Neighbor's Room

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Neighbor's Room is a location in OMORI. It is the room that is subsequent to White Space.


The Neighbor's Room is a colourful room that resembles the treehouse in Sunny's backyard. It is where Omori and his friends hang out or meet up before going on an adventure.
At the bottom is the entrance to White Space and to the top is a staircase that leads to the Vast Forest.

Before Omori walks out, a snake will give him an allowance for the day, this allowance gets bigger as more days pass.

A counter can be found here, on it are: baseball bat, a neatly wrapped present, a blender, a fluffy pillow shaped like the head of a girl, a toaster, and a photo of someone familiar.
In the room, there is also: A table with a plate on top, a single bean on that plate, several flowers, a TV, a house plant that resembles the enemy Potted Plant, a deck of cards, and a tentacle.

The Big Yellow Cat watches over the room and its inhabitants and a tree has grown into the room.
Omori and his friends can play with the deck of cards if they choose to.




  • The Big Yellow Cat's Eyes follow Omori around the room.
  • The clock on the wall indicates that it is 6:10.
    It is unknown if it actually means anything.
  • For some reason, in the game files this room's name is written in british english meanwhile neighbor's bedroom's name is written in american english.