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Hero is one of the three main deuteragonists in OMORI who join Omori's party. When tagged, Hero can use his charm to convince others to assist the party.



Hero is the oldest and tallest of the party. According to Sprout Mole Mike, he is 5'7" in Headspace.

In Headspace, Hero wears a set of blue-striped pajamas. His hair is unkempt from sleep. Like Kel and Aubrey, he lacks socks or shoes while his hair and eyes are purple.

In the real world, Hero has neatly styled brown hair and black eyes. He wears a navy v-neck sweater, grey pants, and white shoes.


Hero is the peacemaker of the group, who tries to restrain his friends whenever they get too worked up. He is described as having a mild personality and being passionate about baking, cooking, and cleaning.[1][2] He is also very charismatic, and his charisma allows him to convince others to go along with his requests, get discounts from the Mailbox and befriend animals like Ems. However, he can sometimes be a pushover when confronted and has difficulty refusing others. He also has severe arachnophobia.


Hero was born on January 1st[3] to an unnamed father and mother approximately 19 years before the start of the game. Three years later, his younger brother Kel was born. Hero obtained the nickname "Hero" because of his love for Hero Sandwiches.[4]

At some point, Hero became friends with his next-door neighbors Mari and Sunny, then later Aubrey and Basil. They, along with Kel, would spend much of their time together. Upon Mari's death, Hero became severely depressed and secluded himself from his friends, family, school, and hobbies for about a year. At one point Kel tried to help Hero out of his depressive episode, but this resulted in Hero taking out his grief and anger on Kel.[5] His parents immediately rushed to comfort him, ignoring Kel who was also in tears. Noticing this, Hero immediately embraced Kel and apologized. It is after this instance that Hero's depression began to subside, although according to Kel, he is still somewhat closed off.

He once considered becoming a chef partly due to Mari's encouragement. However, after her death, he decided to follow his parents' wishes to become a doctor.


Normal Route

Day 1

Hero is not seen on Day 1 due to him not having yet returned from college.

Day 2

Day 3


Skills have a basic 20% variation in damage (Excepting those with a fixed amount and release Energy).
DEF refers to Enemy's DEF unless stated otherwise.

Skill Description Detailed Description Source
Cook Heals a friend for 75% of their heart. Can be used outside of battle.
Costs MP.png 10 juice.
Does exactly what the description says. Basic
Attack Hero's basic attack. Deals 2 * ATK - DEF damage Basic
Guard Acts first, reducing damage taken for 1 turn.
Costs MP.png 0 juice.
Default Guard skill shared with all party members, decrease damage taken by 50%. Basic
Massage Removes a friend or foe's emotion.
Costs MP.png 5 juice.
Does exactly what the description says. Level 2
Charm Acts first, a foe targets Hero for 1 turn.
Costs MP.png 10 Juice.
A single target taunt. Level 8
Smile Acts first, reducing a foe's attack.
Costs MP.png 25 juice.
Decrease the target's attack by 10%, up to three times (30%), lasting for 6 turns. Level 10
Fast Food Act's first, healing a friend for 40% of their heart.
Costs MP.png 15 juice.
Does exactly what the description says. Level 13
Homemade Jam Brings back a friend that is Toast.
Costs MP.png 40 juice.
Brings back a friend with 70% its heart. Level 16
Captivate Acts first. All foes target Hero for 1 turn.
Costs MP.png 20 juice.
A multi target taunt. Level 20
Enchant Acts first. A foe targets Hero for 1 turn and becomes happy.
Costs MP.png 15 juice.
A single target taunt that turns the target happy. Level 22
Share Food Hero and a friend recover some heart.
Costs MP.png 15 juice.
Heals 50% heart of Hero and his target. Level 24
Mesmerize Acts first. All foes target Hero for 1 turn. Hero takes less damage.
Costs MP.png 30 juice.
A multi target taunts that also makes Hero Guard, decreasing damage taken by 50%. Level 28
Dazzle Acts first. Reduces all foes' attack and makes them happy.
Costs MP.png 35 juice.
Turns all foes happy and decrease their attack by 10%, up to three times (30%), lasting 6 turns. Level 30
Snack Time Heals all friends for 40% of their heart. Can be used outside of battle.
Costs MP.png 25 juice.
Does exactly what the description says. Baking Pan
Tea Time Heals some of a friend's heart and juice.
Costs MP.png 25 juice.
Heals 30% of the target's heart and 20% of its juice. Teapot
Spicy Food Damages a foe and makes them angry.
Costs MP.png 15 juice.
Deals 2 * ATK - DEF to the target and turns it angry. Man on Fire
Refresh Heals 50% of a friend's juice.
Costs MP.png 40 juice.
Does exactly what the description says. Blender
Tenderize Deals big damage to a foe and reduces their defense.
Costs MP.png 30 juice.
Deals 4 * ATK - DEF damage to a target and decrease its defense by 25%, up to three times (-75%), lasting 6 turns. Tenderizer
Gator Aid Boosts all friends' defense.

Costs MP.png 15 juice.

Increase all the party members' defense in three stages (15%, 30%, 50%), lasting 6 turns. Gator Guy





Real World

Battle Faces

Real World


Real World

Photo Album

Real World



  • Kel reveals that Hero is his nickname, however his real name is never mentioned in-game. In the game files, He is referred sometimes to as "Henry".
  • If Hero is tagged, you will get discounts when purchasing from the Mailbox. Hero's charm can also be used at the Underground Highway to get a discount on the tolls.
  • Hero's favorite foods are chocolate chip cookies and Hero sandwiches.[6]
  • From version 1.0.7 and forward, most of Hero's heart-healing skills are being affected by emotion, the only exception is the "tea time" skill, it's unknown if this is on purpose or not.


  1. Sprout Mole Mike: His passions include baking, cooking and cleaning... And if that doesn't sound like the perfect man, check out his killer smile and mild personality!
  2. Mr. Jawsum: His very presence increases my work output by 700%! I'd be a fool to let go of a worker like him.
  3. Official OMORI Account confirms that Hero's birthday is on January 1st.
  4. Kel: I don't know if I ever told you this, but that's why my brother's nickname is HERO.
  5. Kel: He suddenly got up and started screaming and yelling at me about a bunch of stuff. Some of it was pretty hurtful, too... but I think I blocked out a lot of it.
  6. Kel: Look HERO, we got your favorites... some chocolate chip COOKIES and a big ol' HERO SANDWICH!