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This article is about the character Mutantheart. For the enemy, see: Mutantheart (enemy).

Mutantheart is a character and optional mini-boss in OMORI.


Mutantheart is a goopy, mostly pink humanoid creature who appears to be made out of some kind of slime. She wears her hair in two uneven ponytails, and her outfit consists of a long pink dress with a belt across her waist. She also has what appears to be dark blue leggings. Her face is simply a smile and two uneven dots. Her hands also appear to only have two fingers.


Mutantheart, while not having much of a personality to speak of, seems to be a very sweet and passive person, and her FOE FACTS entry describes her as "The failed? experiment of the slime sister, Marina".


Mutantheart was created by Marina, intended to be a partner for Sweetheart. However, because of her strange appearance and odd speech, Sweetheart is disgusted by her and storms off.

In the hikikomori route, she can be encountered and fought during One Day Left after completing Marinas side quest. Her battle serves as more of a puzzle than an actual fight, and the player must balance dealing damage and inflicting various emotions on your party at her request, else she will deal massive damage. After being defeated, she disappears, presumably dead.


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