Sweetheart's Castle

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Sweetheart's Castle is a location in OMORI. It is not optional.

Sweetheart's Castle


Sweetheart's castle is split into three segments; the dungeon, the proper castle and the garden.
It starts out underground but ends up being tall above the ground.

Four Blackletter can be found in this area, 2 of them are correct.


Hikikomori Route


Notable areas

Sweetheart's Castle Stage

Sweetheart's Dungeon

Sweetheart's Castle

The Royal Chambers

cake that smells like rosemary, big bed (aubrey weapon), Cpt. paining, hidden fruite juice? in the corner, castella, Poetry book by sweetheart


There is a watermelon and several pieces of furniture found on the balcony; a chair and a table. The chair is positioned in a way, so that Sweetheart can sit on it and look into the horizon. On the table there is a porcelain set. Smashing the watermelon will grant you the Tea Pot.

The Royal Gallery

Hat ghost, Blackletter, toilet + ramen, " you have become art", Tiffany darling

The Royal Library

dress code, book charm, cake that smells like beets, conea island

The Royal Theatre

The Royal Theatre is a cinema of some sorts that lets you watch one of 11 movies. Popcorn Girl can be found selling popcorn for 60 clams a piece. Watching all the movies will grant the player the "Everyone's a critic." achivement.

The Royal Kitchen

Roach, cooking, head chef dies, sous chef replaces him, baking pan.

Servant's Quarters

The servant's quarters can be found north of the Royal Kitchen. Several things can be found in here: a french speaking sprout mole that says: "Sors de ma chambre ou j'appellerai les flics", a cake that smells like garbage, a pearl, the blackletter 'G', Mari and a Mirror.

There are two moles that will ask Omori which one is the more handsome one, the chosen one will then run out of the room.

The Royal Ballroom

Cake that smells like the ocean, a pearl, the choir, mole that wants to dance with you

Sweetheart's Garden

Rare Bear Enclosure

Fainmail Graveyard

Rococo's Room




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