Weeping Willow

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The Weeping Willow is a female side character in OMORI.



She has an overall ghostly appearance with long green hair, greyish skin and eyes that are covered by her hair.
She also wears a turquoise dress.


The Weeping Willow seems to be sad, apparently looking for happiness. She begins to cry once she's told a bad Joke.
She calls herself the "goddess" of the lake.


If Omori decides to turn to the left, right after entering Pyrefly Forest, they will arrive at a lake. Throwing Clams into the Lake causes the Weeping Willow to appear. After talking for a little bit, she initiates the Weeping Willow Quest.


  • The Weeping Willow is based around the tree with the same name.
  • Ironically, her name is a pun, "to weep" means to "cry over something" (in this case over the jokes).