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This article is about Mr. Jawsum as an enemy. For the character, see: Mr. Jawsum.

Mr. Jawsum is an enemy the player fights at the end of the Last Resort in order to "free" Omori's friends from their contracts, he will constantly call for Gator Guys to help him during the battle.

after being defeated he will call for Pluto for help, after Pluto is also defeated, he gives up and let the friends go in peace. The fight can later be repeated during the Boss Rush.


As stated before, you can battle him twice, however the only difference are his and his lackeys' stats and rewards, which are as follow:

  • First encounter: 500 HP.png heart, 250 MP.png juice, 999 attack, 20 defense, 1 speed and 10 luck (rewards with a contract, 4000 exp and 6000 Clams.png clams).
  • Boss Rush: 3000 HP.png heart, 1000 MP.png juice, 999 attack, 60 defense, 1 speed and 10 luck (no rewards).

Regardless of emotion, Mr. Jawsum will behave as following:

Emotion Behaviour
Neutral Mr. Jawsum
Happy Mr. Jawsum
Sad Mr. Jawsum
Angry Mr. Jawsum
If he is by himself, he will always summon a minion, calling for a Gator Guy to help him.

20% chance of giving an attack order, turning all enemy troops angry. Observe.png

Else, if there is only one Gator Guy in the field, it will call for another.

Otherwise, he will give an attack order, turning all enemies angry. Observe.png

Additionally, Mr. Jawsum can only be damaged when both Gator Guys he summons are defeated, as they will take all damage done to Mr. Jawsum instead.


Skills that can be used when observe is used against the target are marked with Observe.png.

Attack order: Turn the gators and himself angry. Observe.png

Summon minion: Summons a Gator Guy to the battle.

Summon minion (boss rush): Summons a stronger Gator Guy to the battle.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Mr. Jawsum picks up the phone and calls a Gator Guy!
* Mr. Jawsum gives order to attack!

Starting battle

* Mr. Jawsum: Boys... would you be so kind as to show these kids the way out?

During Battle

  • 99% HP.png:
  • 75% HP.png:
* Mr. Jawsum: The Gator Guy who runs them out gets free pizza... on me!
  • 50% HP.png:
* Mr. Jawsum: What do you mean we're running low on henchmen!? That's impossible!

When defeated

* Mr. Jawsum: You let yourselves be foiled by a bunch of children!?

When defeating the player

* Mr. Jawsum: JAWHAW HAW HAW!!!
* Mr. Jawsum: That's what happens when you mess with Mr. Jawsum!


* Mr. Jawsum: WE NEED MORE MEN, YOU HEAR ME!?[1]
* Mr. Jawsum: AND I MEAN NOW![1]
* Mr. Jawsum begins counting clams.[2]



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  2. The "do nothing" skill would use this action text, but such skill does not exist on the skill files.