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The Town Area, otherwise known as "Neighborhood", is a room in Black Space. This room is the fourth room the player will enter in Black Space.


This desolate, yet eventful area resembles a large neighborhood, strongly implied to be based on the streets of Faraway.

There are many houses, neatly aligned in rows. Omori is free to ring the doorbells as much as he pleases, although nothing usually happens. The door in the fifth row from up and four doors to the left of the middle street triggers a brief jumpscare of a mannequin strongly resembling Mari.

There's a bathtub and a fridge in the middle of the street, and multiple crudely drawn deer that run in place. They cannot be interacted with.

At the very bottom of the area lies Stranger and a key. Stranger will note that he was split on the day Sunny hid the truth, and asks Omori which was more painful: Sunny 'becoming nothing,' or Stranger being forcibly split.

Like in most other rooms, collecting the key will spawn red hands that will teleport you back to Black Space's hub.

Notable Areas

Mari's House

Interacting with the door with the clock on it's head, on the fourth house in the fifth row from the top will bring you to Mari's House.
Her house is notably larger on the inside, and contains minor decorations such as bookshelves, a potted plant, and more disturbingly, figures that strongly resemble someone hanging. The most notable features are a cake on the floor, and a strange painting.
The painting and the cake are the only things that can be interacted with.

If Omori chooses to eat the cake, he will note that it is oddly crunchy while chewing it, before realizing that his molars are missing.

If Omori examines the painting, he will look at it more closely; it features a woman with very long hair that vaguely resembles Mari.
After looking away, the girl will exit the painting and follow Omori around. While she cannot hurt him in any way, she can potentially block his path.

While dummied out in the final game, interacting with the mirror would've originally taken Omori to the Room with Self event.

Room with self

Room with self, completed with use of noclip.
  • Note: The warp to this area was intentionally left disabled in the final release of OMORI

This strange, unused room depicts a very large, distorted version of Omori's face. The room would've functioned as a puzzle; the player would control a set of eyes instead of Omori. The objective of the puzzle would be to get the eyes into the distorted Omori's eye sockets. However, without further modification, this puzzle is impossible to complete normally, as collision on Omori's nose prevents the player from slotting the eyes. In the event that a noclip cheat is used to complete the puzzle, Omori will simply be returned to Mari's House. [1]

Omori's distorted face is identical to the one used in the random Headspace mirror jumpscare, but significantly larger and more detailed.

Developer Room

If the player interacts with one specific tombstone at the top of the area, they will be teleported to the Developer Room.
This room contains many tombstones with witty text written on them by the developers of OMORI.


Stranger: "When you hid the truth, you sealed a part of me away with it."
Stranger: "He's been waiting for someone to save him all this time."
Stranger: "On that day... When you became nothing... I was split in half. Which one do you think was more painful?"

Tombstone room, from the top left to right:

"Here lies Andrew Vance A.K.A Sleepykuya. The town drunk. Died fighting actual mole. 1873-1901."
"Here lies Ocean's dream. Died as he lived... covered in cheese."
"Here lies Melonkid. Accidentally walked into a rake."
"Here lies Omocat. It is only when we die that we truly begin to live."
"Here lies Whitney White A.K.A Yin. The demon got it's revenge :(."
"Here lies Minced. Wilted from a lack of water."
"Here lies Rai. Died in a fight... but you should see the other guy."
"Here lies Ems. Food offerings required."
"Here lies Aivi. Poignant, yet ever so fleeting. Truly was the effervesence of life."
"Here lies Rochelle. Death by Caffeine at age 23."
"Here lies Pedro. Destroyed."
"Here lies Batino. No buried treasure here, nope."
"Here lies Archeia. Died swimming with the fishes."
"Here lies Kim Vance A.K.A La Aguacate. Death by involvement in an illegal avocado smuggling accident."
"Here lies TDS. You have to be realistic about these things."
"Here lies Bluemoon. Everyone's favorite senpai. (So long, Fiuto...)."
"Here lies Cachi. Do not open until 20XX."
"Here lies Moogiri. It's dark in here... but I kind of like it."
"Here lies Kairu. Life Jam had no effect!"
"Here lies Pride-kun. Still hasn't found her pen."

There is another tombstone, far off from the rest. It says:
"Here lies other guy."

Alternate Entrances

  • The player can also enter this room by taking a monochrome taxi in the Endless Highway. The taxi has a 10% chance to spawn after entering the respective room.
  • One can enter the developer room by interacting with the left most head in heads looking up, and walking out of the developer room.


  • The "cut" beta character "Meido" can be found here if accessed through the Looping Forest or through the Endless Highway while on the Hikikomori route.
  • This area gets called "Neighborhood of shadows" in one of the language files.[1]
  • The trees at the bottom of the map will flip upside down if interacted with.
  • If interacted with again while already flipped, it will simply say "Upside down."



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