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Headspace is the imaginary world that Omori and his friends reside in, and the main setting for much of OMORI.


Headspace is largely assumed to be an imaginary world that Sunny created after being traumatized by Mari's death. He visits it every night under the persona of Omori to slip away into a world where nothing bad happened to the friend group: Mari is still alive, and Omori is free to explore and go on adventures with his friends.

There are some clues throughout the game that imply Headspace could be more than Sunny's imagination. Mr. Outback claims that Headspace has existed "since the beginning of time," and that it "looks different to everyone," implying that it may be an actual alternate world or figment of the collective unconscious, albeit one heavily affected by Sunny's imagination, memories, and desire to escape reality.[1][2]




  1. Mr. Outback: "Well, this place has been around since the beginning of time, I reckon. It looks different to everyone… but this time around, it’s pretty colorful and cutesy for the most part… Not to mention pretty dang big! That’s a powerful imagination you’ve got there, kiddo."
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FjBVrQ-yAs