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The Hangman game is one of the major plot points in Omori. The hangman game features a girl being hanged and keyboard keys, that serve as the letters.


All Routes

Upon returning to White Space after conquering Sunny's fear of heights, Omori will begin the Hangman game when he checks his laptop. Keys scattered throughout Headspace must be collected to spell out the solution: "Welcome to Black Space." Incorrect letters will slowly cause a figure to be drawn, although it is impossible to run out of guesses on the True Route.

Completing the phrase is a requirement to progress; the entrance to Black Space under Basil's house will not open until it is completed.

Hikikomori Route

If Sunny chooses to stay indoors for all three days, or alternatively goes outside on the first day and ignores Kel on the second day, three previously inaccessible letters can be collected, allowing Omori to "lose" Hangman by collecting every single letter. Doing so is a requirement to access The Abyss.

Contrary to popular belief, losing Hangman is not a requirement to enter Black Space 2. This is instead linked to defeating the three Phobia bosses in the Lost Library.

Key Locations

Day 1

LetterA.png In the grass near a stump.

South of the Stump that leads into Neighbor's room.
LetterC.png Between giant pinwheels.

On a bench in Pinwheel Forest.
LetterD.png Near a castoff cartridge.

On top of a container in the Junkyard.
LetterE.png Underneath a wet pillow.

Found underneath a pillow after deafeating Space Ex-Boyfriend.
LetterF.png Within a large frame.

Inside the dark area in the barn in the Otherworld.

Day 2

LetterH.png In a lost pyre's flame.

Found at the end of the Lost Forest.
LetterI.png Lying in a dark cell.

Found in a cell inside of the Dungeon.
LetterJ.png Trapped in a pink cell.

Found north of the kitchen inside of Sweetheart's Castle.
LetterK.png In a hall of framed faces.

Found in the art room in Sweetheart's Castle.
LetterL.png Far below a big stage.

Found in the Lost Library.
LetterX.png At the end of a map.

Found buried under a pile on the third floor of Dino's Dig. Use the Treasure Map as a guide.

Day 3

LetterM.png Spending time with a frog.

Found at the bottom of the Deep Well entrance.
LetterN.png Near a game of roulette

Found in the Last Resort.
LetterO.png Amongst other O's

Found in Ghost Party.
LetterP.png In a water closet.

Found in the men's restroom in the Last Resort.
LetterQ.png In a small moving room.

Found in an elevator in the Last Resort.
LetterR.png At the end of a plank

Found on a platform in the Vast Forest bridge. Accessible from the construction site in the Last Resort.
LetterS.png Within a live shell.

Found in a shell in the Endless Highway.
LetterT.png In a large bubbly tank.

Found in the same room as Experiment 667 in Humphrey. Otherwise, gets regurgitated by Humphrey after he has been defeated.
LetterU.png Surrounded by goo.

Found in the water current section in Humphrey.
LetterV.png Captured in a steel trap.

Found caged in Humphrey.
LetterW.png In the gut of a whale.

Regurgitated by Humphrey after he's been defeated.

Hikikomori Route

LetterG.png Beneath a trap door.

Found in the igloo leading to Snowglobe Mountain.
LetterY.png In a field of white snow.

Found in the field between the igloo and Snowglobe Mountain.
LetterZ.png Past the end of the road.

Found in the Abyss.


If Omori collects a correct key, the key will leave a hole that can be interacted with. These events will happen in this order.

You feel a cold breeze

Omori is prompted to reach into the hole. Doing so will make him feel a cold breeze.

You felt someone hold your hand

Omori is prompted again to reach into the hole. Doing so will make a hand reach out for him and hold his for a few seconds.

Scribbled Photos

Omori falls into Basil's real life room. There's several photos strewn around from the real life Photo Album on the ground. All of them were scribbled with a black pen.


Omori is prompted to look into the hole. Doing so will show many Somethings in a dark void.

Video Tapes

Omori falls into a dark void with a television and two tapes. Omori can now choose one of the two tapes. The left one is labelled "Omori" and the right one "Basil".

Video Tape: Omori

The tape labelled "Omori" shows Sunny trying to play on a piano accompanied with static noise.

Video Tape: Basil

The tape labelled "Basil" shows Basil looking afraid down and then at the camera.


Omori falls under water. He passes Hellmari while doing so.


Omori is prompted to look into the hole. Doing so will show a dark reflection that depicts Sunny with red eyes.


Something hovers out of the hole.

You are not my son

Omori falls into a clearing in the Lost Forest. North of where he fell is a man that is trying to cut down a tree. If interacted, the man will say: "Stay away... You are not my son..." and "Why won't you fall?".

Screenshots of the Locations


Losing Hangman in the alternate route will result in the game crashing after a minor jumpscare. However, the game will make an autosave before this happens, and reopening the game will immediately load the data, resulting in no progress loss.


  • Early in development, the Keys were called "Blackletter(s)."
  • Basil's tape originally had a few frames before it. These frames depicted Basil staring at Mari, who fell down the stairs.
    • This was likely cut due to revealing the nature of Mari's death - a major plot point - too early in the story.
  • The "You are not my son" room can be accessed normally through Black Space 2.
  • No other character beyond Omori will acknowledge the Hangman game, nor its letters.
  • Notably, Omori is also the only character capable of picking up letters. If anyone else is tagged, the letters will be blurry and impossible to collect.