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This article is about Boss as an enemy, for the character, go to Boss.

Boss is the first enemy the player fight in the game, after being defeated, it will stay at the Forest Playground till the last day, when he moves to Humphrey and open the Boss Rush.


He has 150 HP.png heart, 25 MP.png juice, 6 attack, 2 defense, 1 speed and 10 luck, and he will behave the same regardless of emotion:

Emotion Behaviour Rewards
Neutral Boss
Happy Boss
Sad Boss
Angry Boss
If his heart is below 15% HP.png, it will do nothing.

30% chance of doing a normal attack. Observe.png

30% chance to attack twice, dealing attack damage to two random party members.

Else, he will do nothing.

32 exp.

Clams.png 22 clams.

In addition, after reaching 10% HP.png left, he will turn himself angry and attack all, dealing 100 damage to all party members, he will also heal 2 HP.png, to avoid dying when removing his immortal tag.


Skills that can be used when observe is used against the target are marked with Observe.png.

Attack: [2 * a.atk - b.def] (default). Observe.png

Attack twice: [2 * a.atk - b.def], twice to random party members.

Attack all: [100] to all party members, with no variation and unable to hit right in the heart.

Battle quotes

Action quotes

* Boss punches [Target]!
* Boss cracks his knuckles.

During battle

  • 80% HP.png:
* Boss: Hwehwehwe! You weaklings! You call that an attack!?
  • 40% HP.png:
* Boss: Hey, that kinda hurt! Hmph! This isn't fun anymore.
  • 10% HP.png:
* Boss: Grr... Now you've made me angry....
* Boss: It's time for my special move!.
* Boss: Body slam!!.
* Boss: Huh!? How are you still moving!?



  • He shares the BGM of Mutantheart and some of the Faraway Town battles, it also shares the fight transition image of the latter.
  • He is referred to as "reckut" in the image files.