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Kel is one of the main three deuteragonists that join Omori's party in OMORI. When, tagging Kel as the leader, he gains the ability to throw his ball from certain platforms to hit objects otherwise inaccessible to the party.



In Headspace, Kel wears a colorful tank top covered in multicolored squares. Like the other Headspace party members, he does not wear socks or shoes and his hair and eyes are purple.

In the real world, Kel appears to be older and taller than his younger Headspace counterpart. He has brown hair and olive skin. He also wears an orange basketball shirt with white lines.


Kel is very competitive by nature, always wanting to win games or races. He regularly argues with Aubrey. Even though he is loud and likes to annoy his friends, he genuinely cares about and protects them.


Kel was born on November 11th[1] to his unnamed parents. He has an older brother named Hero and a younger sister named Sally.

Since they were children, Kel and his family lived directly besides Sunny's House. He, Sunny, Mari, Hero, Aubrey, and Basil were close friends and spent much of their time together. After the death of Mari, the group drifted apart and his brother left for college.


Normal Route

Day 1

Kel is the one to initially coax Sunny out of leaving his house, possibly for the first time in four years. Him and Sunny explore Faraway Town, eventually becoming motivated to help Basil, who seems to be bullied by Aubrey and The Hooligans, the former of which has stolen Basil's Photo Album. They confront Aubrey at the Church and are able to retrieve the Photo Album after they see her throwing it away. They return the album to Basil and have dinner with him before returning home that night.

Day 2

The second day is spent with Kel and Sunny preparing for Hero's return home from college, gathering up various items and returning them to Kel's Mom. Afterward, Kel and Sunny are approached by Polly who tells them that Basil has gone missing and asking them to find him for her. They go to the park, where they can hear Basil yelling for help from their secret hideout area that they used to visit before Mari's death. They enter the area to find Basil seemingly being tormented by Aubrey and The Hooligans.

The Hooligans fight Kel and Sunny, and regardless of the outcome decide to leave. Kel berates Aubrey for bullying Basil and an enraged Aubrey pushes Basil into the lake. Sunny dives in to save Basil, but is unable to swim, being saved by Hero, who came after Kel's mom told him what happened. Kel, Sunny, and Hero take Basil back to his house. Afterwards, the trio heads over to Kel's House for dinner. Kel and Hero then decide to spend the night at Sunny's House to make sure Sunny doesn't feel lonely during his final day at Faraway Town.

Day 3

On Day 3, Kel and Hero wake up before Sunny and do all of his chores for him. The three eat breakfast, and Kel answers a knock at the door, furious to see that it is Kim, one of the Hooligans. Kim states that she is worried because Aubrey won't leave her house, so the three head into Aubrey's House to see what is wrong. They go to Aubrey's room, where Kel and Aubrey argue until Hero intervenes. The two apologize to each other, and Aubrey adds the missing photos of Mari back into the Photo Album. Aubrey joins the party and the group heads to Basil's house, where Polly tells them he is visiting his grandmother at the hospital. The group visits their old treehouse and reminiscence the happier days of their childhood. Later that evening, they eventually return to Basil's house, only to find out that Basil has locked himself in his room. They decide to have a sleepover, planning to talk to him in the morning.


Skills have a basic 20% variation in damage (Excepting those with a fixed amount and release Energy).
DEF refers to Enemy's DEF unless stated otherwise.

Skill Description Detailed Description Source
Annoy Makes a friend or foe angry.
Costs 5 MP.png juice.
Inflicts increasing tier of angry to friend or foe, according to the tier it's already afflicted. basic
Attack Kel's basic attack. Deals 2 * ATK - DEF damage. Basic
Guard Acts first, reducing damage taken for 1 turn.
Costs 0 MP.png juice.
Default Guard skill shared with all party members, decrease damage taken by 50%. basic
Rebound Deals damage to all foes.
Costs 15 MP.png juice.
Deals 2.5 * ATK - DEF damage to all enemies. Level 4
Run 'n Gun Kel does an attack based on his speed instead of his attack.
Costs 15 MP.png juice.
Deals 1.5 * AGI - DEF damage to a single target. level 9
Curveball Makes a foe feel a random emotion. Deals extra damage to foes with emotion.
Costs 20 MP.png juice.
If the target currently have an emotion, it will do 3 * ATK - DEF as damage, else 2 * ATK - DEF. Regardless of emotion, it will randomly apply another or the same emotion. Level 10
Ricochet Deals damage to a foe 3 times.
Costs 30 MP.png juice.
Deals 3 * ATK - DEF 3 times to a foe. Level 16
Megaphone Makes all friends angry.
Costs 45 MP.png juice.
turns all party members angry, advancing their angry tier according to their emotion state. Level 20
Can't Catch Me Attracts attention and reduces all foes' Hit rate for the turn.
Costs 50 MP.png juice.
Multi target taunt for one turn, Decrease all foes' hit rate by 55% for two turns. Level 21
Rally Kel becomes happy. Kel's friends recover some energy and juice.
Costs 50 MP.png juice.
Restore 4 energy to the party and 30% juice to each party member besides himself, also turns himself happy/ecstatic. Level 26
Comeback Makes Kel happy. If sad was removed, Kel gains Flex.
Costs 25 MP.png juice.
Does exactly what the description says. Level 29
Tickle All attacks on a foe will hit right in the heart next turn.
Costs 55 MP.png juice.
All attacks done to the target will be critical hits. Level 30
Flex Kel deals more damage next turn and increases Hit rate for his next attack.
Costs 10 MP.png juice.
Increase Kel's hit rate by 1000% (making him unable to miss) and increase the damage of the next damaging attack (including Juice Me) by 2.5 times. Pluto
Juice Me Heals a lot of juice to a friend, but also hurts the friend.
Costs 10 MP.png juice.
Deals 25% of the friend is heart as damage, but recover 40% juice, this damage is affected by both the Flex affect and emotion, but not the juice gained. Coconut
Snowball Makes a foe sad. Also deals big damage to sad foes.
Costs 20 MP.png juice.
If target is sad, it will do 3 * ATK - DEF damage, else it will do 2.5 * ATK - DEF and turn the target sad. Snowball




Real World

Battle Faces

Real World


Real World

Photo Album

Real World



  • It's entirely possible that Kel's name was going to be different during production, as evidenced by an old development gif[2] where his name is Kelsey.