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sprites KelWalkDW.gifKelWalkFA.gif
age Headspace - 12 (Approx)
Real World - 16 (Approx)
birthday November 11
gender male
location Neighbor's Room
role Deuteragonist

Kel is one of the main three deuteragonists that join Omori's party in OMORI. When tagging Kel as the leader, he gains the ability to throw his ball from certain platforms to hit objects otherwise inaccessible to the party.


HP.png **
MP.png *****
Attack ***
Defense **
Speed *****
Luck ****

Birthday: November 11th
Likes: Sports, milk, photobombing, Hector, digging in the trash
Dislikes: Pickles, cooties, thinking too hard

"Though he's got an impulsive and competitive streak, Kel is an ever loyal companion. You can count on his athletic talent and his dexterity with a ball to knock down foes. He holds his pet rock Hector dearly."


In Headspace, Kel wears a colorful tank top covered in multicolored squares. Like the other Headspace party members, he does not wear socks or shoes and his hair and eyes are purple.

In the real world, Kel appears to be older and taller than his younger Headspace counterpart. He has brown hair and olive skin. He also wears an orange basketball shirt with white lines.


Kel is very competitive by nature and loves to show off, as well as annoy his friends, especially Aubrey, who he constantly bickers with. Despite this, he deeply cares for his friends and repeatedly demonstrates undying loyalty towards them. He is shown to have an extremely strong sense of justice both in Headspace and in reality, jumping at the chance to confront Sweetheart and chase her throughout Deeper Well and Humphrey, and outright battling with Aubrey and the Hooligans multiple times in reality in an attempt to get the Photo Album back, and later to stop their bullying of Basil.

In the real world, he is slightly more reserved than his Headspace self, although still extremely outspoken and outright impulsive. He admits to having distanced himself from his friends while they were grieving Mari's death out of a fear of misunderstanding and making things worse.[1] This fear appears to have stemmed from an incident that occurred a year or so after Mari's death, where his attempt to rouse Hero from his depressive state instead resulted in the latter screaming at him, taking out his grief and anger and reducing both of them to tears.[2]

Towards the end of the game, if Sunny examines him as he sleeps at Basil's house, he will describe him as "a bit careless at times," but with "a good heart," and as someone who "just wants everyone around him to be happy."



Kel was born on November 11th[3] to his unnamed parents. He has an older brother named Hero and a younger sister named Sally.

Since they were children, Kel and his family lived directly besides Sunny's House. He, Sunny, Mari, Hero, Aubrey, and Basil were close friends and spent much of their time together. After the death of Mari, the group drifted apart and his brother left for college.

Normal Route

Day 1

Kel is the one who knocks on the door at the start of the day. Sunny can either open the door for him, starting the Sunny route, or alternatively, completely ignore him, starting the Omori route. If Sunny opens the door for him, he initially expresses shock that he actually answered, and admits that he doesn't "really have a game plan here." Quickly recovering, he suggests that Sunny help him pick out a gift for his brother Hero, who is set to return to Faraway Town from college the next day, suggesting that they start at Hobbeez.

Once Sunny picks out and purchases said gift, Kel suggests that they visit Faraway Park to play. However, as soon as they arrive, they witness the local delinquent group, the Hooligans, bullying Basil, led by Aubrey. Outraged, Kel attempts to get the Hooligans to stop, and winds up goading Aubrey into a fight, as she attempts to get them to leave her alone.

After she is either slashed with Sunny's Steak Knife or intimidated by it, she and the Hooligans leave. Kel initially expresses gratitude at Sunny's knife preventing the situation from escalating, before confiscating it from him and chiding him for carrying a dangerous weapon around. The duo decides to walk Basil back home, but once they arrive, Basil suddenly begs them not to leave, before asking them for a favor: Aubrey has stolen his Photo Album and refuses to give it back. Kel immediately agrees to help him recover it and directs Sunny to Faraway Park to begin their search.

After the duo battle their way through most of the Hooligans, they ultimately learn that Aubrey is likely at the church sermon going on that day. While Kel initially suggests waiting for the sermon to end before confronting her, Sunny ignores him and enters the church. Sneaking to the pew behind Aubrey, Kel confronts her over the theft and demands that she give the album back. She refuses, claiming that she's keeping the album safe, and bitterly admitting to feeling abandoned by her "old friends" after Mari's death. Kel attempts to apologize for not being there for her when she needed them, an apology she rejects. As she attempts to leave, Kel accidentally escalates the situation by loudly calling her a thief in the middle of the sermon, interrupting it and drawing attention to Aubrey. As the church goers begin to gossip about her recent behavior and bullying of Basil, Aubrey furiously tells him off for his escalation and refusal to see her side of the story, before attacking him and Sunny.

Regardless of whether or not she defeats the two, she runs out of the church in tears after the battle. Kel expresses remorse over his impulsive actions, and they simply decide to leave. As they walk away, they pass Aubrey's house, and notice her throwing something away. Digging through the garbage, Kel discovers that she had thrown away the Photo Album, and after recovering it, they head to Basil's house to return it. Polly invites them in for dinner, and Basil thanks them for retrieving it, agreeing to go through the album with them. As they review the photos, Kel notices that a significant number of the pictures seem to be missing. He comes to the conclusion that Aubrey probably has them and suggests to Sunny that they recover them later. Polly shortly after requests Kel's help with dinner, leaving Sunny and Basil alone.

As the three boys eat dinner, Kel lets slip that Sunny will move in three days, prompting Basil to flee to the restroom, to Kel's confusion. After dinner is finished and night falls, Kel walks Sunny back home, apologizing for the trouble they got into today, before suggesting that they hang out again tomorrow.

Day 2

Kel once again knocks on Sunny's door. Sunny can either again open it to continue the Sunny route or ignore it and go back to bed to initiate a Mixed route, an Omori route with minor differences.

If Sunny answers the door, Kel will greet him, and confirms that Hero will arrive around dinner that day, leaving most of the day free. Kel suggests they use this time to run his errands, dragging Sunny along as they pick up a bakery order and a Hero sandwich. Returning home, Kel avoids being scolded by his mother for taking hours to finish his errands by using Sunny as a distraction, before showing him his room.

After he shows it off, his mother calls them downstairs, saying that "some girl" wants to see Kel. Said girl is Polly, who is looking for Basil and assumed he'd be with them. When she realizes that he isn't, she grows concerned and asks them to keep an eye out for him. Kel, having "a bad feeling" about leaving Basil alone when the Hooligans are active, begs his mother to let him and Sunny look for him, something she reluctantly agrees to.

The duo head to Faraway Park to begin their search, checking around the spot they last saw him before they're suddenly interrupted when they hear him shouting for help from their old hangout spot. Rushing to him, they find that the Hooligans have taken over the spot. While Kel immediately assumes they were attacking him, Kim instead claims that they were simply trying to get Basil to leave before he suddenly panicked and started screaming, an explanation he refuses to believe. The Hooligans attack Kel and Sunny shortly after to "defend their turf."

Regardless of the outcome of the battle, Kel refuses to leave and tells Aubrey that he knows she still cares for her old friends, noting that, despite making new friends, Aubrey still chooses to hang out at their old hangout spot. When the rest of the Hooligan disperse from the area, leaving an emotionally conflicted Aubrey alone, Kel repeats his demand to leave Basil alone, reminding her of how they all used to be friends. When Aubrey shoves Basil into the lake by accident in a fit of rage shortly afterward, Kel immediately rushes to Aubrey's side, shouting at her to keep her occupied as Sunny conquers his thalassophobia in an effort to save Basil's life.

Hero arrives shortly after this event, and he dives into the lake, saving both Basil and Sunny. They agree to return the unconscious, but okay Basil to his house. When Aubrey attempts to interject, Kel coldly blows her off, saying she's caused enough trouble. After Hero helps Polly put Basil to bed, he properly greets Kel and Sunny, and learns from Kel that Aubrey has changed significantly, saying that she has "become all messed up," began bullying Basil, and was the one who shoved him into the lake, much to Hero's disbelief, who assumes that there's been a misunderstanding. Nonetheless, he reassures Hero that what happened with Aubrey and Basil wasn't his fault, before suggesting they return home for dinner.

Once they heat up their food, Kel mentions to Hero that Sunny now has Basil's photo album and suggests that they look through it again. Once finished, Kel reiterates that most of the photos seem to be missing, noting that Aubrey likely still has them. Hero further realizes there are no photos of Mari in the album, implying that Aubrey specifically stole the photographs with her in them. As they further reminiscence over memories, Hero suggests that they visit Sunny's house one last time, an idea Kel agrees with.

After a quick detour to Fix-It, they arrive at Sunny's house that night, where Kel and Hero suggest they have a sleep-over, remembering that Sunny hates sleeping alone.

Kel quickly passes out after setting up a makeshift tent out of blankets, leaving Sunny and Hero alone before he too goes to bed.

Day 3

On Day 3, Kel and Hero wake up before Sunny and do all of his chores for him. The three eat breakfast, and Kel answers a knock at the door, furious to see that it is Kim, one of the Hooligans. Kim states that she is worried because Aubrey won't leave her house, so the three head into Aubrey's House to see what is wrong. They go to Aubrey's room, where Kel and Aubrey argue until Hero intervenes. The two apologize to each other, and Aubrey adds the missing photos of Mari back into the Photo Album. Aubrey joins the party and the group heads to Basil's house, where Polly tells them he is visiting his grandmother at the hospital. The group visits their old treehouse and reminiscence the happier days of their childhood. Later that evening, they eventually return to Basil's house, only to find out that Basil has locked himself in his room. They decide to have a sleepover, planning to talk to him in the morning.


Skills have a basic 20% variation in damage (Excepting those with a fixed amount and release Energy).
DEF refers to Enemy's DEF unless stated otherwise.

Annoy Turns a friend or foe Angry. Costs 5 MP.png. Default
Guard Acts first, reducing damage taken by 50% for 1 turn. No MP.png Cost. Default
Rebound Deals 2.5 x ATK - DEF to all enemies. Costs 15 MP.png. Level 4
Run 'n Gun Deals 1.5 x AGI - DEF to a single target. Costs 15 MP.png. Level 9
Curveball If the target has an emotion, deals 3 x ATK - DEF. Otherwise, 2 x ATK - DEF. A successful hit randomly applies another emotion to the target. Costs 20 MP.png. Level 10
Ricochet Deals 2 x ATK - DEF to an enemy three times, with a 30% damage variation. Costs 30 MP.png. Level 16
Megaphone Makes all party members angry. Costs 45 MP.png. Level 20
Can't Catch Me Multi target taunt for one turn. Decrease all foes' hit rate by 55% for two turns. Costs 50 MP.png. Level 21
Rally Restore 4 energy to the party and 30% Juice to each party member besides himself, also turns himself Happy. Costs 50 MP.png. Level 26
Comeback Makes Kel Happy. If Sad was removed, Kel gains Flex. Costs 25 MP.png. Level 29
Tickle until the end of the turn, all attacks that can hit right in the heart done to the target will hit right in the heart. Costs 55 MP.png juice. Level 30
Flex Increases Kel's hit rate by 1000% (making him unable to miss) and increase the damage of the next damaging attack by 2.5 times. Costs 10 MP.png. Pluto
Juice Me Deals 25% of the friend's current heart as damage, but recover 40% juice, this damage is affected by both the Flex affect and emotion, but not the juice gained. Costs 10 MP.png. This skill does not have damage variation and will never hit right in the heart. Coconut
Snowball If the target is Sad, it will do 3 x ATK - DEF damage, else it will do 2.5 x ATK - DEF and turn the target sad. Costs 20 MP.png. Snowball




Real World

Battle Faces

Real World


Real World

Photo Album

Real World



  • It's entirely possible that Kel's name was going to be different during production, as evidenced by an old development GIF[4] where his name is Kelsey.
  • In the real world, Kel is the only character capable of legitimately feeling Happy, Sad, and Angry.
  • He will become Happy if he is given Orange Joe in battle.
  • Several enemies, such as Kim, are capable of making him Sad.
  • He will be locked to Angry throughout the entire battle against Aubrey at the Church, and will not change emotion even if fed Orange Joe.
  • Omocat reveals that Kel wasn't based on their own emotions, but rather on Sunny's personality.[5]
  • Since Sunny is quiet and passive, he needs an energetic person to push the story along.


  1. Kel: At that time, I didn't really understand what was happening... I was afraid that I'd somehow make things worse... so I just decided to stay out of all of it.
  2. Kel: One night... I went over to him while he was all huddled in his blankets and started saying stuff. Stuff like how we all miss him and how we want him to get better... How everyone is really worried... How Mari wouldn't want to see him like this... [...] But Hero... Hero got angry. He suddenly got up and started screaming and yelling at me about a bunch of stuff. Some of it was pretty hurtful, too... but I think I blocked out a lot of it.
  3. Official OMORI Account confirms that Kel's birthday is on November 11th.
  4. Kel's name is Kelsey in this old development gif.