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This article is about the playable character Aubrey. For the enemy, see: Aubrey (enemy).

Aubrey is one of the three main deuteragonists in OMORI that join Omori's party. When Aubrey is tagged, she can smash obstacles with a bat.



In Headspace, Aubrey wears a light-green dress and has a pink bow in her hair. She does not wear socks or shoes and her hair and eyes are purple.

In the real world, Aubrey looks significantly different and appears much older than her dream counterpart. She has her hair dyed pink, wears a crop top with a varsity jacket over it, a jean skirt, and a green headband. She also carries a baseball bat with nails hammered into it.


In headspace, Aubrey is very cheerful and is always happy to see Omori, with some dialogue implying she has a crush on him. She becomes sad and worried quite easily, and is the most anxious of the five characters when Basil goes missing. She has a tense relationship with Kel, arguing with him regularly, usually resulting in mediation from Hero or Mari.

In the real world, she has changed significantly since Mari's death. She is cold and hostile to her old friends at the beginning of the game, due to her believing they abandoned her when she needed them most. She is short-tempered and violent, having frequent outbursts. Alongside The Hooligans, she bullies Basil, going as far as to steal Basil's photo album. However, this is due to the fact that she believes Basil scribbled out the photos. She also goes to church every week in an attempt to find peace after Mari's death. As the game progresses, she eventually reveals why she stole Basil's photo album and manages to reconcile with Sunny, Kel, and Hero, as well as Basil himself.


Aubrey was born on May 23rd[1] to her unnamed mother and father on the same year as Sunny, Kel, and Basil. She lived with her parents at their house, though it is suggested that they may have lived in squalor. At some point, she became friends with Mari, Sunny, Hero, Kel, and Basil. As children, they often played together.

Mari's death, Hero's departure for college, as well as her dad leaving her family caused her to feel angry and isolated. She became upset that her friends had all stopped talking to each other, believing them to have abandoned her. At one point, she is so desperate to reconnect with them that she begs Basil to let her study at his house after school. He reluctantly agrees, but acts cold and refuses to speak with her. While he is in the bathroom, she looks at his photo album only to find that they had been scribbled out with black marker. Furious, she takes the album and cleans the photos, becoming alienated from Basil and tormenting him.

She then became the leader of the local delinquents, The Hooligans, and spends a majority of her time with them at the beginning of the game.


Normal Route

Day 1

Sunny and Kel see Basil begging Kim to tell Aubrey to give him back his photo album at Faraway Park. Kim refuses to help Basil, and Kel confronts her, telling her to leave Basil alone. This causes a commotion at which point Aubrey shows up with her new group of friends: The Hooligans.

Kel tries to reason with Aubrey but she insists on fighting both him and Sunny. Regardless of whether or not Sunny uses the knife during the battle, Aubrey will notice it and become upset, leaving the park with The Hooligans.

Sunny and Kel later find her at the church. Kel pushes her to return the photo album, and says that Mari would be sad to see that they have all stopped being friends. She retaliates, stating that Mari is dead and that after her death they abandoned her. She says that the reason she goes to church every week is that she is still trying to find peace after Mari's death. She becomes angry when Kel mentions that Basil told them she stole the photo album, stating that she is keeping it safe. Kel refuses to believe this, but still apologizes for not being there after Mari's death. Aubrey refuses his apology, and a fight ensues. During the fight, many of the church patrons gossip about Aubrey, implying that she is out of control due to her father leaving her family.

After the fight, Aubrey leaves, and Kel and Sunny see her throwing away the Photo Album. They retrieve it from the trash, but find that some of the photos are missing.

Day 2

She and the Hooligans are seen bullying Basil in the secret hangout behind the park. A fight ensues, and The Hooligans leave, leaving Kel, Sunny, Basil, and Aubrey alone. Aubrey is overwhelmed with emotion and angrily questions why they keep coming back into her life. Kel berates her for bullying Basil, and she retaliates by pushing Basil into the lake. After Hero saves Basil, she is regretful of her actions, but the party does not forgive her, not understanding why she is so angry with Basil. She is left alone by the lake.

Day 3

Aubrey's best friend Kim knocks on Sunny's door and asks him to go check on her because she won't leave her house. All of the hooligans are outside her house and are worried about her. The party enters her house to discover trash scattered everywhere and her mother unresponsive and fixated in front of the TV. They go into her room, angering her, but Hero is able to calm her down. They have a heart-to-heart talk and she makes up with everyone, apologizing to them. They find the missing photos, all of which are pictures of Mari, and she says she took them because it was all she had left of Mari. They put them back in the photo album and she joins the party.

The party reminisces at some spots in town, and then they go visit their old treehouse. She leaves her pink pinwheel in the stump of the tree where Mari was found dead and starts being open with everyone about her feelings.

Then they go to Basil's house and, even though he won't open his door, she apologizes sincerely to him. They all sleep in the living room, with her taking the couch.

Day 4

In the Good Ending, she is seen standing beside Basil's hospital bed alongside everyone.

Hikikomori Route

Aubrey cannot be seen at all in the real world during the Hikikomori Route, since Sunny never leaves his house. In Headspace, her character remains the same as in the Normal Route, with some additional dialogue added in the stages of Headspace only unlockable through completing the Headspace Reset.


Skills have a basic 20% variation in damage (Excepting those with a fixed amount and release Energy).
DEF refers to Enemy's DEF unless stated otherwise.

Skill Description Detailed Description Source
Pep Talk Makes a friend or foe happy.
Costs MP.png 5 juice.
Inflicts increasing tier of happy to friend or foe, according to the tier it's already afflicted. Basic
Attack Aubrey's basic attack. Deals 2 * ATK - DEF Basic
Guard Acts first, reducing damage taken for 1 turn.
Costs MP.png 0 juice.
Default Guard skill shared with all party members, decrease damage taken by 50%. Basic
Counter All foes target Aubrey for 1 turn. If Aubrey is attacked, she attacks.
Costs MP.png 5 juice.
Taunts all target, if hit by a single target skill, she will retaliate with a normal attack. Level 6
Twirl Aubrey attacks a foe and becomes happy.
Costs MP.png 10 juice.
Deals 2 * ATT + LCK - DEF to a target and turns Aubrey happy, if she is already happy, turns ecstasic. Level 10
Team Spirit Makes Aubrey and a friend happy.
Costs MP.png 10 juice.
Turns Aubrey and her target happy, or advance their tier of happiness to ecstasic/manic. Level 11
Power Hit An attack that ignores a foe's defense, then reduces the foe's defense.
Costs MP.png 20 juice.
Deals 2 * ATK damage to the target, ignoring its defense, as well as decreasing its defense by 25%, up to a maximum of 3 times (-75%), for 6 turns. Level 14
Mood Wrecker A swing that doesn't miss. Deals extra damage to happy foes.
Costs MP.png 10 juice.
Deals 3 * ATK - DEF if the target is happy, ecstasic or manic. Does 2.25 * ATK - DEF otherwise. Level 17
Wind-up Throw Damages all foes. Deals more damage the less enemies there are.
Costs MP.png 20 juice.
Deals 3 * ATK - DEF if there is one enemy, 2.5 * ATK - DEF if there are two enemies alive, other will do 2 * ATK - DEF damage. Level 20
Mash If this skill defeats a foe, recover 100% juice.
Costs MP.png 15 juice.
Deals 2.5 * ATK - DEF damage, if it's a killing blow, restore 100% of Aubrey's juice. Level 23
Beatdown Attacks a foe 3 times.
Costs MP.png 30 juice.
Deals 2 * ATK - DEF as damage to a single target 3 times. Level 27
Last Resort Deals damage based on Aubrey's heart, but Aubrey becomes Toast.
Costs MP.png 50 Juice.
Deals 4 * HP (Current HP, not max HP) as damage to an enemy, but turns Aubrey into Toast. Level 30
Headbutt Deals big damage, but Aubrey also takes damage. Stronger when Aubrey is angry.
Costs MP.png 5 juice.
Deals 3 * ATK - DEF if Aubrey is angry or enraged, otherwise does 2.5 * ATK - DEF, damaging at up to 20% of her heart. Berly




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