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DW Face Mari 0.png
age 15
birthday March 1
gender female
location Forest Playground
role Major supporting character

Mari is a major supporting character in OMORI. She is the older sister of Sunny and her presence serves as one of the major driving forces behind the game's story.



Mari is a girl with long, straight hair and bangs. In Headspace, she has purple hair and eyes. She wears what looks like a variation of a Japanese seifuku.

In the real world, Mari had black hair, black eyes, and wore a purple jacket or sweater over a white dress. She wore purple shoes.

As a spirit, Mari looks slightly older than her appearance in Headspace. Similar to Omori, she is completely black and white, and her eyes are sometimes depicted as white. She wears a long, white dress.


She's often spoken of as being kind and gentle and plays a sisterly role in the friend group with Sunny, Hero, Kel, Aubrey, and Basil.

Her first appearance shows she has a mischievous side, poking fun at Kel and Aubrey's mannerisms and afterward teasing Hero. Later in the game, it is also revealed she would pull pranks on Hero especially, such as putting bugs in his school desk. It is implied that she and Hero were in a relationship

It is also shown that she was a perfectionist, spending hours at a time practicing the same piano piece over and over again.



Mari was born on March 1st[1] to unnamed parents more than 16 years before the main game. At some point, her parents had her little brother, Sunny. The two grew up in Faraway Town next to Kel and Hero's family. She used to play softball before suffering from a permanent knee injury.

Mari and Hero were a couple prior to her death, this is shown in Basil's photo album. Prior to the events of the game, Mari would spend a lot of time practicing the piano and taking college prep classes. Because of this, she would spend less time with her younger brother, Sunny. In an attempt to spend more time with his sister, Sunny picked up the violin again and the both of them would practice together often for an upcoming recital.

On the day of the recital, Mari and Sunny had an argument due to Mari's perfectionism, which resulted in him accidentally pushing her down the stairs, killing her. Initially in denial, Sunny and Basil carried her to bed, believing she was unconscious.

Basil, after realizing she was dead, came up with the plan to frame her death as a suicide. Stepping back into the house, both of them looked back at her corpse to see one of her eyes looking directly at them, traumatizing the children and haunting them in the form of Something.

Though Sunny and Basil knew the truth, everyone else was under the impression that Mari had committed suicide and blamed themselves for her death. As a result, their previously tight-knit friend group fell apart.





Black Space


Photo Album


Real World




  • Mari's birthday, March 1st, spells out her name.
  • Mari had a black cat named Mewo.
  • Mari took flower arrangement classes with her mother, occasionally bringing Sunny along.[2]
  • Mari has trouble falling asleep, so she reads before bed.[3]
  • Mari and Sunny traded beds when she realized he had trouble falling asleep.[4]
  • Mari and Hero are the same age.[5]
  • Sunny would sleep in Mari's bed with her when he had nightmares.[6]
  • The name of the "White egret orchid", the flower associated with Mari throughout the game, is "Pecteilis radiata". It does not actually symbolize "my thoughts will follow you into your dreams" like in game, rather symbolizing happiness and love, as well as elegance and beauty. On the same topic, the Lily of the valley, the plant Basil associate to Mari[7], is poisonous, and can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and irregular heartbeats if any part of it is ingested.
  • Omocat states that Mari, similar to Hero, seems perfect on the outside but is hiding a lot in the inside. Which could be why they could make such a good match.[8]
  • In Head Space, her perfectionist tendencies are hidden. Omocat describes themselves as a perfectionist too.
  • Like Mari, Omocat used to take piano lessons and have recitals.
  • Early on, Mari was one of Sunny's friends. This was changed to "make the story more impactful"
  • Mari's personality reflects those who take care of Omocat, like older sisters.


  1. Official OMORI Account confirms that Mari's birthday is on March 1st.
  2. Sunny: MOM's flower arrangement.
    Mom and Mari have been taking classes recently.
    Sometimes they drag me along.
  3. Sunny: A table lamp. MARI has trouble sleeping, so she reads books before bed. I often turn this light off for her after she falls asleep.
  4. Sunny: A very, very comfortable bed...
    It used to be Mari's, but she switched with me when she noticed I had trouble sleeping.
  5. Mari talks about putting bugs in Hero's desk at school. This implies they are classmates.
  6. Sunny: Mari's bed... Mine too when I had nightmares.
  7. Basil: These flowers are called Lily of the valley. It's said that they're able to ward off evil spirits and help people see a brighter future...
    I guess that's why they remind me of Mari!
    I can always count on her to help me stay positive!