Faraway Town

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Faraway Town is a location in OMORI. The player explores Faraway while Sunny is awake.


Faraway is the home town of Sunny and Mari, where grew up together with Kel, Hero, Aubrey and Basil.
Four years after Mari's untimely death, Hero has left for college and Sunny is moving away. Four days before moving away, Sunny meets with Kel for the first time in years to explore Faraway and to meet its various residents.


The streets are listed from top left to lower left, top right and lower right. The houses from left to right.

Sunny's Street

  • Sunny's house
  • Kel and Hero's house
  • Mikhael's house
  • All-American house

Aubrey's Street

  • Church
  • Gruff Guy's house
  • Karen and Sean's house
  • Clumsy Guy's house
  • Aubrey's house

Other Street

  • Principal's house
  • Kim's house
  • Thick Eyebrows' house
  • Charlene's house

Basil's Street

  • Basil's house
  • Wrinkly Forehead's house
  • Fashionable Mom's house
  • Artist's house

Faraway Park

  • Hangout Spot

Town Center

  • Hobeez
  • Gino's Pizza
  • Othermart
  • Fix-it



Throwing a coin into the fountain after the sleepover with Kel and Hero spawns a dollar bill depending on when it was done, here is a list:

Three days left:

When thrown in the morning: None spawns.

When thrown in the afternoon: A dollar bill spawns near Mikhael's house.

Two days left:

When thrown in the morning: a dollar bill spawns right near Kim's house.

When thrown in the afternoon: a dollar bill spawns hidden on the parking lot of the town center (between the rightmost two cars).

One day left:

When thrown in the morning: a dollar bill near the entrance of the church.

When thrown in the afternoon: a dollar bill spawns near Vance's house.


  • Omocat revealed that Faraway Town is based on "suburban America, a nostalgic and charming world you would know in real life."[1]
  • They further describe how being exposed to different types of households directly inspired a variety of different households in Faraway Town