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sprites Dream Hero Walk.gifRealHeroWalk.gif
age 15 (Headspace)
Approx. 19 (Real world)
birthday January 1st
gender Male
location Neighbor's Room
role Playable character

"It might be easier to ignore your problems, but it's okay to cry about them too. There's more good times to come. Life gets better... and you can be the one to make that happen."

Hero is one of the three main deuteragonists in OMORI who make up Omori's party.

When Tagged, Hero can use his charm to convince others to assist the party, or attain discounts and free items.


HP.png ****
MP.png ****
Attack *
Defense *****
Speed *
Luck ***


Hero is the oldest and tallest of the party. According to Sprout Mole Mike, he is 5'7" in Headspace.

In Headspace, Hero wears a set of blue-striped pajamas. His hair is unkempt and messy from sleep. Like Kel and Aubrey, he is barefoot, and his hairs and eyes are the same bluish-purple tint as theirs.

In the real world, Hero has neatly styled brown hair and black eyes. He wears a navy v-neck sweater, grey pants, and white shoes.


Hero is the peacemaker of the group, who tries to restrain his friends whenever they get too worked up. He is described as having a mild personality and being passionate about baking, cooking, and cleaning.[1]He is also noted to be an extremely hard and talented worker. Kel describes him as being "naturally good at everything,"[2] and he becomes the Last Resort's best employee less than a day after his employment via contract. Mr. Jawsum explicitly cites this as a reason for why he refuses to let Hero resign without a fight, and the Last Resort notably completely flops within a day of his absence, as seen during the Omori route.[3]

Hero is extremely charismatic, and his charisma allows him to convince others to go along with his requests, get discounts from the Mailbox (who cites him as his "best customer") and befriend animals, like Ems. However, he is a pushover, and often has difficulty telling others "no," such as when Aubrey successfully talks him into attending Sweetheart's Quest for Hearts, and his initial reluctance to turn down Sweetheart's marriage proposal until his friends motivate him.

He also has crippling arachnophobia; in Headspace, encountering enemies that are even vaguely spider-like will cause him to begin the battle Afraid, while in the real world, his fear seems to have gotten even worse to the point where he completely shuts down when he catches even a glimpse of a spider in his room.

In the real world, he is significantly more reserved than his depiction in Headspace, which Kel notes is due to Mari's death, and theorizes that he still blames himself for her apparent suicide.

Towards the end of the game, if Sunny examines him as he sleeps at Basil's house, he will describe him as "wise, capable, loving" and as someone "that will always make himself available to help you, even to a fault."


Hero was born on January 1st[4] to an unnamed father and mother approximately 19 years before the start of the game.[5] Three years later, his younger brother Kel was born. Hero obtained the nickname "Hero" because of his love for hero sandwiches.[6]

At some point, Hero became friends with his next-door neighbors Mari and Sunny, then later Aubrey and Basil. They, along with Kel, would spend much of their time together. It is implied that Hero and Mari were either dating or simply had mutual feelings for each other, as depicted through many of their interactions both in Headspace and in memories in reality.

When Mari died, Hero became severely depressed and secluded himself from his friends, family, school, and hobbies for about a year, becoming an hikikomori not unlike Sunny. At one point, Kel tried to help Hero out of his depressive episode, but this resulted in Hero taking out his grief and anger on Kel.[7] His parents immediately rushed to comfort him, ignoring Kel who was also in tears. Noticing this, Hero immediately embraced Kel and apologized. It is after this instance that Hero's depression began to subside, although according to Kel, he is still somewhat closed off.

He once considered becoming a chef partly due to Mari's (and potentially Sunny's) encouragement. However, after her death, he decided to follow his parents' wishes to become a doctor.


Normal Route

Day 1

Hero is not physically seen on the first day, as he is at college and preparing to return to Faraway for the summer. Nonetheless, he indirectly kicks off the events that take up much of the plot in the real world: Kel invites Sunny to help him pick out a gift to celebrate his return from college, which directly leads them into encountering Aubrey and Basil, an encounter that prompts much of the conflict in the real world.

Day 2

Hero is not seen until the evening, although a part of Kel's errands involves picking up a order for a hero sandwich for him from Gino's Pizza.

"Hmm... It looks like Basil's breathing is steady... but we need to get him somewhere warm, quickly."
—Hero's first words, immediately after saving Sunny and Basil

When Aubrey accidentally pushes Basil into the lake at their old hideout spot in a fit of rage, Sunny jumps in to save him, although he begins drowning. Hero makes his real-world debut by diving into the lake, saving both Sunny and Basil's lives (although Sunny hallucinates the event as Mari saving him). After the trio carry the waterlogged and unconscious Basil back to his house, Hero properly greets Sunny and Kel, and is surprised at Aubrey's outburst of violence towards Basil, suggesting it to be a misunderstanding.

The trio eventually return to Kel's house, although their mother is upset over their tardiness to dinner. While eating in the living room, they look through Basil's Photo Album, where Hero notices that all photographs of Mari have been removed from the album. Reminiscing over the memories, Hero gets the idea of spending the night at Sunny's house, which Kel escalates into a sleepover, remembering that Sunny hates sleeping alone.

Later that night, after Omori finishes his exploration of Black Space, Sunny awakes to music coming from the piano room. When he comes to investigate, Hero arrives, also having heard it, before confiding in Sunny about Mari's death. He admits that he still misses her every day, and that he doesn't understand why she "chose to leave us the way she did," before prompting Sunny to return to bed, stating that he will join him shortly. If Sunny reenters the piano room, he will see Hero sobbing over the piano, still grieving Mari.

Day 3

Hero awakes Sunny early, having cooked him and Kel breakfast and having finished all of Sunny's chores for him as a parting gift of sorts. When Kim knocks on the door, angry at Kel for "doing something" to Aubrey to make her completely unresponsive and demanding his help, Kel initially brushes her off. Hero is the one who suggests attempting to reach out to her, reasoning that, while Aubrey has changed, he still cares about her, and she likely still cares about them too, deep down.

Meeting up with the Hooligans at Aubrey's house, he finds the door unlocked and enters with Sunny and Kel. They find the place to be in complete disrepair, with Aubrey's mother completely nonresponsive. Heading upstairs to the attic, the friends confront Aubrey, who is initially outraged at their intrusion, screaming at them to get out. After hearing both sides of the conflict, Hero identifies the tension as a "normal Kel and Aubrey fight," and asks them to make-up, before confronting Aubrey about the stolen Photo Album pictures. While he chides Aubrey for the thievery, he nonetheless forgives her for it and helps the group place the photos back, completing the album with the exception of one photo.

Afterwards, the reunited friends attempt to visit Basil's house; when he turns out to be at the hospital, visiting his grandma, Hero suggests heading to the treehouse they had built in Sunny's backyard years prior. When they leave the treehouse, Aubrey breaks down into tears as she admits to her misplaced anger at everyone "moving on" from Mari's death, and her theft of Basil's Photo Album after his alleged vandalism of it. Hero is the one to comfort her, noting that she was the one who restored the photos to pristine condition, and prompts his friends into a group hug, before they return to Basil's house under Aubrey's urging. When they arrive, and discover Basil to be completely unresponsive, Hero suggests a sleepover, both to celebrate Sunny's last day in Faraway and so they'd be there for Basil. Spending the evening hanging out together watching television, the friends eventually fall asleep.

Abandon Ending

After remembering the truth, if Sunny chooses to go back to sleep instead of confronting and "saving" Basil, Basil will succeed in killing himself, leaving the entire friend group in despair. Hero, in tears, will beg Sunny not to look at Basil's body and instruct him to go home, saying that they'll "take care" of the situation. He also, unconvincingly, adds that they'll "be okay. I think..."

Notably, the first time he is spoken to, the line "We'll be okay. I think..." is written in the game's alternate, messy font typically associated with Something. If he is spoken to again, the line will be rendered in the game's normal font.

Good Ending

The friend's sleepover is interrupted after they hear Sunny's disastrous attempt to "save" Basil, ending in Basil grievously injuring Sunny's eye with gardening shears. The three friends presumably call an ambulance for the badly injured boys, going by the sirens heard after Sunny blacks out.

If Sunny refuses to give up when he falls to Omori's assault, he will wake up in the Hospital and will seek out Basil. Hero will be found in Basil's hospital room along with Kel and Aubrey, checking on him. Sunny proceeds to tell him - and the rest of his friends - the truth behind Mari's death and alleged suicide.


Skills have a basic 20% variation in damage (With the exception of those with a fixed amount and release Energy).
DEF refers to Enemy's DEF unless stated otherwise.

Cook Heals a friend for 75% of their heart. Can be used outside of battle. Costs 10 MP.png. Default
Guard Acts first, reducing damage taken by 50% for 1 turn. No MP.png Cost. Default
Massage Removes a friend or foe's emotion. Costs 5 MP.png. Level 2
Charm Acts first, a foe targets Hero for 1 turn. Costs 10 MP.png. Level 8
Smile Acts first, decrease the target's attack by one tier. Costs 25 MP.png. Level 10
Fast Food Act's first, healing a friend for 40% of their heart. Costs 15 MP.png. Level 13
Homemade Jam Brings back a friend with 70% heart. Costs 40 MP.png. Level 16
Captivate Acts first. All foes target Hero for 1 turn. Costs 20 MP.png. Level 20
Enchant A single target taunt that turns the target happy. Costs 15 MP.png. Level 22
Share Food Heals 50% heart of Hero and his target. Costs 15 MP.png. Level 24
Mesmerize A multi-target taunts that also apply the guard state to Hero, decreasing damage taken by 50%. Costs 30 MP.png. Level 28
Dazzle Turns all foes happy and decreases their attack by one tier. Costs 35 MP.png. Level 30
Snack Time Heals all friends for 40% of their heart. Can be used outside of battle. Costs 25 MP.png. Baking Pan
Tea Time Heals 30% of the target's heart and 20% of its juice. Costs 25 MP.png. Teapot
Spicy Food Deals 2 * ATK - DEF to the target and turns it angry. Costs 15 MP.png. This skill can't hit right in the heart. Man on Fire
Refresh Heals 50% of a friend's juice. Costs 40 MP.png. Blender
Tenderize Deals 4 * ATK - DEF damage to a target and decrease its defense by one tier. Costs 30 MP.png. Tenderizer
Gator Aid Increase all the party members' defense by one tier. Costs 15 MP.png. Gator Guy (Artist)




Real World

Battle Faces

Real World


Real World

Photo Album

Real World



  • Kel notes that Hero's name is actually a nickname. His real name is never mentioned in-game, although the game files occasionally refer to him as Henry.
  • Hero will refuse to visit Mari's grave on Two Days Left, stopping Sunny from entering the cemetery and admitting that he's "not ready" for it yet.
  • Hero's status as the Last Resort's best employee allows him to enter the toll roads of Deep Well much more cheaply than all other characters, who the Gator Guys attempt to scam.
  • Hero's charm does not work on shopkeepers other than the Mailbox. For instance, Smuggler Jash in the Dungeon will not offer discounts if Hero is leading.
  • Hero's favorite foods are chocolate chip cookies and hero sandwiches.[8]
  • From version 1.0.7 on, almost all of Hero's healing skills are affected by emotional advantages: He will heal characters who are weak to his current emotion more, and will heal characters who are strong to his current emotion less. The only exception is Tea Time, which is not affected by emotions. It is unclear if this intended behavior, or a glitch.
  • Omocat reveals that if they had to relate Hero to anyone in their life, it had to be their brother. They describe him as smart, responsible and always at the top of the class.[9]
  • He's also deathly afraid of spiders.
  • Like Hero, he also diligently pursues a medical degree, despite being passionate in other interests


  1. Sprout Mole Mike: His passions include baking, cooking and cleaning... And if that doesn't sound like the perfect man, check out his killer smile and mild personality!
  2. Kel: He's naturally good at everything but he still works really hard, so I'm proud of him!
  3. Mr. Jawsum: His very presence increases my work output by 700%! I'd be a fool to let go of a worker like him.
  4. Official OMORI Account confirms that Hero's birthday is on January 1st.
  5. In Headspace, he states that he is fifteen years old in the Omori route when Mr. Jawsum hands him ownership of the Last Resort, and it has been four years since Mari's death at the time of the game's events.
  6. Kel: You know... I don't know if I ever told you this, but that's why my brother's nickname is Hero... You'd think it's because of some really cool reason like he saved a puppy when he was a kid or something... but no... He just really likes sandwiches!
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  8. Kel: Look Hero, we got your favorites... some chocolate chip cookies and a big ol' hero sandwich!
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