Orange Oasis

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The Orange Oasis

Orange Oasis is a location in OMORI. It's an optional area that can be accessed by using the train pass on the Train Station.
This area connects with the Vast Forest by the train station, the Rain Town accessed by interacting with the orange lake nearby Mari's Picnic and to Dino's Dig, located in the middle of the Oasis.


The Orange Oasis is a desert made out of food. The sand on the ground is brown sugar and there are trees that resemble bananas.
Most of the enemies fought in here and the characters found here are similarly themed. A point of interest is the Dino's Dig.

Being an optional area, nothing forces the party to comes here, an optional dungeon with a boss can also be found here, as well as various items of all kinds.

Notable areas

Central area

Near the entrance to the Orange Oasis, Dino's Dig can be found, close to its entrance a vending stand can be found selling Milk, Peach Soda and Orange Juice, depending of which tile the character interacts with, on one of the tables the Tofu Connoisseur can be found exchanging Tofu for various types of Snacks, the area's Mailbox sells Waffle, Pancake, Berry Smoothie, Air Horn and Life Jam.

North east of Dino's dig, a Treasure Map can be found that details the location of the Blackletter 'X'. Near the map are a telescope and a floating mirror.
At the top of Dino's dig building, Scott, a dinosaur asks you to scratch his back. This initiates the "Itchy" quest.

Near the middle of the area, Mari has set up a picnic near a lake, interacting with the sparkling tile found at the top of the lake leads to Rain Town, on the elevation nearby Mr. Outback and a watermelon containing a Wishbone can be found, to reach the top of the elevation, Omori must first learn how to cut open the big mushroom's bulb in the garden at Sweetheart's Castle.
If one arrives here after overcoming the fear of drowning, then Mr.Outback will be turned to sand.

In the upper right corner, a crossant can be found on its back, if flipped over, he will thank Omori and walk away. Several houses are located here as well.
Right below that a sandwich club door can be found, Near that is the path to the toast grave.

In the lower right corner is a small area with a joke, Large Face and a hat ghost.

Lastly, Peach Soda, Grape Soda, 2 Mango Smoothie, S.berry Smoothie, Apple Juice, 8 Banana Smoothie, Life Jam, Orange Juice, Breadfruit Juice can be found inside the area's watermelons, however, some of these watermelons are hidden from sight, being found behind structures and trees.

Oasis interiors & alcoves

Palmie's house

Palmie's home, where Jelly can be found with the quest "Present for Palmie", Palmie herself and Peanut roaming around.

Grandma's house

A house with three Donut Grandmas, interacting with the bookshelf on the house brings up a photo similar to Pessi's Thing.

Rell and Mina house

A small cave with Rell, Mina and their 6 children Victor (which is on Rell's arms), Nova, Luke, Adonus, Jojo, and Nathan.

Arrow Cave

The arrow cave main entrance can be found on the small whirlwind nearby the houses, it consists of a small maze with various enemies that only spawn if the party takes the incorrect way, at the very end a small board written "you did it" can be found, as well as the stairs leading back to the central area.

Train Station

For information regarding the train, go to Vast Forest.

The Orange Oasis' small train station, going into the train leads back to Vast Forest, various NPCs can be found here, most of them could also be found during the first day on the line to take the Vast Forest's train, some Gator guys can also be found here nearby the pamphlets about Last Resort, but will disappear after the second night.

Orange Joe's cliff


Orange Joe's house


Toast grave

WIP Cover toast grave and path.

Inside the toast grave

WIP Everything inside the grave, in order of course.


WIP (still missing epilogue/2 night specific characters)



  • The layout of Orange Oasis is based on the Food Pyramid book, which can be seen in the Hikikomori route while doing the sorting chore on One Day Left.
  • It's believed that Dino's Dig is based on the "Digging Dino's" coloring book.
  • On rare occasions, the Orange Oasis battle theme will be replaced with Life Jam Guy's theme.
  • On the last day of the Hikikomori route, there is a poster on the Playground that advertises Dino's Dig.
  • The pamphlet about Last Resort found in the train station reads:
"'Come down to the Last Resort, grand opening in scenic Deep Well! Enjoy this luxury getaway, located just a few miles away from the city.'"
"'Bask in the finest amenities the world has to offer at our private retreat and leave truly transformed!'"