Corrupted Junkyard

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The Corrupted Junkyard

The Corrupted Junkyard also known as "Dream I" and "Dream II" is an area found in Black Space. It can be accessed through a door in Water Walkway.


This area resembles the normal Head Space Junkyard but corrupted. There's multiple sprites strewn around randomly and things don't behave as they should.
Out of bounds are darker areas that resemble Black Space.

In the first room are Conveyor-bots that will send Omori flying through the walls instead of turning the direction of the conveyor belts, Veggie kid who has lost their pillow, and a big block.
Walking up to the block will prompt the player to tag Aubrey, even though it's impossible.

In the second room there is a key that cannot be collected, a gate and several sprout moles that, if interacted, will say "Omori".
Walking up to some things will randomly prompt the player to tag Aubrey, even though she isn't in the party.

Walking down out of the second room will bring you back to the Water Walkway.


Veggie kid has lost their pillow. After walking around, Omori finds a Sprout Mole that calls themselves "The Pillow Hider".
After finding the pillow, Veggie kid will exclaim that it isn't theirs and the Sprout Mole will tell Omori that he's good at hiding something else before suddenly disappearing.


  • If the player cheats Aubrey in their party with mods, they still won't be able to break the big block.
  • On a similar vein, warping to the other side of the gate will do nothing.
  • Even if the player collected a key, the gate would still not open.
  • Basil can be seen peeking through a door on the right of the key for a few seconds until Omori gets too close and he closes it.
  • The Sprout Mole in the first room was supposed to say "OMORI" too if the variable "BS_Permament_14" was something else than 1, this never happens though.
  • The key found in the second room does not behave like it should and cannot be collected in any circumstance.
  • The Corrupted Junkyard's maps are named "Dream I" and "Dream II"
  • Confusingly enough, "Dream I" seems to be the second room, meanwhile "Dream II" is the first.