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The Last Resort's area logo

Last Resort is a location in OMORI. It is the fourth story-related area, accessible on Two Days Left and later.
This area connects to the Deep Well, Underwater Highway, and Ghost Party.


The Last Resort is the main area in Deep Well, and it can be accessed after Omori overcomes his fear of drowning. From the outside, it appears to be a hotel shaped like a pirate ship. The inside consists of a large lobby, a basement floor, and four higher floors.


All routes

After Omori arrives in Deep Well on Two Days Left, he takes a taxi to the Last Resort. There, he finds Kel outside, who tells him that everyone at the playground works here now, as they were tricked into signing contracts. (On the Hikikomori Route, Kel says this at the North Lake and then accompanies Omori to Deep Well.) Kel's job is to point people to the resort, but he appears unsatisfied with his job and tells Omori about his plan to get Hero and Aubrey to quit. The two friends then talk to Mari, who's sitting outside the resort. She greets Omori and reminds Kel of the friends' mission to find Basil.

Once Omori and Kel enter Last Resort, planning to head to the 5th floor (where Aubrey works), Kel tells Omori that he needs to go to the bathroom before they use the elevator. The two of them go inside the boys' bathroom and then are free to use the elevator after Omori makes Kel wash his hands. Kel greets Mari in the elevator, attempts to go to the 5th floor, and then realizes that he needs a Cool Key Card in order to do so, as his was confiscated after he lost it too many times.

Finally, the two friends make their way up to the 5th floor after finding the keycard on the 2nd floor. However, they run into Berly, who tells them that, as the head of security, she can't let them through: the boss doesn't want any disturbances. Luckily, after Kel lies about Omori wanting to a job, she agrees to let them through as long as they give her a Bottled Water.

In the next room, Omori and Kel find Aubrey, who's working as a secretary. She seems frazzled, as her phone is ringing off the hook and she's facing constant scheduling conflicts. At first, she tells Kel to go away, but he helps to calm her down. Once she sees Omori, her mood improves further and she realizes that she wants to leave. Unfortunately, Mr. Jawsum calls right at that moment. Kel greets him and tells him he's quitting and bringing Aubrey with him, so Mr. Jawsum gets angry and asks for them both to come to his office.

When the three friends take the elevator up to Mr. Jawsum's office, he restates the terms of his contract: the friends have agreed to work for him for the rest of their lives without pay. He explains that a contract is a promise, and Kel agrees that a promise shouldn't be broken. Aubrey, however, isn't so easily fooled, and she says that the friends' promise to find Basil means more than the contract. Mr. Jawsum decides to allow her and Omori to leave, as long as Kel goes with them, and the trio is about to exit when Kel realizes they have forgotten about Hero.

Kel asks to bring Hero with them as well, which Mr. Jawsum thinks is a joke. He explains that Hero is his best employee, and at that moment, Hero walks into the office. Hero lists all the work he has done for the fundraiser, clearly having gone above and beyond, and Mr. Jawsum praises him, telling him he might even consider paying him one of these days. At this point, Hero notices Kel, Aubrey, and Omori. He greets them normally, but they both become disappointed as they realize he has forgotten about Basil. Hero comes to his senses, however, and says that the four friends need to get out of the Last Resort. Mr. Jawsum objects, talking about the contract, and Hero says that his friends are more important than a measly piece of paper. Mr. Jawsum takes this as a sign of disrespect; he becomes angry and calls in Gator Guys, triggering a boss fight.

The friends are able to defeat Mr. Jawsum and his employees, but instead of letting them leave, he calls in his other ultimate employee: Pluto. Pluto takes on a stronger form, seemingly destroying the office and triggering a second boss fight. After the friends defeat him and Mr. Jawsum's office returns to normal, Pluto attempts to finish them off for good, but Mr. Jawsum stops him before he can do anything more. Finally, he reluctantly agrees to let the friends go.

Once the four friends have returned to the Last Resort's lobby, they resume their search for Basil. They decide to ask the resort's residents if anyone has seen Basil, but they realize they need to draw a picture of him so people will know what he looks like. Unfortunately, they can't fully remember or agree on what he looks like, so the plan is scrapped when the drawing turns out terribly. Instead, Hero suggests that they search around the Deep Well, and Omori and the others exit the Last Resort.

Hikikomori route

On One Day Left, Omori and his friends can return to Mr. Jawsum's office to find it in disrepair. Mr. Jawsum explains that business has not been doing well ever since Hero left, and he has decided to retire from the Last Resort and pursue his other business ventures. He gives Hero a Giant Check (which can be used in the Feed Humphrey sidequest) and tells him that he wants Hero to take over the Last Resort. He then changes into a stereotypical tourist outfit, proclaiming that it's time for him to take a vacation. With that, he leaves. Under Hero's leadership, Omori's friends are now allowed to return to the playground, and Hero is addressed as "boss" or "bossman" by the resort's employees.

Notable areas


The Last Resort itself is a large building in the shape of a pirate ship. On its "mast" flies a striped red and white flag, and the "ship" itself has several cracks and holes in it. One of these holes is the resort's entrance, which has a mailbox next to it along with a boombox, while another looks like a mouth. In fact, the triangles affixed to the ship under the mast and above the mouth-shaped hole resemble the fin and eye of Mr. Jawsum.

Leading up to the resort is a path populated with several Goomans as well as watermelons positioned behind barrels. The path also has a boombox in the front, which plays "Last Resort" when interacted with. After Omori, Aubrey, Kel, and Hero leave the resort, they are able to interact with the cardboard cutout: different dialogue triggers depending on who the leader of the party is. Additionally, Shady Mole will appear on the path if the Pessi's Thing quest has been completed.

On the left side of the resort, Mari is sitting on her picnic blanket. Behind her is a Gator Guy, a joke, Renbi, and a toilet (from which the party can return to the Last Resort while in the Deeper Well). A city skyline is also visible, and the area is filled with materials and equipment for construction. On the right side of the resort, there are several picnic tables with umbrellas in front of a pool that leads to the Ghost Party. Notably, Sharleen works in this area.

Lobby/Casino (1F)

Entering from the outside leads to a large, symmetrical casino area that serves as a lobby for the Last Resort. Immediately in front of the entrance is the resort's front desk, where Nose works: two Gator Guy NPCs stand around it, while two Gator Guy enemies stand closer to the entrance. On the left of the desk, Shawn and Ren run in place in front of a small alcove with two armchairs and a table. An identical alcove is on the desk's right, with Basket Case standing in front of it. On the far left and right of the front desk area, there are two identical smaller areas with tables and stools. Sitting in the left area is Amelia and in the right area is a Gooman and Lulu.

From those areas, stairs lead up into two longer stretches of the room holding six slot machines each. Between these two stretches, the main casino area takes up the majority of the room. Here, there are four minibars surrounded by two blackjack tables each, with a single roulette table in the center. In the slot machine area on the left, James, Fiesta, and Soy Sauce can be found. In the one on the right, Krispy, Wollie, and Pinkbeard as well as the Space Pirate Chief can be found. In each one, there is a single Gator Guy enemy. Tiffany Darling, Dealer Jash, and Pam are at the minibar area on the top left; Lucy, Drew, and Hoffy are on the bottom left, as well as the N key; Rita, Russell, Spaghetti, and a Gator Guy NPC are on the top right; and Silker is on the bottom right. Finally, surrounding the roulette table are Julia, Brows, Cinder, and a Gooman.

Behind the floor with the blackjack and roulette tables are two bathrooms, as well as two Vending Machines and an assortment of tables. The boys' bathroom is accessible with only Kel and Omori in the party and is needed to continue the story, while the girls' bathroom can be accessed with either Aubrey later on or Omori after taking the Mysterious Potion. Inside the boys' bathroom, there is a Gator Guy NPC, the P key, and some graffiti stating "Snaley was here." Inside the girls' bathroom, there are an assortment of flowers, a Pink Mirror, a watermelon containing a Combo Meal and graffiti stating "You are beautiful!"

Finally, the far wall of the lobby contains three small areas. The alcoves on the left and right can be accessed by stairways leading up from the main casino area, or by walking straight ahead from the slot machine areas. It is important to note that the short stretch in between the alcoves and the other areas contain one Gator Guy enemy each. The alcove on the left contains a hot dog cart and Hot Dog Guy, a table with stools where Andrew and Brooke sit, Miggie next to two vending machines, and Shark Pickle. The alcove on the right contains a Gooman, a pool table, Bafino, Cesar, and a golden door leading to Club Sandwich. Between these two alcoves, and accessible from two stairways attached to the aforementioned short stretch of the area, is a platform containing two elevator doors and a shark tank. From these two elevators, the party can access the rest of the resort.

Basement (B1)

The basement is the lowest floor of the Last Resort. Burpmo can be found here in the area outside of the Gator Guys' break room, which the only door on the floor leads to. Once inside the break room, the party can encounter four Gator Guy NPCs. Other notable events and objects in the right half of the room include a watermelon containing a Punching Bag, a vending machine, a microwave with a Fish Taco in it, and a portrait of the "Employee of the Month" (this month's seems to be Hero). There is also a pizza sitting on the big table in the center of the break room. (After completing Berly's Bottled Water objective, she can be found here.) In the other half of the room, the floor changes from wood to tile, and the room's layout takes the appearance of a locker room. Here, there is a single Gator Guy NPC, a Poetry Book sitting on a bench, a Rotten Milk in a trash can, a Bottled Water in the top left locker, and finally, a Fruit Juice? in the locker on the bottom right.

Second floor (2F)

The second floor of the Last Resort consists of a hallway with two elevator entrances and two rooms. Outside of the two rooms are Happy, who is cleaning, Daisy, who is painting a flower on the wall, and Jogen, whom Omori can play rock-paper-scissors with. Inside the room on the left is a doll with an empty face. Throwing it out three times will alter its appearance to a "familiar doll", and interacting with it after defeating Humphrey will warp Omori to Faces of Omori. Inside the room on the right, Bangs (whose job is to be a bed tester), a Cool Key Card, and a Big Rubber Band in the trash can.

Third floor (3F)

The resort's third floor has the same layout as the previous floor; outside of the rooms are Bun and Barbaracoa. The room on the left holds the Life Jam Guy, as well as a trash can with a Big Rubber Band and a watermelon with a Clam Coin. The room on the right holds Lamb and Wolf, another trash can with another Big Rubber Band, and a watermelon with a Fedora.

Fourth floor (4F)

The fourth floor of the Last Resort once again has a similar layout to the previous floors, but there are construction materials scattered around the floor. There are also three Gator Guys wearing hard hats. Interacting with them will prompt dialogue about their mom (presumably Barbaracoa) visiting. The room to their left has a large ball pit and several rubber balls scattered around it; interacting with it with the full party causes a Break Time event. Next to the ball pit is a table holding a cigarette and glass of "fruit juice." The room to the right, on the other hand, is actually two separate areas. The first is an almost empty room populated by several wooden crates, one of which has a toilet on top with Ramen inside. In the middle of the room is Mustache Ghost, and behind it is a hole in the wall. This hole leads to the Construction Area.

Construction area

The construction area is made up of several levels connected by ladders and steel beams. On the first level, directly in front of the entrance, there is a ladder and several barrels. Going up the ladder, Mari is waiting at her picnic, with Neb to her left and a sculptor Gator Guy surrounded by sculpting materials to her right. (On the Hikikomori Route, the Gator Guy can be commissioned to make seven sculptures for 300 Clams each; this grants an achievement when done for the first time.) To the right of the entrance, there is a scripted encounter with a Gator Guy, meaning that walking within range will automatically trigger a fight. This happens several more times after following the ladders up and down, with the party also being able to encounter Van and Crusher Blast within the area. Additionally, after reaching the very top of the construction area's levels, there is a ladder leading to a previously unreachable part of a pier in Vast Forest where the R key can be collected.

Fifth floor/Concierge (5F)

The fifth floor is located at the top of the resort and contains two major locations as well as an elevator connecting to Mr. Jawsum's office. (It can be reached once the Cool Key Card is obtained.) The first location is a hallway connecting the hotel elevator to the concierge entrance, which contains several portraits of Mr. Jawsum's ancestors labeled with their names and lifespans. Temporarily, Berly is obscuring the door with two Gator Guys, but she will disappear from the location once she receives Bottled Water. Once inside the door, the party enters a large room populated with multiple NPCs waiting to meet with Mr. Jawsum. At the end of this room is the concierge desk, where Aubrey works (later Mira); it is surrounded by various tables, chairs, and shelves and several phones cover its surface. To the left of the desk is the elevator up to Mr. Jawsum's office.

Mr. Jawsum's office

In the center of this polished, square-shaped office is a large rectangular desk, housing Mr. Jawsum behind it the first time the party enters the room. To its left and right are two elevators with porthole-shaped windows above them, and between them is a picture of the city skyline as well as a portrait of Mr. Jawsum himself above it. (The elevator on the left later becomes a Pluto-shaped hole in the wall leading to a small construction platform where the party can trigger an encounter with him, and the elevator on the right connects to Treehouse Area on the Hikikomori route.) The office also contains several other structures, including a pool table, two shelves, and two floor lamps. This office is where the Mr. Jawsum (enemy) fight takes place, as well as the fight against Pluto (Expanded). It is also the location in which Hero rejoins the party, and is where the Feed Humphrey quest begins.





  • If not completed earlier in the game, Daisy's Daisy's Dilemma quest is still available to accept and complete at this point.
  • After completing this portion of the game, Hero receives the password to get into Club Sandwich, and the club's four locations are now accessible across the game.
  • Hero also receives a special key to make the elevator wait time notably faster, most likely a perk of his praiseworthy performance as an employee.
  • The Last Resort undergoes significant changes after Hero accepts ownership of the company: many NPCs leave, dialogue changes for most of those who stay, and the NPCs of Vast Forest return to their original places.
  • Once the party beats Mr. Jawsum and Pluto (Expanded), the Gator Guy enemies can no longer be fought.
  • Omocat revealed that the Last Resort and the Underwater Highway were inspired by their road trip to Las Vegas