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DW Basil face 01.png
age Headspace - 12
Real World - 16
birthday February 18
gender male
location Forest Playground
role Tritagonist

This article is about Basil as a character. For the enemy, see Basil (enemy).

Basil is a major supporting character in OMORI. He serves as one of the driving forces throughout the game as the party spends most of the game looking for him after his sudden disappearance.



In Headspace, Basil is a medium height boy with pale skin, teal eyes, teal chin-length hair, wearing a purple, blue, and pink flower crown. He wears denim overalls with a large pocket on the chest and a white t-shirt under. He doesn't wear any shoes.

In the real world, he has blond-greenish hair that he has a single pink flower tucked into. he wears a grey knitted tank-top over a white t-shirt, beige shorts, and black shoes, the same clothes that Sunny wears.


Basil is shy and socially anxious but cares deeply about his friends. He enjoys taking pictures, caring for plants, art, and reading. It is said in the game that "He will never throw away anything, no matter how worthless it is."


Basil's headspace counterpart is rather cheery, yet shy and humble. He is quick to forgive, as can be seen by his encounter with Boss after hide-and-seek, and he is very empathetic. He is friendly, and his shyness seems to stem from having low self-esteem and putting others' needs above his own.

He is incredibly sentimental, keeping memorabilia of his friends and happy memories through photos, and planting flowers that remind him of his friends, taking great care to plant flowers that he associates with his friends. His empathy stretches to his plants as well, showing a lot of worry when they're in danger of being hurt, and talking to them as he would his friends. It is noted that he avoids conflict. He doesn't learn to fight, even after his friends nag him to.

Real World

Compared to the headspace Basil, the real-world version of him is more anxious and sensitive. He is a target for bullying, typically by Aubrey and The Hooligans, but during the events of the game, if the player takes the Normal Route, usually Kel and Sunny defend him from harassment. The increased anxiety he shows is most likely due to his guilt over Mari's death.


Basil was born on February 18th to unnamed parents. He lived with his grandmother since he was a toddler because his parents were "too busy." As a child, he was friends with Sunny, Hero, Aubrey, Mari, and Kel. He enjoyed taking photos and kept a photo album.

After Sunny accidentally pushes Mari down the stairs, Basil suggests framing the accident as a suicide. They hang her body from a tree in Sunny's garden. After looking back into the garden, the sight of the corpse's eye traumatizes them.


Normal Route

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Hikikomori Route

Basil is not seen at all in the real world in the Hikikomori route due to Sunny never leaving his house. However, one of the Hikikomori endings has been theorized to imply that Basil committed suicide, as when Sunny leaves the house with his mother, the sound of sirens can be heard.




Black Space
Real World

Photo Album

Real World




  • At one point in development, Basil's grandmother had a gun. Omocat tried to justify it by turning her into a hunter, but ultimately it was cut for "being too silly".[1]
  • Most of this can still be experienced in the 2019 build, where Basil commits suicide by gun, rather than his scissors.[2]
  • Omocat reveals that Basil has changed the most since his inception.[3]
  • At first he was a sweet and well put-together, like Mari. Later he became an very angsty boy named Rowan, who resembled Aubrey. In the end, Basil took from both iteration's personalities and became his own interesting character.
  • Basil was supposed to be playable at the end of the neutral route. This was cut due to time constraints but later reintroduced as console content.[4]