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This article is about Ye Old Sprout as an enemy, for the character, go to Ye Old Sprout.

Ye Old Sprout is an enemy and the second boss the player encounter in the game, its appearance is of a much older and bigger Sprout Mole, with a mustache made of faded leaves. it serves as a tutorial for the player to learn about follow-ups and release energy.


Two versions of this enemy exist, being a tutorial boss, both the fights are very simple and have no difference from each other, other than its stats and rewards:

  • First encounter: 300 HP.png heart, 150 MP.png juice, 8 attack, 8 defense, 2 speed and 10 luck (reward with 150 exp and 50 Clams.png clams).
  • Boss Rush: 3000 HP.png heart, 1500 MP.png juice, 80 attack, 80 defense, 20 speed and 10 luck.
Ye Old Sprout (neutral).gif Ye Old Sprout will always roll over, dealing 4 damage to all party members.

Additionally, during the first encounter Hero will interrupt the battle to explain some mechanics, and then restart it again.


Ye Old Sprout ignores the effect of Observe Observe.png.

Roll over: [4] to all party, with 50% damage variation, it will never hit right in the heart.

Roll over (Boss Rush): [2 * a.atk - b.def] to all party, this attack will never hit right in the heart.

Battle quotes

Action quotes

* Ye Old Sprout rolls over!

During battle

  • After the first time you battle it:
* Hero: Oh man, this fight is pretty tough... But don't worry! We can do this if we work together!
* Hero: It looks like I'm going to have to teach you all a little bit about teamwork! Let's try again, Omori! We will get him this time!
  • First turn:
* Hero: You notice anything different, Omori?
* Hero: You should see a new bar at the bottom of the screen with a number on the side. 
* Hero: This is our collective energy!
* Hero: By using our energy, we can defeat this foe together! Just attack and you'll see!
  • Second turn:
* Hero: Did you see the bubbles that popped up when we attacked? That's called a follow-up!
* Hero: After you attack, for a limited time you can use energy to perform a follow-up move.
* Hero: Just press any directional arrow and see what happens!
* Hero: Phew... Man... This guy is really tough.
* Hero: When he attacked us, did you notice that our energy went up?
* Hero: When we take damage, we also gain energy! Think of it as a chance to make a comeback!
  • After reaching 10 energy:
* Hero: Nice... We're full of energy! This is the perfect time to use our special attack! 
* Hero: Omori... After you attack, press [Custom down button] to release energy!
* Hero: I hope you're all ready!
* Hero: Come on, everyone... Let's show this big guy what we're made of!


* Ye Old Sprout rolls over everyone![1]



  1. His "rolls over" skill action text, but it was replaced by another one.