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This article is about Mutantheart as an enemy. For the character, see: Mutantheart.

Mutantheart is an optional mini-boss enemy that can be fought inside Humphrey during the epilogue, she will be standing inside Marina's room with her creator, she bears the image of Sweetheart, but made of a jelly substance.


she has 7000 HP.png heart, 3500 MP.png juice, 75 attack, 1 defense, 50 speed and 25 luck. Like most enemies, it will act differently according to its emotion:

Emotion Behaviour Rewards
Neutral Mutantheart
50% chance of doing a wink, turning a party member happy.

50% chance to start to cry, turning a party member sad.

Else, she will insult someone, turning a party member angry. Observe.png

10000 exp.

5000 Clams.png clams.

Happy Mutantheart
She will always wink, turning a party member happy. Observe.png 10000 exp.

7500 Clams.png clams.

Sad Mutantheart
She will always cry, turning a party member sad. Observe.png 7500 exp.

3750 Clams.png clams.

Angry Mutantheart
She will always insult someone, turning a party member angry. Observe.png 15000 exp.

5000 Clams.png clams.

In addition, she will ask every turn for a specific emotion, if a party member is not affected by this emotion by the end of the next turn, she will "instakill" it, dealing 999 damage.


Skills that can be used when observe is used against the target are marked with Observe.png.

Wink: turn a target happy. Observe.png

Cry: turn a target sad. Observe.png

Insult: turn a target angry. Observe.png

Instakill: [999] damage to the user, this damage can't hit right in the heart and have no variation.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Mutantheart winks at [target]! It was kind of cute...
* Mutantheart accidentally says something mean.
* Mutantheart slaps [target]!
* Tears well up in Mutantheart's eyes.

Start of battle

* Mutantheart: H... Henno...

During battle

  • asking for happy:
* Mutantheart: Happy... please!
  • asking for sad:
* Mutantheart: Sad... please!
  • asking for angry:
* Mutantheart: Angry... please!
  • If someone's not on the right emotion:
* Mutantheart: Bleh... Wrong!
  • 50% HP.png:
* Mutantheart: Bluh...?
* Mutantheart: 

When defeated

* Mutantheart: Bloooohhhh...

When defeating the player

* Mutantheart: Bleh!


* Mutantheart sings a song for [target]! It was not the best...[1]
* Mutantheart strikes a pose![2]
* Mutantheart fixes her dress![3]
* Mutantheart fixes her hair.[3]
* Mutantheart: Bleh...?[4]



  • Albeit you can't fight her during the true route, she is seen being created in one of the cutscenes with Sweetheart and her creator.
  • As seen on the formulas, the 'Instakill' action is not made by Mutantheart, instead the party member applies it to themself, killing themself.
  • Her "cry" action uses the same text as Lili's 'cry' action.
  1. The unused "attack" skill would use this action text.
  2. Its unused "do nothing" action text.
  3. 3.0 3.1 The unused "heal" skill would use this action text, it would heal the user by 250 heart.
  4. would be used before a "strong attack", likely a scrapped text for the "instakill" move.