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This page details the story and the plot of Omori.


The game "Omori" is about a kid named Sunny that overcomes the death (and his involvement in it) of his older sister, Mari.
At night, Sunny enters Headspace, a fantasy like dimension that was created to repress the death of his sister as much as possible.

At the start of the game, one of his former friends Basil, goes missing in Head Space and so Omori, an alter ego of Sunny of some sorts, and his former, now imaginary friends, Kel, Hero and Aubrey, go out to find him.
Every night ends with Omori being forcefully thrown into White Space by Something, the major antagonistic force in the game.

At day, Sunny moves around in Faraway Town. At the beginning of the game it is revealed that he will move in about 4 days. Kel, one of his former friends, reached out to him and spends his last few days in Faraway Town with him.
In tandem with both the night and day segments, the player must find out what has happened to Sunny, his older sister, and his friends.


Omori is paced by a day and night system. The game starts at the first day and ends on the last day.


Basil disappears, Sunny wakes up and eats something, overcomes fear of height, visits otherworld, gets woken up.

Three days left DAY

Kel knocks, Routes split.


Sunny sleeps a bit, sweeps the floor, sunny passes out and wakes up in a house full of spiders.

True Route

Both Routes

He goes up the stairs, completely surrounded by spiders, on the last steps is something, it turns into mari. then a giant spider swoops down and attacks Sunny. After this, he goes back to sleep.

Three days left night

Two days left day

Two days left night

One day left

The truth