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The Junkyard is a location in OMORI. It is a subarea within Otherworld. Skipping this area is not possible.

The Junkyard


The Junkyard is a linear area themed around old technology and, like Otherworld, space. It can be accessed after Captain Spaceboy's crew gives the group the Junkyard Key, it's also where the player is taught about the tagging mechanics.
It is built like a labyrinth, having one entrance and one exit with containers acting as the walls, once the party finishes their adventure there, a shortcut will open leading back to the entrance of the Junkyard.
The group can learn a joke, find a hat ghost and obtain a few items.


After meeting Captain Spaceboy the group receives a key to the Junkyard. In the Junkyard they find Rosa with the Special Mixtape, after she refuses to give it to them, she runs away.
Later, after they caught up with her, they find her on the other side of a line, frozen and unresponsive. They go over the line and get surprised by Download Window. After they defeat it, they retrieved the mixtape from Rosa and returned to Captain Spaceboy.

Notable Areas

First section

As soon as the party enters the area there will be a blocked road, later opened after defeating the area's boss, and a single way forwards that leads deeper into the area, in this map it's possible to find rubber band, granola bar and the sellable charm "gold" watch.

Going further informs the player about the special battle event when encountering enemies within the Junkyard, named simply as "Junkyard", Kel will always look into the trash at the start of the battle, with a chance to find cans, tofus, rubber bands, chocolates and cherry sodas, with 37,5% chance of finding nothing at all. This area also informs the player about Aubrey's tag, allowing the party to break the giant block blocking the path forward, there is also some watermelons and interactable sparkles containing glass bottle, air horn and the thingamabob.

After this area is a place with various treadmills and a locked gate, which directions can be changed by interacting with the Conveyor-bots, prompting the player to change the leader to Hero to convince the Conveyor-bot to work, only the first interaction needs Hero to be the party leader, taking the treadmills allows the party to reach another Junkyard key and progress further, it's also possible to find Life Jam Guy hidden in one of the containers, interacting with him explains the uses of life jam, gives some of it to the player as well as allowing the party to buy more for 250 clams. Lastly, there are watermelons and sparklers containing cans, glass bottles, chocolates, the comet hammer and the flower puzzle, as well as the location of one of the Glasses Ghost and vending machines allowing the party to buy tasty sodas.

Continuing forward leads the party into a small tunnel, if the WTF Value is equal or higher than 2, a photo of "someone familiar" will be there, if interacted as Omori, Something will appear briefly and the photo will be removed from existence, a life jam can also be found here.

Once exiting the tunnel, there will be a small area containing some vending machines and a watermelon with lemonade, followed by a last tunnel before reaching the next part of the location.

Top of the Junkyard

With a Picnic right at the start of this map, this is a fairly straight path with some items scattered through the trash, where the party can find a can, computer part, dead batteries, glass bottles and the Bubble wrap, as well as a watermelon containing star fruit soda, there are two exits in this area, way forward, which blocked by a "Keymagnet", which the party destroys during Kel's tag tutorial, and a path by a container, which eventually leads to the Scarethrow's cave, the way will be blocked by Gator Guys before doing Kel's tutorial.

Going further leads the party to a large area with an entrance to the tunnel, which leads to different parts of the map:

  • Going all the way to the top leads to a breakpoint and a joke sign, which taught the "Moon joke", if the party sits on the couch during the prologue, a small dialogue[1] will play.
  • Going up and then taking the right path leads to a watermelon containing a hot dog.
  • Going to the left and then up leads to a path to the letter "D" and a watermelon containing the meteor ball.
  • Going left and then down leads to the exit.

Lastly, various watermelons can also be found in the area containing life jam, confetti, poetry book and rubber bands, as well as sparkles containing doohickey and a can, interactable toilets can also be found around the area.

Scarethrow's cave

A small cave containing Scarethrow itself and a stand that allows Kel to throw balls at him, every ball thrown at him play one of several possible sounds (none of them related to fear), it will also talk[2] a bit on the process, exhausting the dialogue will reward the player with the achievement "They call me Scarethrow".

"Rosa chase" maps

Further, the party is blocked by a giant cheese wheel, which Hero summons Ems to eat to open the way, going further beyond, the party finds Rosa with Cap. Spaceboy's mixtape, who will run away with the party chasing her till the boss room.

In these two maps, various items in watermelons and sparkles, these being life jam, butt peach soda, rubber band, star fruit soda, hot dog, can, rain cloud, computer part, whatchamacallit, TV remote and the baking pan, which also teaches Hero the skill "snack time", as well as more toilets.

Boss area

A small room with a giant "404" written in the middle, the first time the party arrives, crossing the yellow line will make every moving object stop and trigger the Download Window boss battle.

If the player ever returns to this area during the epilogue and Omori is equipped with the universal remote, it's possible to access the Pain Area by interacting with the glitchy TV.




  • While in the area a key counter will remain in the top left of the screen, despite only one key being found in the entire area, rendering the counter unnecessary.
  • There is an area in Black Space 2 similar in aesthetics to the Junkyard, also using a slightly slowed version of its theme.
  • All the toilets in the area can be interacted to obtain ramen.
  • It's possible to block Rosa is way during the chase, when doing this, Rosa will dash through the party, causing them to spin.
  • When Rosa drops the block on the party of the party, Mari will jump and look around for a while, before returning to her normal behavior.
  • The "404" located in the boss room is an obvious reference to the common "Error 404" found in windows in most browsers, which means "page not found".


  1. Kel: "The Moon looks gigantic from here! This is the most beautiful place I've ever seen!"
    Aubrey: "But there's so much litter around... How can you say it's beautiful?"
    Kel: "Aubrey, Aubrey... Don't be such a wet blanket. Look at things on the bright side!"
    Kel: "You know what I always say... You just gotta wake up and smell the roses!"
    Aubrey: "You don't always say that!"
  2. Mr. Scarethrow: "Wasn't that fun? Come again another day and try again!"
    Mr. Scarethrow: "You can stop now."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "This is really starting to hurt..."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Please... stop it..."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "..."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "If you don't stop now, I'm going to have to report you to the authorities."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Please stop... I'm asking you politely."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Stop it. Stop it right now, I say!"
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Hmph... Words just mean nothing to you, I see."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Sigh... I remember when people used to listen to me... Y'know... back in high school, everyone used to make fun of me for having no legs."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "They'd say things like... "Oh look! It's Scarethrow, standing in the same spot like he always does! Let's use him for target practice!""
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Ohoooooo... Kids are so mean... Like really, really horrible..."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Heh heh... You're just throwing balls at me! What do I even have to complain about? This is nothing compared to what I used to go through."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "It always starts small, y'know? First, it was rubber bands... then rubber balls... I remember once a kid even threw a desk at me."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Yeah... That's right... I took an entire desk head-on! I used to tell myself... if I could survive that, I could survive anything!"
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Now, see... If I had hands... we could play catch."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Here, throw me the ball. I'll try to catch it."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Darn... I guess it slipped right through my fingers... Haha... Don't worry... I'll get it next time."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Oh! I almost had that one! I was really close... Did you see? Come on... Try it again."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Haha... Ah, man... Good times..."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Could it be... that I don't have real arms either? I wonder..."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Sigh... I wish I could move..."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "I could travel the world... settle down with someone I love... start a family..."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "No... It's dangerous to dream so recklessly. Why must I be stuck here? Am I not allowed to have anything nice?"
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Why is fate so cruel? What did I do wrong? It's not fair... I hate this..."
    Mr. Scarethrow: "Ah... What's this feeling? I think I'm crying. Am I crying? I don't have tear ducts so I can't tell. Sigh... Just forget I said any of this, okay?"