Small Sketch

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The Small Sketch is an important item in OMORI.


A gift from Mincy.


Obtained on the end of the third day of the true route after interacting with Mincy in all her drawing spots during each day:

  • Near the swings during the first day's morning and in the produce section of Othermart during the sunset.
  • During second day's morning, she can be found inside the candy shop and in the garden section of Fix-It during the sunset.
  • During the third day's morning she can be found in the church and and in the park near the swings during the sunset.

Completing this also rewards with her flower in the Hospital during the final moments of the true route.


The sketched when used from the inventory.

This item serves no purpose in practice, but can be used to see a nice sketch made by Mincy representing both Kel and Sunny.