Boring Room

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The Boring Room is a recurring room in OMORI.


As the name implies, the Boring Room is a plain room that vaguely resembles Sunny's living room. Apart from a single chair, there is not much of note in the room. The back wall is filled with portraits, the most notable being a portrait of Sunny's family. There is a sliding glass door on the right side of the room, and an oscillating fan sits above the chair.


On the True Route, the Boring Room is visited twice: In the Church Of Something sequence, where Basil is dragged through the door, and during the Truth segment, where a photograph is collected after screwing the Light Bulb in.

The version of the room visited during the Truth segment is much darker overall, even after the Light Bulb is screwed in, although it will notably return to normal temporarily should Sunny take a seat.

On the Hikikomori Route, the room instead replaces the entirety of Sweetheart's Castle (including subareas like the Lost Library) if Omori accepts the Keeper Of The Castle's offer on One Day Left.

In both versions, sitting on the chair will prompt either Omori or Sunny to comment on the peaceful atmosphere until they get up.