Big Strong Tree

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Big Strong Tree
Big Strong Tree.png
HP.png heart 1000
MP.png juice 500
attack 999
defense 999
speed 1
luck 999

The Big Strong Tree is an unique hidden enemy found in Vast Forest. By interacting/running into a specific tree by the middle of the map left of the intersection to Basil's house, a battle will start.


The Big Strong Tree cannot have its emotion changed.

Due to its extremely high defense, most attacks will do nothing. The only reliable way to damage it is through attacks that ignore defense, such as a Sad Omori's Stab, or Aubrey's Power Hit. Rubber Bands and Big Rubber Bands can also be used to whittle it's high health down, as they do fixed damage, ignoring defense.

Big Strong Tree.png It will always do nothing. 500 exp

0 Clams.png

Action quotes

* A gentle breeze blows across the leaves.
* Big Strong Tree stands firm because it is a tree.



  • Once defeated, the tree will vanish, and will never respawn.
  • It is one of very few enemies to have two "do nothing" skills.
  • Despite not having any attacking moves, the Big Strong Tree has an astronomically high Attack stat of 999, one of the highest values in the game.
    • Mr. Jawsum shares this Attack value, despite also never attacking.