Orange Oasis

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The Orange Oasis

Orange Oasis is a location in OMORI. It's an optional area that can be accessed by using the train pass on the Train Station.
This area connects with the Vast Forest by the train station, the Rain Town accessed by interacting with the orange lake nearby Mari's Picnic and to Dino's Dig, located in the middle of the Oasis.


The Orange Oasis is a desert made out of food, the sand on the ground is brown sugar and there are trees that resemble bananas, the enemies fought here and the characters found here are also similarly themed. A point of interest is the Dino's Dig.
Being an optional area, nothing forces the party to come here, an optional dungeon with a boss can also be found, as well as various items of all kinds.

Notable areas

Central area

Near the center of the Orange Oasis, Dino's Dig can be found, close to its entrance a vending stand can be found selling Milk, Peach Soda and Orange Juice, depending on which tile the character interacts with, on one of the tables the Tofu Connoisseur can be found exchanging Tofu for various types of Snacks, the area's Mailbox sells Waffle, Pancake, Berry Smoothie, Air Horn and Life Jam.

North east of Dino's dig, a Treasure Map can be found that details the location of the Blackletter 'X'. Near the map are a telescope and a floating mirror.
At the top of Dino's dig building, Scott, a dinosaur asks you to scratch his back. This initiates the "Itchy" quest.

Near the middle of the area, Mari has set up a picnic near a lake, interacting with the sparkling tile found at the top of the lake leads to Rain Town, on the elevation nearby Mr. Outback and a watermelon containing a Wishbone can be found, to reach the top of the elevation, Omori must first learn how to cut open the big mushroom's bulb in the garden at Sweetheart's Castle. If one arrives here after overcoming the fear of drowning, then Mr.Outback will be turned to sand.

In the upper right corner, a crossant can be found on its back, if flipped over, he will thank Omori and walk away, several houses are located here as well.
Right below that a sandwich club door can be found, Near that is the path to the toast grave.

In the lower right corner is a small area with a joke, Large Face and a hat ghost.

Lastly, Peach Soda, Grape Soda, 2 Mango Smoothie, S.berry Smoothie, Apple Juice, 8 Banana Smoothie, Life Jam, Orange Juice, Breadfruit Juice can be found inside the area's watermelons, however, some of these watermelons are hidden from sight, being found behind structures and trees.

Oasis interiors & alcoves

Palmie's house

Palmie's home, where Jelly can be found with the quest "Present for Palmie", Palmie herself and Peanut roaming around.

Grandma's house

A house with three Donut Grandmas, interacting with the bookshelf on the house brings up a photo similar to Pessi's Thing.

Rell and Mina house

A small cave with Rell, Mina and their 6 children Victor (which is on Rell's arms), Nova, Luke, Adonus, Jojo, and Nathan.

Arrow Cave

The arrow cave main entrance can be found on the small whirlwind nearby the houses, it consists of a small maze with various enemies that only spawn if the party takes the incorrect way, at the very end, there is a small board with "you did it" written on it, as well as the stairs leading back to the central area.

Train Station

For information regarding the train, go to Vast Forest.

The Orange Oasis' small train station, going into the train leads back to Vast Forest, various NPCs can be found here, most of them could also be found during the first day on the line to take the Vast Forest's train, some Gator guys can also be found here nearby the pamphlets about Last Resort, but will disappear after the second night.

Orange Joe's cliff

A small cliff north of the central area with a small orange-like house in the middle, Orange Joe can be found here throwing oranges on the cliff, the quest "The Conviction of Orange Joe" can be acquired with him, after finishing the quest, Oragne Joe will also be found here, "commemorating" with Orange Joe.
Interacting with the pool nearby rewards with an Orange Juice once. Lastly, various Oranges can be found in the ground with the following message:

"To my dear brother Oragne Joe. I hope this message finds its way to you. Please come home.".

Orange Joe's house

Orange joe's home, a normal circular house, like the outside various oranges can be found scattered on the ground, as well as a watermelon containing a Blood Orange, however, after completing the quest mentioned above, the house will change its layout, causing the watermelon to disappear.

Toast Grave

To the east of the central area, a short path can be found with various toasts sticking out of the ground, the Man on Fire can be found running wildly back and forth the path, stopping him either by blocking his way or by trying to talk to him when he's in front of the party will cause him to talk, agreeing with him rewards Hero with the skill "spicy food". Following the path leads to the Toast Grave itself.
The toast grave is a small "graveyard" with two lines of toasts, interacting with the last four toast in from right to left, as seen in the Ancient Code, opens the way to the doom entrance, the now unattached bread can be interacted with, rewarding it with a Bread, after completing the small dungeon, the party will spawn back in the graves accompanied by a watermelon containing the Breadphones.

Inside the toast grave

The first map found once entering the grave for the first time is the doom entrance, a small pool, blocking the way of the party if they arrive there before Sunny overcomes his fear of drowning, stands between the entrance and a corridor leading to a giant bread, interacting with it causes it to crash in the ground, making the friends fall for the next area.

Summoning Circle

The party will arrive on the second area, the summoning circle, by falling on a pile of flour, which will cover everyone in flour, changing the sprites. Moving further the party will see a big room guarded by an Actual Mole, which will lead the party back to the graveyard, various offerings that can be sacrificed in the middle of the circle, causing a variety of effects:

  • Sacrificing the loaf of bread triggers a battle with Slice, Sesame & Sourdough.
  • Sacrificing the spaghetti triggers a battle with some Copypastas.
  • Sacrificing the life jam triggers a battle with some Living Bread.
  • Sacrificing the cookie plate will reveal Papa Chip, despite having a reward sound play, it does not add anything to the party inventory.
  • Sacrificing the oatmeal cookies triggers a small cutscene followed by a battle with the Nefarious Chip.
  • Sacrificing the bunny triggers a battle with a Cupcake Bunny.
  • Sacrificing the stray cat will cause music to halt and the room to become darker, summoning various Hushpuppies that will slowly follow the party.

When the party takes one of the offerings, a number will be visible on the table, forming the code "7201969", the code can be used on the safe nearby, revealing a Recipe 4 Disaster, once in possession of this item, the party will be able to pick up the Mole and sacrificing it on the circle, allowing the party to also enter the circle and progress further into the area, the circle can only be used this way once, and if the party ever comes here again, the only way out will be the ghost of the Actual Mole.
The friends will be sent to a corridor leading down, following the path for a bit will trigger a giant boulder to follow the party, running away will cause the party to fall into a pit, which will cause a fake "you died" screen to show up and will eventually lead the group to the next area, letting the boulder reach them also causes the same outcome.

Baking Room & Pantry

After the fake you died screen, the party will be toasted with Omori waking up in the middle of a pantry, 3 watermelons containing Life Jam can be found around the room and can be used to revive the 3 friends.

Moving out of the pantry leads to the baking room, where a picnic, which can only be accessed the first time the party arrives here, as the room becomes inaccessible afterward, two other pantries with watermelons containing Bread, Waffle and Donut and a corridor leading to the bakery where Biscuit & Doughie can be found, approaching them triggers a cutscene which ends in a boss battle with the Unbread Twins, winning this fight's optional and after it the brothers will leave through the portal, taking the portal will lead back to the toast graveyard.




  • The layout of Orange Oasis is based on the Food Pyramid book, which can be seen in the Hikikomori route while doing the sorting chore on One Day Left.
  • It's believed that Dino's Dig is based on the "Digging Dino's" coloring book.
  • After fighting the Hushpuppies, the Orange Oasis battle theme will be replaced by Life Jam Guy's theme instead of the usual Orange Oasis battle theme, this is likely an oversight left by the developers.
  • Life Jam Guy's theme is internally known as "Battle Dough Dungeon"
  • On the last day of the Hikikomori route, there is a poster on the Playground that advertises Dino's Dig.
  • The pamphlet about Last Resort found in the train station reads:
"'Come down to the Last Resort, grand opening in scenic Deep Well! Enjoy this luxury getaway, located just a few miles away from the city.'"
"'Bask in the finest amenities the world has to offer at our private retreat and leave truly transformed!'"
  • If the game is under heavy lag when loading the map, it's possible that the Man on Fire fails to calculate his trajectory, causing him to remain still at the spawn point.
  • Much like the pond in Otherworld and on the North Lake's coast, standing too long nearby the water before overcoming the fear will cause the music to slowly fade and "tentacles" to slowly approach the party, staying too long will cause the Something in the Water battle music to play.
  • Considering the comment found in one of the events of the summoning circle map, it seems it was intended for the party to land on one of the pantries by random, but it seems it was scrapped to instead fall on a specific one.
  • Player starts high up, camera focuses on randomized pantry that you fall into.
  • Despite not having his dialogue suggesting this, the Actual Mole will take one Life Jam from the player's inventory when leading the party back up after being sacrificed, it's not required to have one, but he will take it.
  • If the player summons Papa Chip before Nefarious Chip, he will try convincing the party to not summon him:
  • Papa Chip: Papa Chip sees you eyeing that plate of oatmeal cookies. Papa Chips warns you now for your own sake... Don't do it!.
    Papa Chip: Now listen here... Papa Chip has saved a great deal of explorers by warning them of the plethora of dangers in these tombs.
    Papa Chip: You'd best listen to Papa Chip's advice.
    Papa Chip: Step... away... from the oatmeal cookies..
    Papa Chip: Please travelers... Papa Chip is begging you! Don't do it! Do not waste your precious young lives on something so fruitless!.
    You took the oatmeal cookies despite Papa Chip's warnings.
    Papa Chip: Oh! You've done it now! Oh doughie, you've done it now! Papa Chip can't look!.
  • A life jam is given to the player when picking up the life jam for sacrifice, returning it to the table also takes away a life jam, however, sacrificing the life jam on the summoning portal does not remove the life jam from the inventory, this is likely an oversight.
  • The dough dungeon was originally supposed to be in Pyrefly Forest according to old concept art,old developer comments and the fact that that area's enemies are grouped with the Pyrefly Forest's enemies.
  • The code used in the summoning circle section could refer to both the first moon landing on the 20th of July 1969 and Sunny's birthday.
  • Dino's Dig was originally supposed to only have three layers. A fourth layer was added shortly after the first three had been made.