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This article is about Humphrey as a character. For the enemy, see Humphrey (enemy). For the location, see Humphrey (location).

Humphrey is a character and location in OMORI. He serves as the final mandatory boss for the Headspace segments of the game.



Humphrey is a cyan whale with a big smile from the outside, and multiple lumps with big smiles on the inside.


Humphrey is a nice and goofy person, but when he gets too hungry, he eats anything that's trapped inside him.


While chasing down Sweetheart, Omori and his friends stumble into Humphrey. Humphrey guides them into his mouth, leading them into a large set of neatly organized intestines and laboratories. Humphrey is also the home of the Slime Girls. After Sweetheart was told to pay 1,000,000 clams, she tells them that Omori and his friends will take care of the payment. Regardless of whether they have enough money, they refuse, and Humphrey starts to get hungry. He then proceeds to eat the slime girls and attacks Omori.





Humphrey attacks via himself and can strike two party members in one turn, dealing a lot of damage per hit. That's the only attack he has, until phase 2, in which all of Humphrey's smiling lumps merge together and form Humphrey Grande. Humphrey slams into a party member, dealing a ton of damage. after a bunch of damage is dealt, Humphrey proceeds to eat everyone, dealing a lot of damage to each party member. this is where the fight gets harder. Humphrey's attack this time is "sinking his teeth into party members". he'll continue to swallow you every couple of damage dealt until you reach his throat, in which striking his uvula successfully defeats him.


Absolute, raw terror. - Omori
And squishy too! Nyak, nyak! - Humphrey


Hot Dog, Homework