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Humphrey (location) is a location in OMORI. It is the final story-related area of Headspace, and is accessible on Two Days Left after completing the Last Resort section of the game.
The area is accessible through Deeper Well, and connects to Deep Well.


Humphrey is the main area of Deeper Well, and the player gains access to it after completing the party in the previous section of the game, allowing progression past the tollbooths in Deep Well. From the outside, Humphrey appears to be a whale NPC rather than a location, but entering his mouth reveals a gigantic area split into three sectors. Interestingly, the vast majority of NPCs inside the location are Humphreys themselves rather than new characters.


All routes

After exiting Last Resort and spotting Sweetheart at a tollbooth in Deep Well, the party decides to follow her. Their journey takes them through Deeper Well and into Humphrey's Cave, where they finally meet Humphrey. He tells them that Sweetheart, along with a family of sea witches, is inside him, and opens up his mouth to let them inside as well. Once inside, Humphrey demonstrates his ability to create "mini Humphreys" that pop up around the party and act as different entities. The party is then free to enter any of the three tunnels behind the large Humphrey in the location's main entrance.

Entering Molly's sector (on the left) for the first time prompts a cutscene in which Molly enacts some remote security measures. She relays a video message on a big screen addressed to her sister Marina, warning her about some potentially deadly puzzles that Marina must solve in order to gain access to Molly's laboratory. Unbeknownst to her, however, it is Omori and his friends that have infiltrated her sector instead.

Within Molly's sector, there are three puzzles, requiring the party to enter three different rooms populated with Humphreys. (Interacting with these Humphrey scientists and participating in Molly's various experiments reveals that the research done here is focused mainly on subjects such as mathematics, code, technology and robots.) In the final portion of the Conveyor-bot maze experiment, Omori and his friends encounter a security camera with live footage of them. Kel remarks that there are loads of pictures of the friend group somewhere, and echoes some of what Basil has said in the past about taking photos, but none of the friends understand or recall what he's talking about.

Once Omori, Kel, Aubrey, and Hero solve the puzzles and disable the huge bomb in the center of the room, the portal leading to Molly's lab opens. Inside the lab is an impatient Sweetheart talking to Molly about when her invention will be complete. Molly tells her to be patient and then reveals her creation: Roboheart. Roboheart, much to Molly's dismay, speaks in Base64 instead of English, and Molly assumes she must now be programmed to kill rather than to love. Sweetheart, angry with the imperfect robot, storms off, and Roboheart flies away. Molly doesn't seem to care much about either event, but remarks that she must catch Sweetheart later in order to collect her payment.

Next, entering Marina's sector at the top leads the party to a large area filled with different 'experiments'. As opposed to Molly's sector, the experiments here are focused on biology, life-forms, and mutations along with an apparent lack of ethical conduct (many of the experiments here are left unattended in tiny cages). By using Aubrey's tag skill and making bridges out of Humphreys described as 'intelligent growths', the party can progress to the two mazes up ahead.

In the first maze, the party spots a Flower Crown on top of a cliff. Aubrey remarks that it looks kind of familiar (as it once belonged to Basil) and that maybe the friends should try to return it to its original owner. However, Hero says that nobody would want a flower crown in such bad condition, and Kel responds by punting it off the cliff. Aubrey objects, and a fight almost breaks out between her and Kel before Hero intervenes.

In the second maze, the party is chased by Experiment 667, whom they must outrun to reach Marina's lab. Luckily, a hot dog falls on them as Experiment 667 is about to catch them, and they are able to enter the lab. Once inside, they watch Sweetheart and Marina talking. Sweetheart complains about the lab, while Marina tells her to relax, but there's not much time for conversation before lightning strikes. The lightning abruptly ends Marina's experiment, revealing her newest creation: Mutantheart. Upon seeing Mutantheart's strange appearance, an angry and dissatisfied Sweetheart storms out of the lab as Marina yells for her payment.

Lastly, the party visits Medusa's sector on the right. Populated with waterfalls and rivers, Omori and friends must use their raft to travel through the various sections and convince swimming Humphreys to create bridges for them to walk on. Any Humphreys not swimming in the first area seem to be doing experiments based on chemistry, potions, and traditional lab work (as well as book-based research). When the party reaches the first library in this area, they crowd around a selection of plants, remarking that one of them is named "basil". Aubrey says that it seems to remind her of something, but she can't remember what.

The second half of Medusa's sector seems much more whimsical than the studious first half, containing a river where the party can catch food on their raft as well as a pool area and a waterfall. After collecting the bridge-making Humphreys in this area, the friend group continue on to a final library area before reaching Medusa's lab. In the lab, Sweetheart appears once again next to Medusa, remarking on the horrible smell and complaining further. Medusa, unfazed by Sweetheart's comments and only becoming annoyed when Sweetheart attempts to touch the glass case, reveals her experiment: Perfectheart. Sweetheart is still unsatisfied despite Perfectheart truly being her ideal suitor, as "there's nothing more perfect" than Sweetheart herself. She attempts to storm off, but Medusa finally gets fed up with her antics and storms out first with Sweetheart following close behind.

After exploring the three sisters' sectors, the party can now take Humphrey's elevator and proceed to the main area of Humphrey. Here, they watch as Sweetheart attempts to escape the area with the Slime Girls shouting after her for her payment. Omori and his friends try to leave, not wanting to get caught up in the ensuing conflict, but Sweetheart begins to complain about the results of the Slime Girls' experiments and tries to put the charge on the kids. She runs away, successfully escaping for only a few seconds until a Humphrey pops up and says that he has "disposed of her." He also remarks that she had a total of zero Clams on her, which is unfortunate for both the Slime Girls and him; he has been getting hungrier by the minute. The Slime Girls realize that they need one million Clams and begin to approach the party, who either don't have or can't give up such a large amount of money.

The sisters surround Omori and his friends and tell Humphrey to seal the exits, revealing their intention to sell the kids to get the Clams they need. They almost succeed in grabbing Kel until he bites Marina. Both the party and the Slime Girls realize they have no other choice: they must fight it out. But once the party wins and the Slime Girls accept that they're past their prime, another problem begins to pose a threat. The sisters begin to argue amongst themselves over whose turn it is to feed Humphrey as the whale gets hungrier and hungrier, but before their argument ends, he opens his mouth below them and eats all three sisters.

Realizing they need to escape fast from the increasingly out-of-control Humphrey, Omori, Kel, Aubrey, and Hero all look for an exit to no avail. Once more, they must engage in battle to avoid being eaten. Luckily, they are able to make their way out of Humphrey's stomach after a long fight, ending up right back in Humphrey's cave.

Humphrey professes that all that eating made him sleepy, and he sinks below the waves to take a nap, both ending the Humphrey section of the game and revealing the Map of Truth.

Hikikomori route

After receiving the Giant Check from Mr. Jawsum on One Day Left of the Hikikomori Route, the party is able to make their way back to Humphrey's cave to find that Humphrey has awakened from his nap and is still hungry. Fortunately, the Giant Check is perfect for feeding him, which ends the Feed Humphrey sidequest and he allows the party back into his stomach.

Inside, the majority of the new content takes place in the main area of Humphrey (aside from the Boss Rush in Molly's sector, where Boss has relocated to after leaving Vast Forest). From this area, the party can visit the Slime Girls inside their respective labs and complete the Marina's Operation, Medusa's Experiment, and Molly's Analysis sidequests. After being eaten by Humphrey, the Slime Girls have lost their bodies and need the party to grab materials from their sectors to craft new bodies for them.

As for Sweetheart and her clones, Sweetheart herself has been delegated to acting as a maid for Perfectheart and is now known as "Sweepheart". Roboheart can be found (and fought) inside the waterfall room in Molly's sector, Mutantheart can be found (and fought) inside Marina's lab, and Perfectheart can be found (and fought) in the center of the main area. Beating her will rename her to "Imperfectheart."

Notable areas

Humphrey's cave

Humphrey's cave is positioned at the very end of Deeper Well, inside the skull of a large sea creature. It consists of a short pathway leading up to a lake; the area is populated with many aquatic plants and corals as well as several Lil Basils, waterfalls, and one picnic basket. In the center of the lake is a bridge, which allows the player to reach Humphrey. (After Humphrey takes a nap, a whirlpool appears in his place which leads to the Map of Truth.) Also, the player can find the T and W keys in this area after completing this section of the game, although they will only appear if not collected in their original locations.


This area is the first to appear after entering Humphrey's mouth. It acts as a directional waterway towards the three Slime Girls' sectors: Molly on the left, Marina at the top, and Medusa on the right. The party can travel by raft around the "island" in the middle, which hosts a large Humphrey elevator. (Taking this elevator after obtaining the Slimy Key Card will transport the party to the boss room/main area.)

Molly's sector

Entrance and main room

Lab (Blue puzzle)

Waterfall room (Red puzzle)

Conveyor-bot maze (Green puzzle)

Marina's sector

Entrance and 'front desk'

Experiments room

Waterfall maze

Experiment 667 maze

Medusa's sector

Entrance and research areas

Falling food areas

Poolside areas and water slide

Secondary library

Boss room/Main area

Molly's lab

Marina's lab

Medusa's lab





  • The color of the stomach acid in each of the Slime Girls' sectors corresponds to their main sprite color: blue for Molly, red for Marina, and green for Medusa. Interestingly, the acid in the entrance area is also green.