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This article is about Molly as a character. For the enemy, see: Slime Girls.

Molly is a character in OMORI. She is one of many antagonists in Headspace.


Marina, along with her sisters, Marina and Medusa, live inside of Humphrey at the end of Deeper Well. She primarily works with technology, and Omori and his friends are forced to solve various puzzles to deactivate a trap she has set up in an effort to stop Marinas attempts to steal her things.

Two Days Left

Omori and friends first find Molly inside of Humphrey, where she is working on a robotic suitor for Sweetheart. Once done, she reveals this suitor, who speaks in base 64, and since Molly cannot understand this she declares that it is evil. Sweetheart storms off because of this.

After collecting the Slimy Key Card and using the Humphrey elevator, Omoris party finds Marina, Medusa, and Molly confronting Sweetheart, and Molly asks her for the 1 million clams she owes them. Sweetheart refuses, claiming that Omori and friends can pay for her before fleeing. Marina proposes they sell the children, but Medusa insists they simply ask for payment from them, to which Aubrey refuses. Upon hearing this, the Slime Girls become aggressive, eventually leading to a boss fight.

Upon being defeated, the Slime Girls briefly argue over how they're going to feed Humphrey without clams, and are then eaten by him.

Hikikomori Route

Upon re-entering Humphrey, Mollys head can be found on the floor of her lab. She will ask for scrap metal to build herself a new body, which can be obtained by fighting Worm-Bots. Upon completing this quest, she decides that she would prefer to remain a disembodied head, and gives Omori High Heels. Afterwards, Mollys creation Roboheart can be fought. In addition, this unlocks the Boss Rush.