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gender Female
location Faraway Town

Mincy is an aspiring artist who can be found throughout Faraway Town, sketching her surroundings. She can be spoken with every morning and afternoon to encourage her art.


3 Days Left

In the morning, she can be found at the Faraway Park. Upon speaking with her, Kel will comment on her art. She is surprised by the complement, and Kel asks the Sunny if he agrees or not. Either way Kel says Sunny likes it too, giving Mincy some more encouragement.

In the afternoon, Mincy can be found drawing the fruits in Othermart. Kel will yet again encourage her saying the apples look delicious, and asks Sunny if he agrees. Yet again the choice doesn't matter.

2 Days Left

In the morning, Mincy can be found in the Candy Store of Othermart. She is drawing the candy of the store, commenting she might pick some up after she's done. Kel encourages her again by telling her she should show it to Miss Candice.

In the afternoon, Mincy can be found in the garden area of Fix-It, trying to draw one of each flower. Kel encouarges her by letting her know him and Sunny are her number 1 and 2 fans respectively.

1 Day Left

In the morning, Mincy can be found at the Church. She comments on the slightly different shading of the center stained glass, which Kel reveals was from him breaking the original with a ball. Mincy says she thinks it looks nicer with the variety.

In the afternoon, Mincy can be seen for the final time back at Faraway where she first was. If she was spoken to every other time, she will thank Kel and Sunny for encouraging her to keep drawing, and gives them a Small Sketch of the two as a token of thanks to them, promising to never forget them.

Moving Day

If the good ending is obtained and you received Mincy's sketch, she will leave Sunny daisies for him.



  • Mincy is likely based on Minced, on of the artists for the game.