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Important items, or just "Important" as seen in-game, are key items for quests or utility items that can be used outside of combat.
Below is a list of each important item within the game's content, a more concise list can be found in Category:Important items.
The list does not contain items that can't be seen in the menu, like the Keys and polaroids.

Dream world

Image Name Description
Foe facts.png Foe Facts! A journal for keeping track of foes!
Key.png Junkyard key A key to the Junkyard.
Mixtape.png Special mixtape Rightfully belongs to Space Boyfriend.
Ticket.png Show Tickets Front-row tickets to an electrifying show.
The best seats in the house!
Cool key card.png Cool Key Card Gives employee-only access to the
5TH floor of Last Resort.
Cooler key card.png V.I.P. key card Cooler than the cool key card.
Wooden track.png Track Can be used to complete railroads.
Cooler key card.png Slimy Key Card Used to go deeper into Humphrey's mouth... again.
Just a formality.
Emotion Chart (icon).png Emotion Chart A guide all about emotions, drawn by Hero.
Joke book.png Joke Book Jokes can be recorded in here.
Air horn.png Big Airhorn For waking up a sleepy sprout mole.
B.E.D..png B.E.D. A.K.A. The Better Exhaustion Destroyer.
Blackmail.png Blackmail Contains details of Rosa's dark past.
Strange list (icon).png Strange List A strange list from a strange girl.
Interesting book.png Interesting Book It's... interesting.
Thingamabob.png Thingamabob Not sure what this is...
For TV Girl.
Whathamacallit.png Whatchamacallit Not sure what this is...
For TV Girl.
Doohickey.png Doohickey Not sure what this is...
For TV Girl.
Package.png Care Package (important item) To be delivered to Sprout Mole Colony.
Check.png Giant Check A check for 1000000 clams. Wow...
Spooky map.png Spooky Map Points the way to a ghoulish feast.
Batteries.png Batteries Lifeforce.
Orange crest.png Orange Crest A sacred family crest.
Teddy bear.png Teddy Bear Candlie's lost friend.
Rat meat.png Rat Meat Used to make Marina's new body.
Snot.png Snot Used to make Medusa's new body.
Scrap metal.png Scrap Metal Used to make Molly's new body.
Fossil.png Thank-You Fossil A fossilized thank-you card.
Pessis thing (icon).png Pessi's Thing Should we be looking at this?
Spoon.png Potato spoon A big spoon made from potatoes.
Spoon.png Plastic Spoon A big spoon made from plastic.
Wooden spoon.png Wooden Spoon A big spoon made from wood.
Silver spoon.png Silver Spoon A big spoon made from silver.
Certificate.png Butt Certificate Proof Aubrey has a hard head.
Puzzle.png Flower Puzzle A perfect combination of flower and puzzle.
Ancient code.png Ancient Code A mysterious code... What could it mean?
Sprout mask.png Sprout Mole Masks Masks made of sprout moles.
Matchbox.png Matchbox Used to light candles.
Bad drawing.png Bad Drawing Who... or what is this supposed to be?
Clems.png Clems The currency of the future...
Recipe.png Recipe 4 Disaster A most disastrous recipe.
Sheet.png Sheet Music (dream world)
Pyramid key.png Pyramid Key Used to open up gates in Dino's Dig.
Treasure map (icon).png Treasure Map "X" marks the spot.
Train pass.png Train Pass Can be used at the Train station.
Grants unlimited train rides!
Sno-cone ticket.png Sno-Cone Ticket Can be used at a Sno-cone machine.
Actual mole (icon).png Actual Mole (important item) WHAT IN TARNATION!?
Interesting book.png Self-Help Guide A book all about battles, written by Hero.
Mixtape.png Mixtape (important) A mixtape.
Album.png Photo Album Basil's most precious belonging.

Real world

Image Name Description
Steak.png Cold Steak Your favorite food, when it is warm.
Steak.png Microwaved Steak Your favorite food.
Candy bag.png Big bag of candy Every kid's dream... It can also be used
as a form of bribery.
Contains taffy.
Meat.png Meat Used for making hamburgers.
Fish.png Fish A cat's favorite food.
Sketch.png Small Sketch A gift from Mincy.
Steak.png Cold Steak Needs to be heated up in the microwave.
Steak.png Lukewarm Steak Half-hot, half-cold.
Gift.png Hero's gift "Papa chip's chip-off-the-old-block cookbook".
Wow, that's a mouthful.
Pizza order.png "Pizza" Order An order for a Hero sandwich...
instead of pizza...
Bakery order.png Bakery Order An order for delicious cookies from
Othermart bakery.
Meal.png Homecooked Meal It's cold... Needs to be microwaved.
Meal.png Microwaved Meal Ah, yes... Dinner is ready.
Toy box Key.png Toy Box Key The key to the truth.
Seashell.png Seashell She sells sea shores by the seashells.
Rare card.png Rare Card There are only four of its kind.
CD.png Nostalgic CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Celestial CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Merry CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Devilish CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Otherworldly CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Lively CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Brutal CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Ethereal CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Ghoulish CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Tranquil CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Chill CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Dynamic CD Can be played at a jukebox.
CD.png Secret CD Can be played at a jukebox.
Trash.png Trash Smelly and gross!
Bubble wrap.png Bubble Wrap (important) Therapeutic packaging.
Arcade piece.png Arcade Piece A gift from a stray cat.
Prescription.png Prescription Refill at the pharmacy.
Id card.png ID Card Belongs to Yellow Bun Granny.
Lunchbox.png Lunchbox A homemade gift for Guitar Guy.
Letter.png Letter For Dad A gift for Thick Eyebrows.
Garden shears.png Garden Shears Return to Red Glasses Lady.
Green flyer (icon).png Green Flyer “Looking for a local math tutor for my son, Brent!
$20.00 a day!"
Blue flyer (icon).png Blue Flyer "Looking for a local language tutor for my daughter, Joy!
$20.00 a day!"
Remote.png TV Remote (important) Prone to getting lost.
Medicine.png Granny's Medicine For yellow Bun Granny.
Lamp.png Floor Lamp A stylish lamp for a Fashionable Mom.
Missing teeth.png Missing Teeth Someone is probably really missing these.
Coin.png Coin Used to make wishes.
Album.png Photo Album Basil's most precious belonging.

Black space

Image Name Description
Bulb.png Light Bulb Will reveal the truth.
Sheet.png Sheet Music Sheet music for your last recital.
Flower crown.png Flower Crown (important) Belongs to Basil.
Dollars.png Twenty Dollars It's Twenty dollars.
Album.png Photo Album Basil's most precious belonging.


  • There are some items that have multiple entries that are not listed in here, one in particular is Charlene's Flower clip (real world), which have is almost identical to the charm, but with no stats and a "SHOULD BE EQUIP" message.