Mr. Jawsum (enemy)

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This article is about Mr. Jawsum as an enemy. For the character, see: Mr. Jawsum.
Mr. Jawsum (enemy)
Mr Jawsum (neutral).gif
HP.png heart 500
3000 (Boss Rush)
MP.png juice 250
1000 (Boss Rush)
attack 999
defense 20
60 (Boss Rush)
speed 1
luck 10

At the end of the Last Resort, Omori and his friends fight Mr. Jawsum to break free from their fraudulent contracts and resume their search for Basil. He will be joined by two Gator Guys, and will spend his turns calling replacements in if any die, and buffing them, as he never attacks.

He can also be fought in the Boss Rush, although his stats will be significantly buffed.

Foe Facts

A venture capitalist /
entrepreneur / loan shark who
owns 51% of the Deep Well.
There is nothing he believes in
more than a signed contract.
- Omori

Hey, it's the boss!
Love that guy!
- Kel


Mr. Jawsum's behavior and rewards are not affected by emotions. When fought in the Boss Rush, he will offer no rewards.

Mr. Jawsum can only be damaged if he is alone on the field. If he is targeted while at least one Gator Guy is alive, the Gator Guy will take the hit instead. If two Gator Guys are on the field, the damage will be split between them - this can be used to effectively turn powerful single-target attacks like Run N Gun or Power Hit into multi-target attacks.

Mr. Jawsum is one of very few enemies to not be affected by Observe.[1]

Mr Jawsum (neutral).gif If he is alone, he will always call another Gator Guy to the battle.

20% chance of issuing an attack order, turning all Gator Guys and himself Angry.

If only one other Gator Guy is on the field, and he does not issue an attack order, he will call another Gator Guy to the battle.

Otherwise, he will issue an attack order, turning all Gator Guys and himself Angry.
Always drops a Contract

4000 exp

10000 Clams.png


Attack order: Turn the gators and himself angry.

Summon minion: Summons a Gator Guy to the battle.

Summon minion (boss rush): Summons a stronger Gator Guy to the battle.

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Mr. Jawsum picks up the phone and calls a Gator Guy!
* Mr. Jawsum gives order to attack!

Starting battle

* Mr. Jawsum: Boys... would you be so kind as to show these kids the way out?

During Battle

  • 99% HP.png:
  • 75% HP.png:
* Mr. Jawsum: The Gator Guy who runs them out gets free pizza... on me!
  • 50% HP.png:
* Mr. Jawsum: What do you mean we're running low on henchmen!? That's impossible!

When defeated

* Mr. Jawsum: You let yourselves be foiled by a bunch of children!?

When defeating the player

* Mr. Jawsum: JAWHAW HAW HAW!!!
* Mr. Jawsum: That's what happens when you mess with Mr. Jawsum!


* Mr. Jawsum: WE NEED MORE MEN, YOU HEAR ME!?[2]
* Mr. Jawsum: AND I MEAN NOW![2]
* Mr. Jawsum begins counting clams.[3]



  • Mr. Jawsum possesses an extremely high Attack stat of 999, one of the highest in the game. This is particularly odd as he never attacks.
    • Coincidentally, the Big Strong Tree also has 999 Attack, and also never attacks.


  1. This happens because Jawsum will always check for the multi-target state applied by Observe, while Observe will, in this fight, always apply a single-target state, rendering its effect useless.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The "summon minion" skill would use this battle text.
  3. The "do nothing" skill would use this action text, but such skill does not exist on the skill files.