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location White Space
role Antagonistic Force

This article is about Something as a character. For the enemy, see Something (enemy).

Something is a character and the main antagonistic force in OMORI.


Something is a manifestation of Sunny's guilt over Mari's death, representing all of his fears and phobias.


After Sunny accidentally pushes Mari down the stairs, Basil speaks words of comfort to him and makes the decision to frame the accidental murder as a suicide. After looking back into the garden through the glass sliding door, the sight of the corpse's eye staring back at them traumatizes them.

Nights 1-3

It can be first seen if you go north from the stump, it appears briefly over the Water, a few metres from the ladder. It appears again in Basil's house after he disappears and in the mirror in Cattail Field.

Something has influenced and amplified Sunny's fears for heights, spiders, and deep bodies of water to the point of being irrational phobias. These specific fears were affected because of a near-death experience Sunny had falling off a statue into a deep body of water due to a spider.

Night 4

On the final night, Sunny confronts Something head-on. During their battle, flashbacks of the three old phobias appear as Sunny overcomes them again. After using his skills Calm Down, Focus, and Persist, Sunny learns the skill Overcome, as Something's simplistic appearance fades into Mari's hanging body, swinging in the wind.

Sunny wakes up in the middle of the night. At this point, the story diverges based on what Sunny chooses to do.

Saving Basil

If Sunny enters Basil's room, he finds a Basil trapped by Basil's own Something. Basil promises to save Sunny from Something and attacks him. Sunny's eye is injured but he successfully manages to survive Basil's attack and both of them are rushed to the hospital. After waking up, Sunny walks to Basil's hospital room and confesses the truth about Mari's death to everyone there. If the player has regularly watered Basil's plants in the Headspace, Basil wakes up to see both his and Sunny's Somethings disappear.

Leaving Basil

If Sunny goes back to sleep without entering Basil's room, Basil will commit suicide and can be seen in his room with Something surrounding him. Sunny then goes home and sleeps, and when he leaves Faraway Town the next day Something follows him.


Something comes in many forms, but its original form represents Mari's eye looking through her hair after Sunny and Basil staged her suicide in Sunny's backyard. Other forms of Something look like tall looming figures, various animals, spiders, stairs, water plants, etc...



  • Some of the different variations of the Somethings have their own names in the game files. Interestingly, the names all end in "i". The names are Nanci, Dorothi, Salli, Merci, Cindi, and Lilli.