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The tagging menu as seen in-game when pressing the assigned key, the middle square shows the current leader.

Tagging is a game mechanic that allows the player to change the leading member of the party quickly either through an assigned button or the menu. Different leaders can perform different actions, as seen deeper in this article. Every time the party tags, a photograph sound will play and a polaroid showing interaction with the current leader and the new leader will block the screen to prevent the player from seeing the change.
The tagging function becomes available during one of the first cutscenes of the Junkyard, and the whole area is considered a tutorial area for tagging.


Omori's tag animation in Headspace.
Sunny's tag animation in the real world.

While leading, Omori can cut branches, traffic cones and spider webs, Omori is also the only member able to see and interact with the keyboard keys scattered around the world. He is also the only character capable of comprehending the speech of most Deeper Well residents such as the Branch Coral; all other characters will instead only hear muttering. In Faraway Town, Sunny is also able to cut spider webs, during the start of the second night, and cones during the third day of the true route while in the Recycultist's HQ.

In certain parts of the game, most notably the end of every dream when Omori returns to White Space and throughout his exploration of Black Space 2, the tagging option in the menu is replaced with a "stab" option. This either wakes him up, allowing for Sunny to be controlled in the real world, or returns him to Black Space's hub, depending on the location.

Sunny also has this interaction after confronting the Stranger at the end of the Omori route. In this instance, selecting it will prompt him to commit suicide, ending the game.

Omori does not have a specific tutorial about his Tag function, although Aubrey indirectly mentions his ability during the tutorial for her own Tag ability:

* Aubrey: Hey Omori, you know how you can cut roots and traffic cones?


Aubrey's tag animation in Headspace.
Aubrey's tag animation in the real world.

While leading, Aubrey can smash debris, pots and barrels found all over Headspace, destroying it allows access to some areas, with the possibility to give the party clams and items in the case of pots[1] and barrels[2] found in Sweetheart's Castle and Deep Well respectively. Tagging Aubrey is also necessary to do Aubrey's power-up event, where she gains extra 20 juice. In Faraway, Aubrey is able to smash debris found in the Recycultist's HQ.

Aubrey is the first character covered in the tutorial, and will also tell Omori about the tag button:

* Kel: Awww, man! It looks like there's a big block of junk in the way!
* Hero: You might even call it... a roadblock... get it?
* Aubrey: Not to worry, everyone!  This big ol' block is nothing compared to my swing!
* Aubrey: Hey Omori, you know how you can cut roots and traffic cones? Well, you're not the only one with a special ability around here!
* Aubrey: I, for one, can smash large blocks out of the way!
* Aubrey: Kel and Hero have their own special abilities, too... Although I'm not so sure about Kel... hehe...
* Aubrey: Just make me the leader by selecting tag in the player menu or by holding [tag key]! I'll get rid of this hunkajunk, easy-peasy!


Kel's tag animation on the Dreamworld.
Kel's tag animation on the real world.

While leading, Kel can throw various balls while on "throwing stands" to solve various puzzles, later on, he also learns to aim by using a QTE to control directions. Kel is unique as he uses a special event that controls the ball thrown, with 11 different balls plus 3 chemical recipients used during the throwing mini-game inside Humphrey. In Faraway Town, Kel is also able to make a throw in order to make a stair drop down inside the Recycultist's HQ, however, here he will always throw his basketball.

The player learns about Kel's tag after having the way blocked by a giant "keymagnet", in order to advance Kel needs to destroy it by making a throw:

* Kel: Ow! What the-! What gives!?
* Kel: Well, whaddya know? There's a weak point on its head! I can recognize one of those anywhere.
* Kel: Let's try throwing something at it! I'm sure that'll work.
* Kel: That platform there looks like a good place to throw from. Tag me! I got this!

Kel also has a second tutorial for his tag in Sweetheart's Castle garden, after being hurt by one of the statues:

* Kel: Alright, Sweetheart... You asked for this!
* Kel: HI-YAHHHH!!
* Kel: ... Dang... I missed.
* Aubrey: Oh, silly Kel! You're not going to knock out anything throwing like that!
* Aubrey: Why don't you try aiming for once?
* Kel: Huh? Aim? I can do that?
* Aubrey: Of course! Even you can aim, Kel!
* Kel: Alright! I'll give it my best shot!


Hero's tag animation in Headspace.
Hero's tag animation in the real world.

While leading, Hero can use his charm to persuade NPCs, receiving discounts on mailboxes and the toll gates Gator Guys, opening Club sandwich after defeating Mr. Jawsum (only needed on the first one) or to receive items from various NPCs who are thankful for his actions prior to the events of the game, a complete list of the latter can be found below. Like Aubrey, Hero needs to be the leader when doing his power-up event and gain his extra 20 attack, in Faraway Town, Hero's able to use his charm to convince the Recycultists inside the HQ to join Sunny's party, necessary in order to reach their leader, the Recyclepath.

Hero is the second party member that the player learns its tag's properties, allowing the party to change the directions of a conveyor belt by talking to Mr. Conveyor-bot:

* Kel: Hey, Mr. Conveyor-bot! Switch up those conveyor belts for us already!
* Mr. Conveyor-bot: Bzzt... Hmph... Rude person...
* Aubrey: You can't just yell orders at people, Kel! Geez! Have some tact, will you?

If Hero is already tagged:

* Hero: Now, now... There's no need to fuss. I'll handle this one!

If Hero is not tagged:

* Hero: Now, now... There's no need to fuss. I'll handle this one! Tag me, Omori!

After the charm animation:

* Hero: Greetings, Sir Conveyor-bot. My companions and I require your assistance in changing the directions of your conveyors. Will you and your friends please help us?
* Mr. Conveyor-bot: Bzzzzzt! Ahh... Hmm... Nice person... Okay... 

Charm rewards

If Hero talks to certain NPCs all over Headspace he can sometimes get a reward.

NPC Reward Location
Mountain 4-Leaf Clover Train Station, waiting in the line to the train
Goosey 100 clams Train Station, in the line to the train
Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Train Station, in the line to the train
Smol Friendship Bracelet Otherworld Campsite, in his home
Lone Mole Donut Otherworld Outskirts, protected by transit cones
Batzy Butt Peach Soda Sprout Mole Colony, nearby his TV on the far left
Box Mole Sno-Cone Sprout Mole Village, nearby its cristmas tree
Bones 300 clams & 301 clams Sweetheart's Dungeon, nearby one of the various buttons and near the entrance to the torture room, respectively
Tiffany Darling Mango Smoothie Sweetheart's gallery
Mina Waffle Orange Oasis, in her home
Ricoli Ravioli Cheese Wheel Orange Oasis, near the entrance to Dino's Dig
Basket Case Nerdy Glasses Last Resort, at the casino area
Silker 440 clams Last Resort, at the casino area
Krispy Confetti Last Resort, at the casino area
Wolf 143 clams Last Resort, in one of the hotel rooms, unavailable during the epilogue.
Shamboo Dynamite Last Resort, at the concierge
Touchdown Watermelon Juice Last Resort, at the concierge
City Slicker Milk Underwater Highway, the biker gang near the submarine
Jet Setter Cool Glasses Underwater Highway, the biker gang near the submarine
Skull Crusher Poetry Book Underwater Highway, the biker gang near the submarine
Brick Whole Chicken Underwater Highway, the biker gang near the submarine
Seacows Combo Meal Deep Well, inside the barn of the seacow farm
Hoagie 5000 clams The fourth and last Club Sandwich room that was visited


Headspace polaroids

Faraway Town polaroids

Kel's throwing inventory


  • The background of the pictures in the dream world is the area's battle background where the party tagged. This interaction sometimes bugs out, leaving only an empty battle background without the polaroid.
  • During battle, the beginning text will change depending on the party leader.
  • As seen above, there is an animation for all sides, despite Kel only using his tag while facing away from the camera,
  • On a similar topic, both Faraway Aubrey and Kel only look up during their animations.
  1. Controlled by the common event 81, she has 1/3 chance of finding a tofu when inside Sweetheart's Dungeon, everywhere else it has a 20% chance for 2 clams, 10 clams or 25 clams, 10% for 30 clams and 30% for 250 clams, approximately.
  2. Controlled by the common event 82, Aubrey has 1% chance of finding a computer part, 2% for dead batteries, cardboard, glass bottle and cans, and lastly 90% chance of finding nothing, approximately.