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The Boss Rush is a location in OMORI. It is located inside Humphrey and can only be accessed by feeding him the Giant Check on the last day of the Omori route.

Run by Boss, the facility offers, as the name implies, a "boss rush", a nonstop gauntlet of battles between every major boss in the game, starting with Ye Old Sprout and ending with Humphrey. Mari and Basil are present, sitting at a nearby table, and will offer words of encouragement to Omori's party if spoken to. A picnic basket to save progress and a jar of candy to heal with are present on the counter, next to Boss.

Should Omori and his friends survive the Boss Rush, they will be awarded a series of trophies, displayed on the right-side of the facility. Mari will also bake Omori a cookie that permanently increases someone's stats as a reward for completing it.

A Mailbox near the service desk sells a wide variety of powerful items, perfectly suited to helping Omori take on the Boss Rush.

Boss Rush Order

Omori will fight every main story boss in chronological order, as well as a handful of minibosses such as Download Window and the Sir Maximus family. The Boss Rush can be divided into three different segments: Boss will alert Omori's team that they've earned a new trophy at the end of each one.

Sir Maximus, Sir Maximus II, and Sir Maximus III are fought at the same time.

Ye Old Sprout
Ye Old Sprout (neutral).gif
Download Window
Download Window (neutral).gif
Space Ex-Boyfriend
Space Ex-Boyfriend (Neutral).gif
King Crawler
King Crawler (neutral).gif
Sir Maximus
Sir Maximus (neutral).gif
Sir Maximus II
Sir Maximus (neutral).gif
Sir Maximus III
Sir Maximus (neutral).gif
Life Jam Guy
Life Jam Guy.gif
Sweetheart (neutral).gif
Mr. Jawsum
Mr Jawsum (neutral).gif
Pluto (Expanded)
Pluto Expanded (normal).gif
Slime Girls
Slime Girls (neutral).gif
Humphrey Swarm
Humphrey Swarm (neutral).gif
Humphrey Grande
Humphrey Grande (neutral).png
Humphrey (Face)
Humphrey Face (neutral).gif