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This article is about the character Boss. For the enemy, see Boss (enemy)



Boss is a light purple rhinoceros who wears large blue overalls. The tips of his horns appear to be a light blue, and his eyes are completely white.


At the start of the game, Boss comes across as a rough and somewhat violent bully. However, as time goes on he appears to mellow out considerably, and even shows concern over Basils disappearance.


3 Days Left

Boss is briefly mentioned by Berly before starting the hide and seek game at the playground, whom she speaks about with disdain. He later reveals that he was hiding behind a fake tree, and he has grabbed Basil. After battling him, he drops Basil and decides to simply stay hidden behind the fake tree.

1 Day Left

On the last day of the Omori route, he goes to Humphrey to start a new life and opens Boss Rush.