Snot Bubble

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Snot Bubble is an enemy found inside Humphrey, specifically at the Marina's sector.

They do not chase the player and instead float aimlessly over Humphrey's stomach acids, additionally, it will only engage in combat if the player moves while it's floating above his head or directly ahead of him.


Snot Bubble has 875 HP.png heart, 250 MP.png juice, 20 attack, 1 defense, 1 speed and 10 luck. Regardless of emotion, it will always behave as stated:

Emotion Behaviour Rewards
neutral Snot Bubble
happy Snot Bubble
Sad Snot Bubble
angry Snot Bubble
On the first three turns, if will inflate, increasing its attack.

If still alive, on fourth turn, it will pop, dealing huge damage to all party members, dying afterward.

1/25 chances of dropping peach soda while neutral, sad and angry, while happy 1/15.

1661 for neutral and happy, 1245 for sad, and 2491 exp for angry.

272 for neutral and angry, 408 for happy and 204 Clams.png clams for sad.

In addition, it will also pop when killed or if below 10% HP.png.


Skills that can be used when observe is used against the target are marked with Observe.png.

Inflate: Increase attack by one tier.

Pop: [a.atk + (.25 * b.mhp)], with no damage variation and never hitting right in the hear, kills the user after it. Observe.png

Battle Quotes

Action quotes

* Snot Bubble's snot inflated!
* Snot Bubble explodes! Snot flies everywhere!!



  • It has two pop skills, one for when used on the fourth turn and one for when it dies or drops below 10% HP.png, however, both are the same.