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Rosa is a character in OMORI.



Rosa can first be seen in the Junkyard searching trough the trash for the Special Mixtape, and after finding it she takes it, but Aubrey realizes this and thinks that she stole it. Kel confronts Rosa about the Special Mixtape and she starts running, Omori's party has to chase her through the Junkyard until Rosa can be seen to be still and not even hearing Kel shouting at her. After crossing the line that says "do not cross", Download Window appears and fights the party. After the fight everything goes back to normal, and Kel takes the Special Mixtape from her, Rosa tells them that Captain Spaceboy threw away the mixtape himself but no one believes her. She walks away and tells them that they're going to pay.

Sweetheart's Castle

We can see Rosa disguised as a sprout mole deceiving Hero so that he accepts to act as a substitute for contestant #3. Sweetheart falls in love with Hero but he rejects her since he doesn't even know her. Sweetheart gets very angry with him and his "fans" which are Omori, Aubrey, and Kel, ordering the guards to take them to the dungeon, after which Rosa reveals that she was the sprout mole that made Hero participate, taking off her hat and laughing at them, saying that revenge is sweet and leaving.