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user Hero
HP.png heart 0
MP.png juice 30
attack 7
defense 0
speed 0
luck 0
hit 100

Blender is a weapon in OMORI. While Hero's using this weapon, any snack that restores juice will be 50% more effective, this includes snacks used by other party members, even if Hero's toasted. It will affect snacks that restores both heart and juice, but only the amount of juice will increase.


Turns any solid into a liquid.
Snacks will restore more juice in battle.


Obtained after smashing a Watermelon in the chase sequence in Humphrey.
Please note that it must be done in the chase sequence and not after as the Watermelons disappear after it.
Obtaining the Blender also teaches Hero the "Refresh" skill.


  • If Omori and his friends grabs the watermelon and get caugh by the Chimera in the room, the items will be removed from the inventory and put back in their places.
  • The reason the watermelon disappear after the chimera is killed is because Humphrey eats it.
  • Humphrey: I heard there were a lot of delicious watermelons in here so I ate them all! Mmm... dee-licious!