Dino's Dig

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Dino's Dig is a location in OMORI. It is a sub-area of Orange Oasis, and can be accessed by entering the large pyramid in the central area of Orange Oasis. Inside Dino's Dig, the player can spend 100 Clams to dig for treasure using Spoons.

Notable Areas


Inside the lobby, the player can choose to dig for treasure in the Food Pyramid by spending 100 Clams. The player can also buy spoons for Dino Dollars, which are received through digging in the Food Pyramid. The spoons sold are as followed:

Food Pyramid

Inside the Food Pyramid, the player can dig for treasure. They start on the 1st floor, but can progress to later floors by digging up Pyramid Keys.

1st floor

The first floor of the Food Pyramid contains the Ancient Code and Hector, allowing the player to complete the respective Hector quest.

2nd floor

The second floor of the Food Pyramid contains Oragne Joe, allowing the player to complete Orange Joe's quest The Conviction of Orange Joe.

3rd floor

4th floor