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Download Window is an enemy boss found in the Junkyard. After chasing Rosa to the end of the Junkyard, the party sees her stationary behind a yellow and black caution line. Crossing the line begins the fight.


It can be fought twice in the game, but the only major difference is its stats, which do not change depending on emotion:

  • First encounter: 600 HP.png heart, 210 MP.png juice, 10 attack, 5 defense, 1 speed and 10 luck. (it will reward the player with 404 exp and 42 Clams.png.
  • Boss Rush: 6000 HP.png heart, 3000 MP.png juice, 10 attack, 65 defense, 1 speed and 10 luck. (no rewards).

Additionally, it will follow the attack pattern shown below:

{{{size1}}} It will do nothing for the first and second turn.

For the third turn, it will crash, dealing major damage based on the max HP.png of the entire party, also increasing its hit rate by 1000%. Observe.png

It will again do nothing for two turns.

After that, it will continuously crash.


Skills that can be used when observe is used against the target are marked with Observe.png.

Crash: [.8 * b.mhp] (80% of max HP.png of the target), it will not miss, hit right in the heart and also have no damage variation. Observe.png

Battle quotes

Action quotes

* Download Window is at 99%.
* Download Window is still at 99%...
* Download Window crashes and burns.



  • This entire encounter references Windows' old errors. The battle background is similar to the "Bliss" wallpaper that was used as the default wallpaper in Microsoft Windows XP.
  • The fight takes place near an accumulation of CRT TVs that are lined up to spell 404, which references the HTTP error code for a page that no longer exists.
  • Futhermore, this boss will drop 404 exp.
  • One of the two enemies that have two separate 'do nothing' skills, the other being the Big Strong Tree.