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Emotion Chart (icon).png

The Emotion Chart is an important item in OMORI.


A guide all about emotions, drawn by Hero. Wow...


It's obtained after defeating the second Lost Sprout Mole during the tutorial section of the game, given by Hero to explain how emotion works.


Using this item outside of combat will bring up the image seen below, giving a basic understanding of how the emotion system works.

The emotion chart.


  • It's theorized that the characters chosen to represent the emotions closely coordinate with how they responded to Mari's death in reality:
  • Kel chose to act like nothing was wrong, focusing on sports and making new friends to keep his mind off the tragedy.
  • Aubrey, feeling abandoned by her friends, became a violent delinquent to cope.
  • Hero fell into a deep depression and became a hikikomori for a year, until Kel helped him recover.
  • Sunny repressed everything related to the incident and stopped emoting, hence why Omori represents Neutral.
  • The only emotion left out of the chart, Afraid, incidentally fits Basil, who became deeply traumatized and paranoid over his actions.
  • Many things related to Hero have a short "Wow..." at the end of a phrase, in this case, the description, this can be seen in other items and dialogues in both the dream and in the real world.