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The Pain Area, otherwise known as "Suspense", is a room in Black Space. This room is the first room the player will enter in Black Space.


The Pain Area is a very large, open room, filled with strange, "broken" inhabitants that are all either in pain or dead. Upon first entering, Stranger will talk to Omori, mentioning that he can see his 'true self' in Black Space. He also questions whether Headspace was created to protect Black Space, or to hide it, and notes that either way, it has "grown stronger" than him.

There's several disturbing sights in this room, some of the most notable being a floating, dead whale, a giant Omori who seems to be melting, and a giant Something that now strongly resembles someone important. The key is located beneath a crudely drawn window at the end of the path.

After the key is collected, several Hands-kun will spawn. If Omori comes in contact with them they will teleport him back into the Black Space hub.


Stranger: "These rooms... are full of broken things... but at least in here, I can see who you really are."
Stranger: "The world that you created above this one... Did you make it to protect this place or to hide it away?"
Stranger: "Either way... it's become more powerful than you."
"So much pain... so much pain... so much pain..."

Cut Warp

Originally, if you positioned Omori between the black hands, near the window, he would've been warped to Looping Forest. This has been cut because the developers didn't have enough time to test it extensively.[1]

Alternative Entrance

Interacting with the broken television in the room where Download Window is fought while the Universal Remote is equipped on Omori will bring you here. There are no changes.


  • The music that is playing in the background in this area (named "Fleur") has the same leitmotif as the music from Neighbor's Room ("Lost at a sleepover").
  • This is most notable if fleur is played at two times speed.