prestigious
title of Marsha.
- Omori
Therese (neutral).gif
A master of the bow.
A Sprout Mole who has
studied the art of combat
for many years in order to
be granted the prestigious
title of Therese.
- Omori
Lucius (neutral).gif
A master of the arcane.
A Sprout Mole who has
studied the art of combat
for many years in order to
be granted the prestigious
title of Lucius.
- Omori
Horse Head (neutral).gif
Horse Head
One part of a futile attempt to
look like a complete horse.
- Omori
Well... At least they
tried their best...
- Aubrey
Horse Butt (neutral).gif
Horse Butt
This costume is the butts.
- Omori
Oh, now you're just being mean!
- Aubrey
Bun Bunny (neutral).gif
Bun Bunny
Kind of cute. Might be vegan.
- Omori
Is this vegan?
- Kel
Not sure if vegan.
- Hero
Definitely not vegan...
- Aubrey
Cupcake Bunny (neutral).gif
Cupcake Bunny
An evil cupcake parasite
that has taken a poor
Forest Bunny as its host.

The Forest Bunny's eyes are
filled with silent screams.
- Omori
Milkshake Bunny (neutral).gif
Milkshake Bunny
A Forest Bunny with a
milkshake strapped on
its back.
- Omori
Pancake Bunny (neutral).gif
Pancake Bunny
A cute Forest Bunny that
sports its fallen brethren
as a fashionable hat.
- Omori
SSSnake (neutral).gif
S.S. Snake
Strawberry Short Snake,
A short snake with a long
- Omori
Porcupie (neutral).gif
A rejected dessert sentenced
to wander the wasteland for an
- Omori


Was its flavor too sharp?
- Hero
Sprout Bunny (neutral).gif
Sprout Bunny
Kind of cute. Might be vegan.
- Omori
I am 100% sure this is vegan.
- Kel
Pretty sure this is vegan.
- Hero
Definitely not vegan...
- Aubrey
Scientific name -
Coriandrum sativum
Stats, per 100 grams -
Energy - 22.71 calories
Vitamin K - 310 mcg
Potassium - 521 mg
Iron - 1.77 mg

Are coriander and cilantro
the same thing?
- Kel
Ginger (neutral).gif
Scientific name -
Zingiber officinale
A flowering plant whose
rhizome is widely used as a
spice and a folk medicine.
It is an herbaceous perennial
which grows annual
pseudostems about a meter
tall, bearing narrow leaf
- Omori
Celery (neutral).gif
Did you know that eating
CELERY burns more calories
than you get from it?
It's because you gotta
chew it!
- Kel
Everyone knows that, Kel...
- Aubrey
Rabbit (neutral).gif
An abomination.
- Omori
Truly appalling.
- Aubrey
Chicken (neutral).gif
Poultry in motion.
- Omori
Ain't nothing but a
chicken wing!
- Kel
Fish Bunny (neutral).gif
Fish Bunny
A Forest Bunny that has
aptly adapted to its
environment. They travel in
groups as they do not
like to be alone.
- Omori
Mussel (neutral).gif
A very muscular mussel.
It keeps an incredibly
strenuous workout regimen
in order to maintain its
rock solid physique.
- Omori
Reverse Mermaid (neutral).gif
Reverse Mermaid
Fish a was I, wish I, wish I.
- Omori
Shark Fin (neutral).gif
Shark Fin
Exclusively the fin part of a
- Omori
Squizzard (neutral).gif
The most despicable creature
on the planet. Has no friends,
is never invited to parties,
and is terrible at jokes.
- Omori
Slime Bunny (neutral).gif
Slime Bunny
Too sticky to hug,
too sticky to love.
- Omori
Made of slime...
Tastes like lime!
- Kel
Watermimic (neutral).gif
An obviously fake trap that
would only be able to fool the
most feeble-minded of
- Omori
Aw, nuts! I thought this was
a watermelon for sure!!
- Kel
Snot Bubble (neutral).gif
Snot Bubble
A fragile being with a short
lifespan. It leads a life of
impermanence and smells
like a wet dog.
- Omori
Worm Bot (neutral).gif
A robotic worm with razor
sharp teeth. Its favorite
food is carrots.
- Omori
Lab Rat (neutral).gif
Lab Rat
A self-proclaimed scientific
genius. Specializes in
theoretical chemistry, but its
true passion lies on the
silver screen.
- Omori
I hope it gets its big break
one day!
- Aubrey
Sprout Mole Questions (neutral).gif
Sprout Mole??
A monster made up orabf all the
strongest parts from all the
strongest Sprout Moles.
- Omori
Slice (neutral).gifSesame (neutral).gifSourdough (neutral).gif Slice, Sesame, & Sourdough
The souls of bread children
brought back to life by
a mysterious power. They only
come as a group because
they are all good friends.
- Omori
Creepypasta (neutral).png
Let me start off by saying
that everything you're about
to hear is 100% true. There
was a garage sale last
summer. I spotted a dusty
cartridge of a game I never
heard of before. I bought it,
but when I got home, it didn't
work. When I went back to
the garage sale, the house
was burnt down. :O
Copypasta (neutral).png
A Copypasta is a pasta
that copies itself.
- Omori
A Copypasta is a pasta
that copies itself.
- Kel
A Copypasta is a pasta
that copies itself.
- Aubrey
Living Bread (neutral).gif
Living Bread
A demon bread, baked to
perfection. Its only purpose
is to consume Life Jam
- Omori
- Kel
Gingerdead Man (neutral).gif
Gingerdead Man
Maybe a little sad...
But definitely not dead.
- Omori
That doesn't even rhyme...
- Aubrey
Toast Ghost (neutral).gif
Toast Ghost
An unamused apparition
that spouts ominous phrases like
"When there is no more room
in Hell, the bread shall walk
the Earth."
- Omori
This one looks kind of like
you, OMORI!
- Aubrey
Hushpuppy (neutral).gif
An erratic entity that was
born from the cries of lost
souls. It slowly screams
itself to death.
- Omori
Snow Bunny (neutral).gif
Snow Bunny
Kicks snow at you when it's
angry. Capable of creating
the world's smallest
- Omori
Do you think it will melt if
we put it in the sun?
- Kel
Snow Pile (neutral).gif
Snow Pile
An unintentionally cursed
patch of snow. It wonders
why it is alive.
- Omori
*Hikikomori Route only.
Snow Angel (neutral).gif
Snow Angel
Guardians of Snowglobe
Mountains... Its eyes are
filled with stories.
Snow angels are known to
appear to lost travelers
and disappear with them
into the snowfall.
- Omori
*Hikikomori Route only.
Boss (neutral).gif
A little rough around the edges.
Can be a foe... or a friend.
- Omori
Ye Old Sprout (neutral).gif
Ye Old Sprout
The beloved grandfather
of all Sprout Moles. It is said
that he loves all life in the
forest and that all life in
the forest comes from him.
When he is not busy
maintaining the balance of
the forest, he enjoys sitting.
- Omori
Kite Kid
A mysterious boy obsessed
with wind conditions. He is
usually seen in the Floating
Forest flying his kite and
mumbling something about the
- Omori
Kid's Kite (neutral).gif
Kid's Kite
A strange kite. It seems to
possess a life of its own.
- Omori
Pluto (neutral).gif
A mysterious flexing rock.
- Omori
I like his muscles!
- Kel
*Accompanied by his
Left and right arms.
Earth (neutral).gif
The third planet from the
Sun. Its surface is mostly
covered in water and people.
- Omori
Download Window (neutral).gif
Download Window
Space Ex-Boyfriend (Neutral).gif
Space Ex-Boyfriend
The fierce alter-ego of
Capt. Spaceboy, captain of
the Space Pirates. He comes
out when Capt. Spaceboy is
angry. Commands the planets
of the solar system, but
the heart of no one...
- Omori
Space Ex-Boyfriend Walk.png
King Crawler (neutral).gif
King Crawler
A mindless parasite that kills
Sprout Moles and harvests
their empty husks in order to
extend its own body.
- Omori
King Carnivore (neutral).gif
King Carnivore
One of the Sprout Mole's
many predators. King
Carnivore invades Sprout
Mole habitats by burrowing
underground. They prefer
their Sprout Moles warm
and chewy.
- Omori
*Possible to be
permanently missed!
*Accompanied by its roots
in battle.
Shady Mole (neutral).gif
Shady Mole
The most untrustworthy of
Sprout Moles. Do not
believe anything that he says.
- Aubrey
Sir Maximus (neutral).gif
Sir Maximus
A true master of the blade.
A Sprout Mole who has
studied the art of combat
for hundreds of years in
order to surpass the title of
Harold and be granted the
ultimate title of Maximus.
- Omori
Sir Maximus (neutral).gif
Sir Maximus II
A true master of the blade.
The son of a Sprout Mole
who has studied the art of
combat for hundreds of
years in order to surpass the
title of Harold and be
granted the ultimate title of
- Omori
Sir Maximus (neutral).gif
Sir Maximus III
A true master of the blade.
The grandson of a Sprout
Mole who has studied the
art of combat for hundreds
of years in order to surpass
the title of Harold and be
granted the ultimate title of
- Omori
Sweetheart (neutral).gif
The impulsive and beautiful
mad duchess who lives in a big
pink castle in Pyrefly Forest.
Loved by Sprout moles
everywhere. Has a soft spot
for Hero.
- Omori
Hey... Let's not bring this up
again, okay?
- Hero
Nefarious Chip (neutral).gif
Nefarious Chip
A creature from another realm,
summoned by a plate of
oatmeal cookies.
- Omori
Truly evil!
- Aubrey
- Kel
Nefarious, even!
- Hero
Unbread Twins (neutral).gif
Unbread Twins
Biscuit and Doughie, the
unbread twins from another
realm who are forced to
bake and transport bread
eternally via summoning
circle. Ohoooooo...
- Omori
Space Ex-Husband (neutral).gif
Space Ex-Husband
A recently-divorced Capt.
Spaceboy. His soul has
transcended beyond space
and time and has evolved
past useless human emotions.
- Omori
Poor, Capt. Spaceboy...
Nobody deserves this...
- Aubrey
Space Ex-Husband (Snowman).png
*Hikikomori Route only.
Gator Guy (neutral).gif
Gator Guy
The trusted and loyal
henchman of Mr. Jawsum.
It is highly likely that they
have all signed questionable
contracts with him.
They prefer to talk through
their walkie-talkies even
if they are all in the
same room.
- Omori
Mr Jawsum (neutral).gif
Mr. Jawsum
A venture capitalist /
entrepreneur / loan shark who
owns 51% of the Deep Well.
There is nothing he believes in
more than a signed contract.
- Omori
Hey, it's the boss!
Love that guy!
- Kel
Pluto Expanded (normal).gif
Pluto (Expanded)
The astonishingly glorious
expanded version of Pluto,
the strongest planet in all the
cosmos and the universe.
- Omori
Roboheart (neutral).gif
A dangerous killer robot bent
on destroying life as we know
it. We are lucky to have seen it
and still be alive.
- Omori
Mutantheart (neutral).gif
The failed? experiment of the
Slime Sister, Marina.
Makes strange noises in an
attempt to communicate.
Smells like strawberries.
- Omori
*Hikikomori Route only.
Perfectheart (neutral).gif
A goddess of immeasurable
power and poise. The light
that she emits is capable of
acute blindness, and
in some cases, death.
- Omori
*Hikikomori Route only.
The reckless and rash
middle-child of the Slime
Sisters. Has a short temper.
Enjoys taking living things
apart and putting them back
together, usually without
their permission...
- Omori
The devious and cunning
oldest Slime Sister. Knows
how to find enjoyment in
everything. She has mastered
all the sciences, but sticks
with programming as it
requires the least amount of
Is quite fond of
cheesy potato chips.
- Omori
The calm and practical youngest
Slime Sister. Mainly deals with
liquid elements in vials because
they are pretty.
She is an expert at diffusing
difficult situations since her
sisters like to argue quite
- Omori
Humphrey Swarm (neutral).gif
Absolute, raw terror.
- Omori
And squishy too! Nyak, nyak!
- Humphrey
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 For enemy, refer to Slime Girls