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This article is about Snaley as a character. For the enemy, see: Snaley (enemy).

Snaley is a character in OMORI. They are found in several locations in Headspace and can be fought as an enemy in the Deep Well.



Snaley is first encountered in Otherworld and blocks the way to the Junkyard. After Omori and his party enter the Junkyard through Space Boyfriend's House, Snaley will allow access to the Junkyard. Shortly after the mixtape is taken from Rosa, Snaley will be kicked aside and exploded by Pluto.

Sweetheart's Castle

Snaley is the third contestant in Sweetheart's Quest for Hearts show. When the power goes out, he is hit by electric discharge and disintegrated.

Underwater Highway

In the construction site of the Underwater Highway, Snaley is able to be fought three times. In the first two battles, he says to stop before being defeated and awards Omori with coffee. In the third battle he is defeated, Omori finds coffee, and Snaley has disappeared.


The last place Snaley is found is within Medusa's section of Humphrey. He remarks that Humphrey's stomach acid is a "nice looking pool" and jumps in.