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This article is about the story aspects of the character named Mr. Jawsum. For the enemy, see Mr. Jawsum (enemy)

Mr. Jawsum is one of the major antagonists in OMORI. He runs the Last Resort and employs the Gator Guys.



Mr. Jawsum is an anthropomorphic shark. Dressed like a businessman, he wears a blue and white striped suit with a red tie and sunglasses, towering over even Hero.


There is nothing Mr. Jawsum believes in more than a contract. He considers a promise equal to this, allowing Kel and Aubrey to go because of their promise to find Basil, and attempts to use the lack of a contract to keep Hero from leaving, and becoming hostile when Hero "disrespects" their contract.


Two Days Left

At the start Two Days Left's Headspace section, Omori arrives at the Playground to find everyone is now absent, after Mr. Jawsum tricked them all into signing contracts to work at the Last Resort. This prompts Omori to go to the Last Resort to get Kel, Aubrey and Hero back and continue their search for Basil. Mr. Jawsum proves particularly hesitant to let go of Hero, who Mr. Jawsum regards as his best employee, and whose talent and skills have greatly improved the Last Resort's profits, willing to fight Omori's party over him.

Upon his defeat, he calls in his next best employee, Pluto, ordering him to continue the fight. However, before Pluto releases his full power, Mr. Jawsum stops the fight, unwilling to risk losing another star employee in one day. He allows Hero to leave, albeit reluctantly, and encourages Omori's party to continue their search for Basil.

Hikikomori route

If Omori and his party choose to return to the Last Resort on One Day Left of the Hikikomori route, they arrive in Mr. Jawsum's office, which is now in disarray and a mess. Mr. Jawsum explains that after Hero left, the Last Resort began to suffer. He decides that being a businessman is not his calling in life, and chooses to go on a vacation. Before he leaves, he gives the party a check, used to feed Humphrey, which will bring him back, as well as giving ownership of the Last Resort to Hero, despite Hero's confusion.



  • In the game files, Mr. Jawsum actually has an attack value of 999. This is nulified by the fact that he never directly attacks you, only calling Gator Guys.
  • He is a literal loan shark, having a billboard along the Underwater Highway that markets loans at 90% APR.