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This article is about Stranger as an enemy. For the character, see: Stranger.

The Stranger is a boss enemy in OMORI, being found in several places throughout the game, but only fought at the end of the third day on the Hikikomori route.


The stranger has 9999 HP.png heart, 9999 MP.png juice, 10 attack, 99 defense, 99 speed, and 10 luck, he does not act directly during the battle, and instead, just talk with the character for 5 turns.
Before the battle, Stranger will force Sunny out of Omori's shell, forcing him to confront him, Sunny will have broken versions of his normal skill and will start the battle afraid, and is eventually forced to attack in no avail, on the end of the last turn, Stranger will do a single attack, dealing Sunny's health minus 1, before aborting the battle as Sunny runs away to find Omori.

Battle quotes

Action quotes

* Stranger strangles [target].

During battle

* Stranger: [player name]... All those times that I reached out to you... Why didn't you answer?
* Stranger: You promised me that we'd face this together... but you left me all alone.
* Stranger: If we can't face it together... at least we can be together here.
* Stranger: [player name]... I'll trap you down here with me forever.



  • It's referred in the troops files as "Shadow Basil".