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This article is about the character Boss. For the enemy see Boss (enemy)



Boss is a light purple rhinoceros who wears large blue overalls.


At the start of the game, Boss appears to be a rough bully. This is evident when he mentions the rule of body slamming while playing hide and seek with Berly. However, it is later figured out that he has a kind heart and is actually soft on the inside.


3 Days Left

Boss is introduced while the friends are trying to find Basil while playing hide and seek with the characters in the Forest Playground. They find Boss carrying Basil behind a tree and try to persuade Boss to let him go. Boss refuses, but after being beaten by the friends, he backs out and gives Basil to them.

1 Day Left

On the last day of the Omori route, he goes to Humphrey to start a new life and opens Boss Rush.