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This article is about Perfectheart as an enemy. For the character, see: Perfectheart.

Perfectheart is one of the Sweetheart clones that are created by slime sisters, being the creation of Medusa.
She resembles, of course, Sweetheart herself, but with a less "flashy" dress and a more calm personality, being the "definitive" or "perfect" version of her. She is considered to be the final challenge of the game, being one of the hardest enemy in the game, otherwise referred to as a "superboss".


Perfectheart has 10000 HP.png heart, 5000 MP.png juice, 140 attack, 140 defense, 140 speed and 15 luck. She will give no rewards when defeated, and will behave as stated below:

Emotion Behaviour
Neutral Perfectheart
Happy Perfectheart
Sad Perfectheart
Angry Perfectheart
During the second phase, it will always use angelic wrath, dealing 75% HP.png damage to all party members and giving them a random emotion. Observe.png

35% chance to steal heart, dealing attack damage to a party member, and healing herself the same amount. Observe.png

25% chance to steal breath, leeching a party member's MP.png.

35% chance of using her angelic voice to deal fixed 175 damage to all party members, turning them happy, and her sad.

45% chance to exploit emotion, dealing emotional damage to a party member.

Else, she will spare someone, leaving the target nearly toasted or toasting it.

Additionally, once she reaches 35% HP.png for the first time, she will cleanse herself of all debuffs and emotions as well as heal all her heart, starting phase two where she will constantly call for her angelic wrath, as pointed above.


Skills that can be used when observe is used against the target are marked with Observe.png.

Steal heart: [2 * a.atk - b.def], also healing herself with the damage caused. Observe.png

Steal breath: [b.mmp] (100% maximum MP.png), also steals the MP.png for herself.

Angelic wrath: [.75 * b.mhp] (75% maximum HP.png), it will never hit right in the heart and only have a 15% variation, it will also give all targets random emotions. Observe.png

Exploit emotion: [2 * a.atk - b.def], it will never hit right in the heart and does not vary, but it will always deal emotional damage, thus increasing damage.

Spare: it has different formulas based on the remaining HP.png of the target:

  • HP.png=1: [1].
  • HP.png>1: [b.hp - 1].

Additionally, it ignores any emotional advantage/disadvantage, will never hit right in the heart, and have no variation.

Angelic voice: [175] to all party members, it will never hit right in the heart and with no damage variation, it will also turn all targets happy.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Perfectheart steals [target]'s heart.
* Perfectheart steals [target]'s breath away.
* Perfectheart unleashes her wrath.
* Perfectheart exploits [target]'s emotions!
* Perfectheart decides to let [target] live.
* Perfectheart sings a soulful song...

Starting battle

* Perfectheart: Remember, children... You brought this upon yourselves!

During Battle

  • 35% HP.png:
* Perfectheart: Oh... You are quite strong.
* Perfectheart: It seems I must try a bit harder.
  • 25% HP.png:
* Perfectheart: Hm? W-What's this? A drop of sweat?
* Perfectheart: My, my... I cannot believe this.

When defeated

* Perfectheart: Ah. You have bested me.
* Perfectheart: Right, then. I know when to admit defeat.

When defeating the player

* Perfectheart: I said that you would regret this, children.
* Perfectheart: Don't make me do this again.


* Perfectheart: Tsk... Tsk... Showing your emotions only makes you easier to read.[1]



  • Her Angelic Wrath skill is capable of doing more than 100% HP.png if she has any emotional advantage.
  • It's possible to force the battle to not change phases by using observe during the first phase, it's unknown why this occurs.[1]
  1. The "exploit emotion" skill would use this battle text, but there are no triggers for it.